Boxer Stance

Sports - combat system

BOXER’S BATTLING STAND – a universal starting position used by a boxer for both offensive and defensive actions.

Being in B. s. b., a boxer can occupy the most advantageous combat positions. B. s. b. allows the boxer to be in constant combat readiness, confidently carry out his intentions and prevent the actions of the enemy. B. s. b. allows the boxer to best focus on the actions of the opponent. During the battle B. s. b. cannot remain the same: the position of the boxer’s arms, legs, torso all the time changes depending on the nature of his preparatory movements. The manner of staying in B. s. b. during the battle, each established boxer is individual, as is his individual manner of battle. This helps him successfully use his physical. and strong-willed qualities. A boxer leading a fight in a regular left-handed stance moves in the ring, turning the left side of the body forward (half-turn to the opponent). This position allows the athlete to cover with his right hand his head (palm) and body (forearm). At the same time, from this position the boxer can carry out strong punches with his right hand. At the boxer who is in left-side B. with. b., the left leg is advanced forward, the weight of the body is evenly distributed on both slightly bent legs. The position of the left hand slightly extended forward allows you to quickly strike straight and other blows.

Boxer fighting stance

The boxer, adhering to the right-handed stance (usually left-handed), stands facing the opponent with the right side of the body forward. This rack is like a mirror image of the left-side rack.

At close range there is a direct danger of getting hit from the enemy. Therefore, the boxer changes B. s. b. In the stand for close combat, it is more assembled, carefully covers the most vulnerable parts of the body.

Martial Arts Shoes

Martial Arts Shoes Prior

In our online store of equipment for boxing and martial arts, shoes for wrestling (sambovka) and shoes for boxing (boxers) are presented.

Shoes are the main part of a fighter’s equipment. Manufacturers of Paffen Sport, Nike, ATAKA, Raja Boxing, Performance, Lonsdale are developing models for boxing, martial arts. Demonstration of speed, dexterity, skills and the best fighting qualities is possible only if comfortable, proper shoes are worn. We offer to order online wrestling shoes, sneakers, boxers of leading brands.

Choose the shoes of a fighter

The right shoes are safety, comfort, compliance with the requirements of sports organizations. Good fixation on the leg, tight fit prevent dislocations, sprains. The outsole ensures maximum traction. Tall models support the ankles, ankle while moving.

Boxers, sambovka sew mainly from leather, suede. Special inserts are a good air exchange, timely removal of moisture. Fighter’s shoes should have a perfect fit. KingBoxer catalog contains standard adult sizes.

Buy shoes for boxing and martial arts

Advantages of ordering at KingBoxer:

We send sports shoes by Russian Post to anywhere in the Russian Federation. KingBoxer courier service operates in Moscow, near Moscow. Urgent delivery is possible.

Best Boxing Gloves

2016 Best Sales1 Couple

TITLE – Boxing brand number 1 in Russia, presents the widest selection of gloves for boxing TITLE and FIGHTING SPORTS. Here you will find boxing gloves for every taste and budget. Title Boxing Gloves are of the highest quality, with an unrivaled level of protection and comfort. TITLE uses proven experience over the years, combining them with the latest technologies, developments and high-tech materials. All boxing gloves are created taking into account the requirements and loads of professional use, which ensures the highest level of protection. All TITLE gloves are reliable and durable. The excellent appearance of the gloves crowns the picture of the best gloves in the boxing training gloves segment. Choosing TITLE, you choose the safety and reliability of a professional level.

Boxers Asics

Boxers ASICS

Those who are professionally engaged in wrestling, boxing or other martial arts, understand: you can’t save on the quality of equipment! First of all, we are talking about special sports shoes for different types of wrestling – wrestling shoes, children’s wrestling shoes and boxers and children’s boxers. On we offer you wrestling shoes, boxing shoes at the best prices in Ukraine. It is very simple to buy wrestling shoes and boxers of leading Asisks and Adidas firms delivered from the USA (by the way, Adidas and Asics have established themselves as the best wrestling manufacturers in the world). By purchasing wrestling shoes with us, you are guaranteed to get high-quality sports shoes made for the US market. It doesn’t matter whether you buy children’s wrestling shoes for your child or adults for yourself. For sports shoes for different types of wrestling, increased demands are made. Wrestling shoes as well as boxers should be light, strong, tightly fit the leg, provide maximum traction with the carpet during the fight. Guaranteed to be such can only be real branded boxers, presented on Each item is equipped with a photo of the product, so you do not have to wonder how branded wrestling really looks, for example, for Greco-Roman wrestling or for freestyle wrestling and sambo. In boxers, Asix and Adidas train and perform stars of wrestling, boxing, and other martial arts. If you don’t find wrestling shoes of your size on the site, feel free to leave a request, and we will deliver you branded boxers or wrestling shoes to order. Contact us, we are happy to work for YOU.

Boxing Gloves Title

Boxing training

TITLE is a U.S. company established in 1998. One of the founders of the brand – Tony Carbaggio is a regional former boxing champion. In a short time, TITLE became on a par with the leading manufacturers of boxing equipment. Athletes say the TITLE gear is no worse than the products of Everlast, the segment leader.

What gloves to choose

We offer two TITLE gloves:

training (inside – a multilayer foam filler, softening the blows) – shell (for working with light and heavy pears).

Training gloves are suitable for sparring. The sewn thumb repeats the anatomical outline of the fist. Fit tight thanks to classic Velcro. Shells have increased strength. Designed for enhanced training with pears, bags, paws.

We also sell TITLE equipment for mixed martial arts.

Most models have a traditional color: red and black.

Reliable protection

Among the TITLE equipment there are important protective accessories:

pads on the shin, foot (strong mount on the stocking, do not interfere during an active fight) -boxing helmets (foam filler with gel inserts, a dense layer in the cheeks, forehead, chin) -Boxing bandages (do not stretch, made of 100% cotton , perfectly protect the hands from injuries).

Clothing for Boxers


Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden Panettiere

Ukrainian boxer Vladimir Klitschko below Shaquille O’Neill 15 centimeters. However, when his girlfriend is next to him – American actress and singer Hayden Panettiere – the boxer looks like a natural Gulliver. The difference in height of Vladimir and one of the smallest actresses in Hollywood is 43 centimeters. By the way, the boxer is 13 years older than his chosen one. The couple has been dating for six years. Last year, Klitschko and Panettiere decided to get married, but unexpectedly for everyone they postponed the wedding for an indefinite period. According to the athlete, the marriage was postponed due to events in Ukraine. In December 2014, Hayden gave birth to Vladimir daughter. The girl was named Kaya-Evdokia.

Nikolai and Galina Valuevs

The Russian “colleague” of Vladimir Klitschko, former heavyweight boxer Nikolai Valuev also linked his life with a miniature lady. The growth of his wife Galina is 163 centimeters. Next to the 213-centimeter Nikolai, who is often called the “Russian giant”, the woman looks like an Thumbelina. However, evaluate for yourself.

William Jewell and Selina Swift

No less grotesque looks and a couple of students from the UK, William Jewell and Celina Swift. The guy’s height is 213 centimeters, his beloved is 152 centimeters. William has been playing basketball since school. According to him, the only problem that he has to face due to high growth is related to the purchase of clothes. The guy is forced to constantly order a wardrobe from the tailor, as in ordinary stores of suitable sizes, as a rule, simply does not happen. The same goes for shoes. Selina calls her chosen one “a great and kind giant.”

“When we walk along the street together, people often stop and look at us. But this is understandable with such a difference in growth, ”says the girl.

Elisani Silva and Francinaldo Carvalho

And in this pair of forces, or rather centimeters, are distributed vice versa.

The tallest girl in Brazil, 19-year-old Elisani Silva, crossed the mark of 200 cm when she was only 14. Now the growth of the Brazilian is 203 centimeters. The girl’s choice – Francinaldo Carvalho – below her by 41 centimeters.

Sultan Kosen and Merve Dido

In 2009, a 30-year-old farmer from Turkey, Sultan Kosen, was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest man on the planet. His height is 251 cm. According to the Sultan, he always had problems communicating with girls.

“Finding a girlfriend is not easy. All women seem to be afraid of me! But now that I have become famous, I hope that I will be able to meet the girl of my dreams. In general, my cherished dream is to marry, ”the record holder said during his trip to London in 2009.

Boxing Basics

Boxing Legend Roy Jones

As a 24-year-old resident of Salihorsk conquers the boxing Olympus.

In the boxing world, his name is “The Beast” – “The Beast”. He is only 24 years old. But he is already called in America the rising star of boxing and one of the most talented fighters of our time, writes

Ivan Baranchik was born in 1993 in the small city of Amursk, in the Khabarovsk Territory. But when Vanya was still a baby, his parents moved to Salihorsk. In Belarus, Baranchik began to learn the basics of boxing when at the age of 12 he came to the section of the local coach-enthusiast Valery Torzhetsky.

The first big victory came to Ivan in 2009: the 16-year-old boy became the best in the junior world championship. Later there were several championships in Belarus and military service, and in 2014 Ivan decided to go to the pros. The Belarusian spent his first two fights in his homeland. However, a little later Baranchik became part of the American promotion team Fight promotions inc., Which deals with the affairs of many boxers from the former Soviet Union and which is owned by Max Alperovich, who is well-known in boxing circles.

Ivan went to live and train in Brooklyn. And, apparently, the work is arguing. For two years Baranchik spent 12 battles in the States and won all. And 9 victories Baranchik won by knockouts.

For the first time, they started talking about Belarus as an asterisk in March last year. Then Baranchik knocked out at that time the undefeated Nicholas Given. Moreover, Ivan dealt with the opponent very quickly and beautifully – it took only 20 seconds to win, and the defeated Nick crawled under the ropes (fragments of the battle are in the video cut at the very bottom of this post).

Since September 2016 Baranchik spent three fights in which he won important victories by judicial decisions. At first he also plunged the undefeated Chinese Van Shimin, and then two American “Latinos” – Wilbert Lopez and Abel Ramos.

Street Hand-to-Hand Fighting

Street hand-to-hand combat


Club of street hand-to-hand fighting “Neo Combat”


Dmitry Vlasov. Instructor and founder of the club Neo Combat. Specialization: applied hand-to-hand combat.

Experience in martial arts 1996 – 2006 Sambo, hand-to-hand combat 2006 – N.V. Hand-to-hand combat

Circumstances made hand-to-hand fighting the leitmotif of my life. For me, this is work, a favorite thing, the “core” of my personality. And I continue my journey, trying to improve and develop the knowledge transferred to me, in order to meet the level set by my teachers, and thereby preserve the Russian fighting traditions.


About the system:

At the Neo Combat Club, we adhere to a scientific approach to the study of martial arts, carefully analyzing and verifying each technical solution, which allows us to achieve maximum control over the enemy and provide an accurate, crushing, damaging effect using a wide range of technical actions of street hand-to-hand combat.

We are not bound by the framework and limitations of any particular style, which gives us the opportunity to freely and flexibly approach the solution of practical problems and cultivate the technique of decisive and unconditional suppression of aggression in the shortest possible time with minimal physical effort and risk to life.

Stretch Pear

Stretch Pear

I do not blame you for being entangled in a million possible options. There are many different shapes, sizes and variations of stretch marks pears available on the market. I will explain how to use them, what skills they develop, and which cable to choose in order to install them. (I also included videos of professionals working for them.)

Check out my top 5 types of stretch pears:

Round for Beginners (timing / rhythm / defense)

If you can only afford one, get this one. You can work on it both on attack and defense. Whatever you wish. She is very mobile, and will test you. Good for beginners.


Thin for Beginners (timing / rhythm / accuracy)

Another comprehensive version of the pear on stretch marks in a thin form. Good for practicing all attacks, attacks and defense. It is the same as a round pear for beginners, only thinner.


Advanced attack (speed / rhythm / accuracy)

This pear is good for fastening on a dense elastic cable and working for accuracy and high-speed rhythms. The small, thin size makes it well suited for precision training with quick combinations. Not suitable for work on protection because the cable is tight.


* You can also use it upside down, as shown above.

Head and Body (combinations)

A good comprehensive pear for working on combinations, accuracy, speed, timing of strokes in the head and in the body. Usually, I work on pears with streamers with one circle, and I just hit the cable when I simulate blows into the body. But anyway … for those who want a real “case”, you can use this pear and get good results. It is fun to use, and it works better with a tightly stretched elastic cable. This pear, most likely, is not suitable for working out protection.


Pear Sniper (accuracy)

Good for working on precision and timing of single hits. She moves a lot, so you can’t work on hard combinations. She is more in order to move around her and work on the accuracy of single hits. You can work out a little protection on it. I would not use it for permanent work, since she does not train the rhythm much.

How Much Boxing Gloves Cost

I sell boxing gloves - 1
Boxing gloves: price and quality of FNMarket products

Even novice athletes know that boxing gloves, the price of which depends on many parameters, are necessary to protect the fighter’s wrists, wrists and forearms during a strike. This explains that these products are an indispensable element of equipment. But before you buy boxing gloves …

Even novice athletes know that boxing gloves, the price of which depends on many parameters, are necessary to protect the fighter’s wrists, wrists and forearms during a strike. This explains that these products are an indispensable element of equipment. But before you buy boxing gloves in an online store or in a regular sporting goods store, you should carefully study all the features of the model you like. Remember, your health and sporting success depends on the correctness of such a choice.

Professionals advise beginners: before you look for where to buy boxing gloves, first figure out what options manufacturers generally offer.

Boxing gloves, the price of which can vary over a fairly wide range, vary:

· By weight (the most common products are 10-18 ounces) –

· By material (you can buy boxing gloves in Moscow or in other cities made of natural or synthetic materials).

· According to the method of fastening.

Decided to buy boxing gloves in the online store? Read the product description carefully. Please note that products of different weights correspond to the weight category of the athlete. From here a simple conclusion: the lighter the fighter, the lighter gloves models will suit him. Products designed for young athletes have the smallest weight. Children’s boxing gloves, the price of which, in most cases, is lower than the cost of gloves for adults, have a weight of 6 ounces.

For training, products from 10 ounces or more are usually used. Having decided to buy such boxing gloves in Moscow or in another city, you will provide maximum protection to your hands. Another important point: in the process of training, it is better to use special training and shell gloves.

When thinking about where to buy boxing gloves, look at the stores that offer products made from quality materials. For professional fights, it is better to choose products made from genuine leather. It perfectly retains its appearance and has a long service life. Today, some manufacturers are ready to offer a worthy alternative to leather products – gloves made from synthetic materials. However, experts still advise, if possible, to choose products from genuine leather.