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The Adidas Hybrid 300 is an ultra-new series of boxing gloves. Hybrid 300 is the top model from the line. They are made of high quality genuine leather. The gloves are made of a composite block with an integrated foam layer, giving the glove unique shock-absorbing characteristics. And its ergonomic shape provides the boxer with an incredibly comfortable fit glove on his hand and maximum safety. An additional reinforced wide glove cuff with integrated protective elements eliminates the risk of injury to the hand. The glove is equipped with an innovative Velcro system for tight and accurate fixation of boxing gloves. Composition: 100% genuine leather.

New composite block with integrated foam layer. High-quality genuine leather. Original design. Innovative closure system. Maximum safety. Reinforced cuffs.

Boxing Bandage How to Reel

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How to put a knockout punch. Punching at home.

We save ourselves on the page and train!

Any man who is at least a little familiar with martial arts, and especially boxing and hand-to-hand combat, understands that just one biting, burning, sharp blow is enough to send the enemy into a state of altered consciousness for some time.

People with such a blow, such as Roy Jones, may be gifted from God, but most people most often achieve what they want with hard training. From this article you will learn how to put a punch in your hand, how to increase the strength of a punch, what exercises you need to do and what recommendations to follow in order to get a knockout punch at the output.

The content of the article:

1) Stall. 2) Acceleration. 3) Hardening of hands for a knockout punch. 4) Push-ups. 5) Work on the bag. 6) Outcome. Video

Punching at home consists of two parts.


The first part is a breakdown. It allows you to act unexpectedly, without giving the opponent time to determine where the blow will come from and what. The main principle of disruption is relaxation. That is, in front of him all the muscles should be completely relaxed, and the head should be cold. In the mind of a fighter, as it were, there should be no desire to hit. At a certain point in time, a fighter explodes, which gives the blow a surprise.

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Sports Bags

Sports Bags - Photography

Sports activities emphasize masculinity, train strength and endurance, develop muscle, flexibility and strengthen physical health. Inveterate sports fans can not do without an indispensable accessory – a sports bag or bag.

The online world of bags offers a wide range of sports bags for men. In the presence of a huge variety of strict options in the classic black and white and gray colors, as well as bright models with the symbols of Russia, abstract drawings, cage, etc.

Convenient adjustable belts and handles allow you to feel comfortable during transportation, even over long distances. Accessories are roomy enough, high-quality and perfect for real athletes. Inside there is a voluminous compartment for forms, secret pockets for a telephone, personal hygiene products and a wallet.

All bags are made of high quality materials that allow the contents of the bag to “breathe”. Bags and backpacks do not get wet in the rain and do not fade in the sun. Stylish and practical sports bags for men can be bought directly on the site at a great price and with the possibility of quick delivery to the specified address.

Gloves for Pears

Gloves for your pear

Shell gloves are a necessary condition for practicing blows on pears and bags. They not only provide effective training, but also prevent possible injuries. That is why the right choice of shell boxing gloves is so important and not only for beginners, but also for real pros!

Working on bags wears out gloves very much, which is why using sparring models for this purpose is not recommended. In a short period of time, they completely lose their shape and get lost. But the special gloves will stand the test with flying colors and work out the operational life allotted to them!

You can buy shell gloves in our online store. They are presented with us in such a variety that anyone can pick up what will appeal to him and his wallet. There are models for women too! Made in bright colors with a catchy design, they will adorn the hands of any woman who is fond of boxing.

Shell gloves for boxing have a flat shape, for which they are called “pancakes” or “cue ball”. As a rule, standard models have a closed cut. Their outer layer is sewn from natural or synthetic leather, which has good strength characteristics. As for the filler, it is usually quite rigid, which determines the comfortable work on the shells.

In our store, shell gloves are available in two versions:

• with a closed liner (compartment) for the thumb; • with an open liner.

It is worth paying attention that even if the thumb is closed, the liner for it is not sewn along the fist. This is a significant point! Thanks to him, while practicing blows on the bags, the fighter can remove it on the phalanges of the fingers, which minimizes the possibility of injury. As for models with open fingers, they allow you to hold captures and can be used not only by boxers, but also by those who engage in other types of martial arts.

The weight of shell gloves does not exceed 8 oz, and this is another difference. Their lightness provides maximum maneuverability, allowing you to work out the speed of impact and endurance.

Homemade Boxing Pear

DIY punching bag

Homemade punching bag for home gym

A pear is necessary for practicing blows to any athlete or amateur. Which deals with various types of wrestling and martial arts. Unfortunately, the quality of these accessories does not always correspond to the desired: after several particularly strong blows, the shell can break through, and the product will become worthless.

Of course, you can buy a good pear at Sportmaster or another major sports store, but its price is likely to be considerable. It’s easier and cheaper to make a sports equipment yourself. For this, not so many materials will be needed:

strong leather or tarpaulin folded in two or three layers — a piece of steel wire — a strong steel chain for hanging — kapron or other durable threads — a large needle, scissors — a bag of sand and sawdust for stuffing.

At the first stage of work, we cut out the pear skin from canvas or leather. To do this, cut out the rectangle of the desired size and a round base. We retreat about 10 centimeters from the top edge of the rectangle and cut out four holes, for which the chain for hanging will be attached.

The sides of the rectangle are sewn together, the bottom is sewn on the bottom. A ring is formed from steel wire, the diameter of which coincides with the diameter of the pear, segments of chains are attached to it, after which the ring is placed inside the case. The top should be bent and stitched, securing the ring inside the seam, and passing the chains through the holes.

Now it remains only to place a bag inside the pear and fill it with a mixture of sawdust and sand. After that, the pear is suspended from the ceiling – for this you will need an impact drill to drill a hole for the mount.

Kickboxing for Beginners

Personal training on

Kickboxing is a great option for those who are tired of dull everyday life and are looking for an opportunity to diversify their lives. The professional league and professional Boxing and Kickboxing club “KITEK” is pleased to offer everyone to try the taste of real wrestling and fighting excitement.

Kickboxing lessons for beginners are conducted only by experienced trainers who are professionally involved in sports. In the first classes, novice fighters learn the basics, rules and forbidden techniques during the fight, and then proceed to intensive training. Kickboxing for beginners at KITEK has no age restrictions, the main condition for training is only your desire. Already the first training will infect you with love for this type of struggle and will give you a number of significant bonuses in the future:

an excellent technique of strokes – increasing endurance and strength – overcoming fears – losing extra pounds – developing confidence and stress resistance – improving speed and reaction – developing willpower and tenacity – healing the whole body.

Kickboxing lessons will become a passion for those who are able to overcome laziness in order to achieve real results.

The basics of kickboxing are similar to classic boxing. Both types of wrestling have the same stance, punches, defense techniques and moving around the ring.

A distinctive feature in the kickboxer technique is the presence of kicks, which are also heavily emphasized and carefully worked out. During training, the athlete learns to hit the enemy from various positions and heights.

The first kickboxing lesson will introduce those involved in stretching and the correct technique of kicks and arms. Much attention will be paid to defense in the lessons and, if you train well, you will be able to work out sparring techniques on the first day, and the result of the training will be immediately noticeable.

Outfit for Muay Thai

Fairtex Bumble Bee Shorts for

Products for Thai boxing are notable for their variety, so you need to take into account all the elements of equipment for Muay Thai. To delete standard things from the list of a Thai boxer is a mistake, the price of which is health.

Kapa is the most important protection element for a Thai boxer, but it is equally important to choose bandages to protect yourself from serious injuries to your hands. The choice of a helmet, many do not consider an important element of equipment for a Thai boxer, what is their main mistake. It is the helmet that will help to visibly soften the elbow or foot kick. It’s simply impossible not to understand this. And other elements of protection also help in the training process. Thus, the set of equipment “Thai” contains a complete set of protective and training elements, without which you can not do.

You can buy reliable and high-quality products in the FAYTER store. It is important for us that you understand that we are not amateurs, we play sports ourselves, so we perfectly imagine what suits our customers.

Buying Thai boxing products in Moscow at affordable prices with a guarantee of quality is easy today – FYTER works for you. The proposed protective equipment for Thai boxing in the online store is notable for its reasonable price and compliance with modern standards.

Thai Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves - Thai Boxing

The section contains the largest collection of MMA sports boxing gloves for Thai boxing, kick-boxing, hybrid and shell gloves and other martial arts. Our store offers a large selection of world famous brands that produce fighting equipment.

When buying sports gloves, first of all, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer and the quality of the material. The most popular boxing gloves in Russia are Venum, Hayabusa, Leone, RDX and Title. Among the equipment for MMA, the most popular are UFC gloves.

For the sewing of gloves, genuine leather is mainly used. But modern synthetic materials are not inferior in quality to natural raw materials.

Before buying sports gloves, be sure to try them on, you need to make sure that they are well-seated and do not squeeze your hands. The fasteners should not rub the skin and should fit snugly on the glove.

Outdoor Pears

Boxing mannequins and floor

If you or your child is engaged in boxing, you will agree that this sport requires a serious approach to the choice of training equipment. By tradition, the most important simulator for boxing is the punching bag. It can be suspended, a boxing rush for adults and a children’s floor pear.

You can buy floor pears, hanging pears of any severity, design and color in many sports stores. A large selection of products, such as a floor pear, hanging, children’s floor pear, is presented on the Internet.

Boxing punching bags and bags.

The most popular product for training is a floor pear, which does not need to be fixed to the ceiling. Floor pear can be of different types.

The punching bag punching bag differs in various shape and size. The choice of a punching bag depends on the quality of training, the qualifications of the boxer and his age data. A children’s floor pear, for example, is small and lightweight, taking into account the height and body weight of the child.

A large heavy punching bag, as a rule, has the form of a cylinder, a cylinder made of leather, its substitute, tarpaulin, inside which are sawdust and sand or crumb rubber. Such a punching bag is the toughest type of boxing equipment. It gives the athlete a powerful load, including legs. Classes with her will help to quickly lose weight. The main goal of this punching bag is to work out strong blows and train winning options. In some martial arts, heavy bag work is the main training method for kicking. This is necessary for the fight Muay Thai. For a beginner, a heavy outdoor pear will not work.

The average outdoor pear was used in ancient times, when sand was poured into the skin of an animal and used it as a projectile for training. This pear is classic and therefore in demand by customers. It is used to set the technique of striking an object. This kind of pear moves better than a heavy pear.