Pear for Home

How to hang a pear at home

A narrow waist and wide hips are clear signs of a pear. To cope with problem areas, you will have to make a lot of efforts and work in two directions: play sports and eat right. The main areas of work are the hips, buttocks and abdomen.

Diet for the type of figure “pear”

It is noted that women with this type of figure are more sensitive to different stressful situations, so they often seize a bad mood with goodies. The diet in this case should be low in fat, not more than 30% of the total calorie content. Include dairy, poultry, and lean meats and fish in your diet. You need to try every day to eat fresh fruits, but not sweet, and vegetables with a lot of fiber.

How to lose weight in the legs, if the figure – “pear” – exercises

Maxim Voronov Kickboxing

Voronov Maxim Olegovich

Four-time kickboxing world champion, honored coach, honored master of sports of the Russian Federation, multiple champion of Europe, Asia and Russia, author and host of the Sparring program, sports commentator on Match TV and Fighter, Maxim Voronov, arrived in Sakhalin. He began his acquaintance with island fighters with a master class, the correspondent reports. IA SakhalinMedia.

– Kickboxing consists primarily of boxing techniques, or rather street martial arts. I showed the guys some non-standard tricks. And although the master class was not held for long, I tried to acquaint them with them. Benefit for island fighters will be. Moreover, the Sakhalin people are far from new to this type of martial arts, ”Maxim Voronov shared.

Kickboxing training

Features of fitness training

Kickboxing is a martial art that incorporates the most effective elements of eastern and western martial arts. At the same time, it is a modern means of self-defense and a system of loads that allows you to keep yourself in good physical shape.

Kickboxing is based on the ability to be agile, precise in movements and coordinated. Kickboxing training involves the muscles of the whole body. Experts specializing in this sport work in the BOXING ACADEMY: coach of several professional fighters Sergey Kubyshev and multiple world kickboxing champion Alexander Pogorelov.



60 minutes




Scheduled / Individually


Wall Pears

Boxing bags, pears

A boxing bag is simply necessary for practicing and staging strikes used by a fighter in most types of martial arts. Punching a boxing bag can be done with hands and feet. A boxing bag is selected according to various parameters, such as the parameters of a fighter (height, weight), use of the bag only for arms or at the same time for arms and legs, for the gym or for the house, etc. From the variety of boxing bags, pears, wall pillows or mannequins we sell, you can choose the most necessary equipment for gyms or training at home.

For boxing and martial arts, boxing bags, wall pillows, pears are required. In addition to these accessories, extensions, fasteners, chains are required. Everything you need for an effective workout is in Kingboxer.

Today you can order:

boxing bags (pendant and floor) -punching bags (on belts and stretch marks) -pillows for mounting on the wall.

Green Hill boxing bags are especially popular among buyers. There are options for pros and beginners, made of artificial and genuine leather, soft and hard. Sizes vary. You can order Green Hill boxing bags for sections:

In addition to the Kingboxer virtual store, you can visit our point of sale in Moscow. Come check the goods in practice. We will deliver the purchase to any capital address, to any city in the Moscow region. It is possible to receive an order by mail. Convenient payment methods. We give professional advice on choosing accessories by phone. Seek good advice! We have no breaks and days off. Every day from 10 to 19 hours we are at your service.

Gloves Combat

boxing gloves

Vadim Zhelonkin became the silver medalist of the Olympic Hopes tournament in Orenburg. In the final, he lost one hit to Moscow representative Gavrilov. Shipunov lost already in the first battle.

Sukhotsky lost … In Schwerin (Germany), the fight for the WBO light heavyweight title between its current owner German Jürgen Bremer and Russian challenger Dmitry Sukhotsky has just ended. The fight started in an equal fight, in which it was difficult to give an advantage to any of the boxers. Closer to the middle, Bremer began to seize the initiative and in the middle rounds he looked preferable.

However, in the tenth three-minute period, Sukhotsky managed to sharply turn the tide of the battle and, holding the champion at the ropes, carried out a long successful attack. Jürgen Bremer managed to survive, despite the large number of missed shots and a serious dissection over his right eye. The referee interrupted the fight twice, inviting the doctor at the ring to examine this dissection, but the doctor in both cases allowed the fight to continue. The last round was a fairly active exchange of blows, however, both boxers had too little strength left to cause serious damage to the opponent. As a result, after the end of the twelfth round, all the judges gave victory to Bremer with a score of 116-112 (twice) and 118-110.

Congratulations to Andrey Sachkov with the title of Master of Sports of Russia! In our glorious club there are 3 active Masters.

Sukhotsky December 19 fight for the WBO world title in Germany! The title is real, not some kind of intercontinental. Opponent is very serious1 number in Germany and 6 in the world. Sukhotsky 98y in the world and 3 in Russia. This is his big chance. Good luck!

All Altai boxers completed their appearances in the Chechen Republic in Rostov. Results: Shipunov-Zinoviev (St. Petersburg) 5-5 (+) Shevelev-Biryukov (Msk) 5-8 Zhelonkin-Litvinov (nsk) 9-2 Zhelonkin-Irgashev (nsk) 3-5

3 Altai boxers went to the championship of Russia in Rostov. Among them the boxer of our club Vadim Zhelonkin !!! Good luck!!!

How to Beat a Pear Correctly

How to beat a pear?

Method 1

Learn the punching technique; Learn the punching technique to punch harder. You will not succeed with poor equipment. And the right technique will not only make your strike stronger, but also more effective, that is, you will spend less energy on its implementation. Put your feet and legs correctly. Your legs and feet are the anchors of your weight. They should not only help you keep your balance, but also allow you to transfer the energy of the impact from the hips to the upper part, right down to the fist. Here are some simple tips: Use your hips and torso for extra power. Try hitting something while keeping your hips or torso still. You will not get a strong blow. Now try to simultaneously rotate your hips and torso at the same time. This blow will turn out at least twice as strong as the first. Professional golfers, tennis, and baseball players use this technique. With the help of their hips and torso, they strengthen the blow. And nothing prevents you from doing the same. Using your hips, pull your torso back. Imagine cocking a trigger. Then begin to move the hips in the opposite direction, twisting the torso towards the target. Before you hit, exhale the air. After exhaling, you can relax your muscles just before the fist touches the target. If you are unable to do this correctly, then exhale with noise during the blow. During the blow, slightly tilt your head, press your chin, and look at your target. You will need to tilt your head and press your chin to protect yourself during a counterattack. .Keep the enemy in sight to see where to strike. Let the hand and fist be as one. In addition to being able to use your hips to strike, you also need to be able to properly use your hand and fist. Here are some tips you can use to get the most effective punch possible. Keep your hand and fist relaxed just before contact. As soon as you touch the enemy, then strain your fist. A relaxed hand and fist will give speed, and a clenched fist will give power. Beat in a straight line, not in an arc. It would be very tempting to strike an arc, but don’t do it. Remember that the force of the blow comes from your hips and torso, and not from the trajectory of your hand. Do not take your hand or fist back. Thus, you will show the opponent what you are going to do. Aim at the most painful places. Try to get to such places in order to immediately put an enemy out of action: Chin Temples Solar plexus

Best Boxing Bandages

(The humble Adidas logo

A wide selection of products for martial arts and sportsBest prices, promotions and salesFree shipping in Ukraine from UAH 2000 with an advance payment of 100% Buy, a detailed description and price hereBoxing gloves of the premium class from the famous boxing brand Ringside. Made of genuine leather with a vinyl thumb in the style of the American flag. High quality, comfort and convenience is guaranteed! Ringside Limited Edition USA IMF Tech ™ Sparring Gloves Boxing Sparring Gloves is a limited edition glove series. A special difference from other models is the padding. Gloves are filled with foam using exclusive IMF Tech ™ technology. The elongated cuffs act as a second bandage, it holds your wrist tight and provides maximum protection. At the same time, bending from the top of the cuff makes it possible to bend the ksit exactly as much as necessary.

Bag Pear

Pictures Chair bag Pear

A miracle chair on a frameless basis, similar in shape to a delicious fruit. Today, such furniture is becoming increasingly popular. You can buy a bag a pear bag in our online store. We always have a large assortment and low prices.

Dimensions and benefits of a pear chair


The children’s model size M is designed for the age category up to 6 years. Product parameters are: 100 x65 cm, volume – 170 liters. Permissible load – 60 kg. The standard model size L is the teenage and youth version, has the following parameters: height – 120cm, diameter – 85 cm, volume – 240 liters. Allowable weight – 90 kg – The XL model is designed for adults and large people, as well as everyone who wants to feel maximum comfort and has a height of 140 cm, a diameter of 95 cm, and a volume of 360 liters. The load is 160 kg.


weight – up to 5 kg – ergonomics-mobility – to move the product around the room even for a child – elasticity – takes any shape under the weight of a person – there are no sharp corners – easy maintenance – the removable top cover with a zipper is well cleaned and machine washable. there is a chair a pear bag

The price of a pear chair depends on its size and the material from which the cover is made. The cost of each chair is indicated in our catalog.

Where to buy and how to order a chair a pear bag

You can order a chair a pear bag with delivery to any city in Russia in our online store. Delivery is carried out by Russian Post or a transport company.

Melee Equipment

Development History · Melee
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order by phone for all questions write Any equipment for martial arts:

MMA / Hand to Hand Gloves

Boxing gloves

Punching Bag Filler

baby as a filler for

Fill a boxing bag with many materials. Some of them cost almost nothing, others have a very impressive cost. But besides that, all materials for packing a boxing bag have their advantages and disadvantages.

Types of Fillers

Manufacturers for packing bags usually use:

tanning wastes — rags of various fabrics or batting (rags) —tyrsu — rubber crumb — sawdust — sand — expanded clay — granules of polyethylene.

House craftsmen at times use foam rubber, cotton-like heat insulators, rugged tires and old things. In principle, all of these fillers are ordinary household waste that has the same properties as industrial fillers. The only difference is that it is cheaper and easier for the manufacturer to conclude a contract for the supply of waste with a tanning workshop or a clothing factory than collecting old mattresses and clothes at home.

Punching Bag Requirements

A good projectile should have the following qualities: moderate softness, ability to quickly restore shape, not too large mass, but decent mass so as not to hang out, and the ability to absorb shock loads. During training, arms and legs should bounce off the projectile, but not be injured. A good selection of punching bags with various fillers can be found on the site …

Distinctive features of fillers

Leather is considered one of the best fillers, it has an optimal weight and shock-absorbing properties, sufficient softness and resistance to crushing. Since the skin is quite tough, it is often supplemented (with a rag) with a cotton or synthetic fabric or scraps of insulation for clothes. Even without skin, these materials can hold volume and retain their properties for years, even with the most intense workouts.

The rubber crumb combines all the advantages of leather and rags and the optimal mass, if the pear seems too light, its mass is “finished” with sand. Used tires can become a home replacement, but they need to be finely crushed to a size of 1-1, 5 mm. Polyethylene granules have the same properties, but are more difficult to find on sale.

Filling out of sand is the cheapest and most inconvenient option; small particles quickly get off and the shell turns into stone. Although, if necessary, this material is used together with others to increase mass. Tyrsa and sawdust have the same disadvantages as sand.

Expanded clay is used when sufficiently solid filling is required. Due to the stiffness on it, sensitivity in fists and other places during training is faster lost. Lightness, if necessary, is compensated by the addition of sand.