Welding Shields

3M welding guards, masks

In 1981, we revolutionized the world of welding with the first commercially viable, auto-dimming filter (ADF). Since then, the Speedglas ™ brand and the technology behind it have been the standard that everyone wants. The automatic dimming system allowed welders to significantly increase the comfort, productivity, and quality of welding work, due to the fact that it was no longer necessary to constantly raise and lower the welding shield in preparation for welding, in addition, this technology made it possible to inspect the weld immediately after disconnecting the welding arc. Today Speedglas ™ is the world’s leading brand of personal protective equipment for welders and an essential component of the 3M ™ line of protective equipment.

Auto darkening

The technology used in the 3M ™ Speedglas ™ welding filters provides instant (0, 0001 s) and uniform dimming of the filter in response to the welding arc. This allows the welder to work without hindrance without the need to raise and lower the welding shield, since the automatically dimming filter has excellent visibility and protection both in the darkened and non-darkened state. Even in the darkened position, the filter passes only visible light and reflects ultraviolet and infrared rays, the welder’s vision before exposure to light radiation. The use of automatically dimming filters allows you to increase welding productivity up to 20%.

Expiratory air

The unique expiratory air exhaust system used in the 3M ™ Speedglas ™ welding shields provides moisture and heat removal from the under-mask space and allows you to work comfortably for a long time without experiencing discomfort due to fogging and increased temperature in the under-mask space.

Adjustment of degree of obscuration and delay of brightening of welding filters

Kickboxing T-Shirts

Kickboxing 2. Art. KB002

Clothing with the kickboxing logo is a super trend in sports fashion. The phenomenon is explained by the popularity of martial arts, in which you can kick and box at the same time. The sport is quite new, but it has already won millions of fans. Clothing for kickboxing fans is produced by manufacturers in a wide range. The company Soccerholik offers customers a variety of products. The assortment includes things for the summer and cool seasons, there are kickboxing clothes for children and adults.

The quality of the products complies with international standards for sportswear. All of it is made of their natural fabrics that do not cause allergies and counteract sweating. These are breathable, breathable things in which it is easy to train, relax and do household chores. The most popular model is a kickboxing t-shirt, which you can buy in Moscow at the prices from the manufacturer in the online store. The company offers a service for the delivery of goods to the specified addresses in Moscow and other cities.

For autumn and winter, it is recommended to buy pants, sweatshirts with the inscription kickboxing, as well as sweatshirts of the insulated type. They have the ability to maintain body heat, they are comfortable for a person, in cold weather he will not freeze. Prints on products are applied using new technologies, they do not fade during wear, can withstand two hundred washings and remain bright. The subjects of the drawings are varied, a print can be ordered upon request for goods. They are dedicated to outstanding fighters, kickboxing logos, battle scenes can be depicted on them. When choosing models, focus on filters by popularity and new products, this will help you save time and understand what things are in greatest demand.

Shin guards

Photo protective shields

Monowheels – reliable and safe transport that allows you to move around without support using the balance of the body. However, various situations in which the user may be hit or injured are not excluded. To protect yourself, you should use accessories for protection – in particular, shields to protect the lower leg from damage and shock. Experienced owners of monowheels often advise beginners to purchase protective accessories immediately.

When riding a monocycle, the shin is the most vulnerable part of the body, because there are cases when inexperienced users try to perform a difficult trick or dangerous maneuver, being completely unprepared for this. As a result of a sharp set of speed, a collision with a high obstacle or an unsuccessful jump, the device can go into protection mode and turn on braking when the user is still moving by inertia.

It is for such cases that shin guards made of foam propylene and EVA foam are designed with through holes for ventilation. Thanks to convenient Velcro, the accessory is easily fastened and adjustable according to the volume of the foot of a specific user. The outer surface will soften possible shocks, while the softer inner surface will protect the lower legs from bruising and rubbing.

This protection also prevents the lower leg from rubbing in contact with the unicycle. Very useful thing at first!

Kickboxing Pictures


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Kickboxing Shields

Foot protection (feet) for

Martial arts, in particular, MMA, as well as kickboxing and Thai boxing, involve heavy loads and frequent traumatic situations. Especially often beginner athletes suffer from this. Therefore, to purchase only a kimono or other clothing for sports is not enough; it is important to take care of protective equipment. Of course, protective devices will not protect the athlete better than the proper level of skill, but they are also necessary. In this case, both the protection of the athlete from the methods of the opponent and the protection of the opponent from the blows of the athlete are important. Protective guards for Thai boxing, guards for kickboxing and other martial arts in those sports where there is a special load on the ankle play a large role.

Ankle guards can be different depending on what kind of sport they are designed for. Hand-to-hand combat shields may be suitable for MMA training, but it is better to purchase devices strictly in accordance with what you do. Protection has its own requirements: they are rigid, covered with a thick (about 2.5 cm) layer of protective foam, fix the foot with a reliable rubber band.

Protective shields on the legs are put on and attached using lacing, as well as Velcro. The outer part of the lining is made of genuine leather or modern, not inferior to the skin in terms of quality, materials. There are also elastic foot protection made from neoprene.

Thanks to this equipment, the injury risk of techniques, the load on the legs, and the likelihood of sprains and bruises are reduced. Therefore, saving on protecting your health is inappropriate: you should choose reliable products that last longer. Well-established among professional athletes shields

Mma clothes in Moscow

MMA store in Moscow Khmuskul

The modern fashion for a healthy lifestyle and the practice of certain sports determines a steady demand for, without which it is impossible to guarantee safety during training and all kinds of competitions. Despite the fact that many non-professionals are rather skeptical about choosing suitable T-shirts, shorts, boxing gloves and gloves for MMA, and other equipment, correctly selected equipment for martial arts plays a huge role – in many cases, the success of MMA directly depends on the quality of clothes combat and maintaining health during training in various types of martial arts.

It is difficult to say exactly when the first elements of professional sportswear appeared, but at the moment, it is impossible to imagine a training or a fight in the MMA arena without specialized shorts and other sports attributes. Naturally, for each sport there is a special clothing adapted to its features and designed to ensure the safety of athletes while maintaining the entertainment of the process.

Order clothes for MMA in Moscow

Regardless of how much talent an athlete has, it is very problematic to win the ring or win the cup without the appropriate sportswear. It is extremely important to choose a shirt, shorts and boxing gloves in such a way that they do not constrain movements and allow you to demonstrate your capabilities without problems, while protecting against accidental injuries and unnecessary strain on the body. The comfort of sportswear can be a decisive factor in winning a grueling duel, while uncomfortable pants or a T-shirt will nullify even the initial superiority in strength and endurance.

Buy clothes and clothes for fighting without rules Octagon-Shop online storeOctagon-Shop online store offers fighting clothes for MMA from the best manufacturers in the world. In our store you can find a large assortment of stylish sportswear for MMA of the following companies: Venum, Bad Boy, Hayabusa, Revgear and other leading manufacturers of the world!

Kickboxing technique

kickboxing course benefits

Women’s self-defense, kickboxing + sambo. Fitness center Varyag begins recruitment, in the initial training groups. Tired of classes in the gym? Want something new? Try kickboxing + sambo – such training will not only help you lose weight (you can burn from 125 to 250 calories in half an hour of intensive training) and tone yourself up, but they will also teach you various self-defense techniques, which, in our very turbulent time, will definitely not be superfluous , and, I think, it will be useful to you more than once in the future. Of course, waving arms and legs, inflicting severe blows on the face and various parts of the body – this is not inherent in the fair half of humanity. After all, scars adorn, as is known to a man. But on the other hand, when it comes to self-defense, the opinion of most opponents of female kickboxing + sambo immediately changes to the opposite. What is the secret of such ideal figures? But really! Is this why girls attend fitness clubs !? There is no secret here. Try for a couple of minutes to strike with your feet, especially in the head, and you yourself will understand where the extra calories go. Exercises and kickboxing + sambo technique connect almost all muscle groups to work, thereby improving flexibility and posture. Residents of a metropolis are especially useful to do kickboxing + sambo for preventive purposes. The female representatives suffered a difficult fate, since they are most often subject to psychological pressure from outside, attacks and often experience stressful situations. Exercising will not only help to develop stress resistance, but also save a lot of money to a psychologist.

Kickboxing Beats

Chapter 3

Kickboxing is a type of contact martial arts, combining the technique of fist fighting (borrowed from European boxing) and kicks (taken from martial arts). Kickboxing is sometimes called “boxing with legs” – a very accurate definition! It is no coincidence that when choosing what kind of sport to do – boxing or kickboxing – it is advised to first try both, and then choose. Since boxing and kickboxing have a similar technique, boxers often compete in kickboxing, and kickboxers in boxing.

In sports schools, in the kickboxing section they accept from 6 years old age, this sport for both men and women.

In kickboxing about ten sections, each has its own characteristics. These features are distinguished by the place of striking the body of the enemy, the angle of the body’s turn when striking, amplitude, distance from the enemy, quality and number of strokes.

Blows are done with both hands and feet. If in kicks everything is relatively clear – they are like in boxing, then in kicks the rules imply the use of the knee, foot, lower leg, heel, sole, rib or cushion of the foot … Almost all shots are delivered in a jump. Any blow to the lower abdomen is prohibited.

Allowed sweeps that are made to deprive the opponent of balance.

The names of the kickboxing sections are English. Here is some of them:

– seven-contact (lit. “half-contact”, or limited contact). You can do it from 6-7 years old

– light contact (“easy contact”) – for boys and girls from 10-12 years old –

– full contact (“full contact”) – this is no longer for lovers, and only for men-

– free style (“free style”) – for experienced, adult athletes, not younger than 16 years old –

– solo compositions – a certain dance demonstrating kickboxing techniques is performed to music. Children from 6-7 years old are accepted.

Kickboxing is a very young sport; it originated in the mid-70s.

Some believe that the famous American film actor Chuck Norris founded kickboxing.

In the Soviet Union, kickboxing as a sport was officially recognized in 1990.

There are amateur kickboxing and professional kickboxing. As in any sport that has at least some proportion of martial arts, kickboxing contains elements of oriental philosophical teachings on the formation of personality. It is no coincidence that kickboxing schools immediately teach them strict discipline and teach them to subordinate their desires to their will.

Gloves for Combat Sambo

Shell gloves-shingarty

The rules of combat sambo provide for the use of gloves, which not only make the battle more dynamic, but also provide the necessary level of protection for the hands of a fighter.

You can buy sambo gloves in the BoxFit virtual store! We have a wide selection of models from different brands, so you are sure to find what suits you.

What do we offer?

Sambo gloves presented by Combat and Fairtex brands have proven themselves in the global sports market. Therefore, we, being confident in their quality, included them in our catalog, which is constantly updated with new and new models. Gloves of the “combat sambo” series can be used both in training and in competitions.

Gloves features

have a number of features that distinguish them from boxing counterparts. First of all, it is their cut. It provides a fully open palm and partially open fingers. This allows you to strike with maximum force and perform strong grip.

To ensure that the edges of the finger loops do not rub, manufacturers usually finish them with a soft material. Seams are often made outward, which also eliminates rubbing.

We have presented models with a liner for the thumb and without it. If it is, then for its sewing can be used the main material of the gloves or neoprene.

Gloves must have wide cuffs with straps that are fastened with Velcro. This provides not only support for the wrists, but also a reliable fixation, preventing displacement during the battle.

Materials for sewing

For tailoring the outer layer of gloves for sambo, genuine or artificial leather is used. Models from the first are somewhat more expensive, but they cost every penny paid for them, because they are very durable and practically not subject to wear. That is why they will last a long time and at the same time maintain an excellent appearance.

As for the filler, it can be made of high-density polyurethane foam and gel. It completely covers the outside of the hand, and this could negatively affect the maneuverability of the fighter, but this does not happen due to the fact that this side is divided into segments. There are models with a protected side of the palm. They allow you to strike with the outside of the fist.

Boxer Mode

Boxer Mode - ToFight.Ru

So, the calorie diet of a boxer is calculated on the basis that an athlete spends 63-75 kcal per day per 1 kg of his weight. Scientists have calculated that the daily diet of a boxer should include 2, 4-2, 8 g of protein / 1 kg of a person’s weight (with increasing muscle mass, these figures increase), 1, 8-2, 2 g of fat / 1 kg of a person’s weight (moreover, 70% of them are of animal origin, and 30% of vegetable origin) and 9-11 g of carbohydrates / 1 kg of human weight (but with intensive muscular work these figures will be higher).

Protein dishes are advised to be distributed as follows: breakfast and lunch – meat products and cheese, dinner – cottage cheese, cereal with milk, fish. Sugar should be included in a boxer’s food only for sweetening dishes and in the form of sweet dishes. However, with intense and lengthy workouts, you can take 100-150 g of sugar once to quickly replenish the energy spent.

The amount and types of vitamins should be included in sports nutrition for boxers, depending on the general condition of the body, the climatic zone in which the athlete is located, the volume and type of loads. First of all, the need for vitamins is satisfied by natural products (for example, in winter a large amount of vitamins will be given to the body by sauerkraut, rosehip broth, fruit and vegetable juices), then – special vitamin infusions / concentrates / syrups (for example, rosehip infusion). It is also effective to supplement the boxer’s nutrition with vitamin complexes. If these vitamins are not enough for the body, then synthetic vitamins are included in the diet, which the doctor should prescribe and determine the dose.

The diet of a boxer should contain enough mineral elements for the body to function normally and cope with high loads. So, an athlete should receive 2000-2400 mg of calcium (found in dairy products, cereals and eggs), 2500-3000 mg of phosphorus (dairy products, meat, fish, eggs, cereals), 500-700 mg of magnesium (peas, bread) per day , cereals, cheese, mackerel), 5000-6000 mg of potassium (legumes, dried fruits, potatoes).

Speaking of microelements, the athlete’s body in sufficient quantities needs iron (liver, prunes, legumes), fluorine (cereals, flour, meat and fish).