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Today marks a wonderful holiday, Defender of the Fatherland Day! On this day, we honor the military, sailors, pilots, all those on whom the security of our country depends. All those thanks to whom the knees begin to tremble at the adversary and the sphincter is tightened at the mention of the Russian army. And also those who are fighting terrorism in Syria in order to protect our country from danger in advance!

And now we finish the official part and move on to the most pleasant – gifts!))

Presenting a box of socks to a peasant on February 23rd is the height of cynicism. In general, I would not recommend giving me standard perfumery, razor-and-sock products, and already a whole box is generally the edge. The fact is that I have reached the age and level of prosperity that I can buy socks, shampoo, and aftershave lotion for myself. Moreover, you still don’t know which one I need.

Instead, you can give me a samurai sword, I really will be very happy)

It is believed that the first 40 years of childhood are the most difficult in the boy’s life. Therefore, I would recommend that ladies approach the choice of a gift precisely from the point of view of gaiety. We love when it’s fun, we love toys. And not necessarily big and expensive, like Toyota Sequoias, funny little things will delight us too.

1. Anything, if only radio-controlled

Quadrocopters, cars, helicopters, airplanes – it’s all the same, if only it would go and fly. Last year, the boys and I did not wait on February 23rd and threw themselves into a radio-controlled “corn truck”. True, the plane crashed that evening, because the three of us, being pretty chauffés, did not come up with anything better than launching it right in the office. Having made a couple of worthy circles in the negotiation room, the apparatus climbed into the wall. Curtain.

2. Yes, you are dangerous!

War games are the last century. Now you can play the zombie apocalypse. And so that you are not one of the first to get rid of, it would be nice to get some kind of weapon. At the beginning of the post, I already hinted that I would not give up the samurai sword in order to shred imaginary zombies in my free time. It will be special chic if you give your cavalier a crossbow a la Daryl Dixon – he will piss boiling water, I give a tooth. However, before this you need to make sure that your guy is not an idiot and does not put a crossbow bolt between anyone’s ears, including himself.

Boxing Tutorial

Counter straight from middle kick

This collection consists of 4 DVDs. The entire collection consists of selected boxing training material.

Boxing is a sport, fist fight according to special rules between two athletes in the ring.

This collection contains the best boxing trainings.

With this boxing tutorial, you can easily master boxing skills, and wake up no worse than those people who have been boxing for several years.

We have compiled this collection of instructional videos specifically for you.

The price of the “BOXING” section is: 1210 Rub.

Material that is in the collection:

Description: Andrey Shkalikov was born on May 6, 1968 in the city of Kopeisk, Chelyabinsk Region. He started boxing at the age of 14. At 18, he fulfilled the standard for the master of sports of the USSR. Over the years, he was part of the Soviet Union and the Russian team. Since 1990, he began performing in professional fights. During his career as a pro, he spent 65 fights, won 57, won 29 wins ahead of schedule. Having studied various boxing styles used in different countries of the world, guided by personal experience, Andrey Shkalikov developed his own system of training boxers, which he suggests familiarizing himself with in the series “School professional boxing. ”

About the film: Shooting on an amateur camera in one of the sports clubs in Moscow. The coach and assistant teach the universal style of dirty (street) boxing. Show / train strokes, grabs, etc.

Description: The film “Professional Boxing. Training Methodology ”was shot on the basis of the Patriot professional boxing club network. It gives a complete picture of the physical exercises in boxing, the strength training of the boxer, the setting of knockout punches. The program “Professional boxing. Training Methodology ”includes a modern methodology for conducting the preparatory process! The development of power endurance, the ability to fight at a high pace

Description: A beginner’s manual. You are holding a unique video tool in your hands that will help you master the greatest art of defense called boxing in the shortest possible time and regardless of your age and physical condition. The famous coach Alexander Nikolaev, who has been working on creating his own technique for many years, guides you through all the steps from the beginning to the stage when you feel like a real boxer – an athlete who knows how to defend himself competently. The peculiarity of this technique is its democratic nature and universality, which opens up new opportunities for absolutely all people who find a desire to improve their skills and plunge into the atmosphere of the most aristocratic sport – boxing.

Sambo gloves

Martial Arts Gloves Twins
famous company Green Hill. Velcro fastening for sambo gloves, which allows you to remove and wear them easily and quickly. Sizes are selected according to the volume of the palm: S, M, L or XL. come in red and blue.

All sports gloves are divided into:

1. Combat, for speaking at competitions and everyday sparring.

2. Training, it’s good to practice striking and defense methods.

3. Shell exercises, exercises with bags, pears and legs.

Shell gloves are indispensable equipment for working on shells. Due to the fact that with this type of physical activity, blows are often not delivered directly, at an angle, moreover, the shells are quite stiff, and the blows must be strong, injuries occur. The most common are knuckle corns, displacements, wrist injuries, as the hand is not yet used to holding a fist. Shell gloves prevent all this. In addition, if the shell gloves are of high quality, then there will be no problems with smell. Also this issue is solved using bandages. They absorb sweat perfectly, and after training they just need to be washed.

In the SAMBOvkin online store, Everlast shell gloves are available that are securely fixed with a wide fastener. Additional protection of shell gloves allows you to enjoy doing it for a long time. It should also be noted that shell gloves are made of premium artificial leather.

MMA gloves (mixed martial arts) are also suitable for combat sambo sparring. If you compare gloves for MMA with boxing, they are thinner and lighter. Our Everlast MMA gloves have a curved anatomical shape. The thumb is protected twice, and the palm area is additionally stitched. The finger holes in the MMA gloves are connected, which makes it easier and safer to make tricks. In the manufacture of these gloves for MMA, Everdry technology was used – that is, a material is used that preserves the comfort of the hands, removing moisture and not absorbing it. Inside the MMA glove is a foam of three layers, in addition to shock absorption, shock dispersion, it slows down the process of getting the shell wet. Thus, it will last much longer.

Boxing Workout

Technique in Thai boxing or

Warm up before training – the whole head. Without properly stretching the muscles, it is stupid and even dangerous to start serious loads.

© Corbis /

In essence, all these are the basics of physical education. Which, however, few people remember. Why do I need a warm-up before training? Firstly, to prepare the muscles, ligaments, heart and blood vessels, in a word, the whole body to the load. Heated muscles and joints work better, so the range of motion and the intensity of the workout increase markedly. Secondly, to avoid injury. According to the British Medical Journal, regular warm-up reduces the risk of stretching in training by half.

Obviously, each sport needs its own workout. To understand them, I asked professionals – athletes and fitness instructors how they prepare for training.

Gym workout


“Better to warm up without training than training without warm-up,” says Andrei Panteleev, trainer and nutritionist at the Planet Fitness chain of clubs. – Without a warm-up, you will not be able to perform a given number of repetitions or use the planned weight. In addition, you have every chance of getting an injury that will relieve you of the pleasure of visiting the hall for a week, or even more. “

Warm-up is carried out from top to bottom, from head to feet, and from limbs to the body. It’s better to start with low-amplitude swings, forward and side bends, semi-squats. You can perform a warm-up approach with low weights so that the muscles remember the movements and prepare for the main work. Half of the working weight is suitable for this. “I give cardiac workloads to some customers,” Panteleev adds, “7-10 minutes of a treadmill at a speed of 7-9 km / h. I’ll adjust the load, taking into account the well-being and mood of a person. ”

Actually, Andrei stated all these subtleties to me while I energetically paced along the running road. In parallel, he tracked my heartbeat, and only when it reached a critical 150 beats per minute did he propose to go to the main training.

Boxer workout

Boxing is already recognized as a complete alternative to fitness. However, in order to communicate with the pear as efficient as possible, a special workout is required.

“In boxing, the main thing is sharpness,” says Igor Dzhioev, master of sports in boxing, “and a prepared cardiovascular system. The boxer never stands still – he runs along the perimeter of the ring with a jog and at the same time makes swings, rotations with brushes. And it’s necessarily accelerating. ”

Boxing Technique

Boxing match

For successful boxing and combat, a boxer must first learn the technique of boxing.

Boxing technique is a combination of defense and attack techniques, mastered in the form of motor abilities and skills, capable of ensuring the most effective implementation of the task – victory over the opponent.

Under the technique should be understood such a rationality of movements, which is able to provide maximum efficiency from the actions performed by the boxer.

Boxing technique is for the boxer the main weapon that he uses in battle, guided by tactical considerations. Therefore, the technique must be mastered perfectly by the boxer.

The correct use of well-learned techniques allows you to quickly and easily perform the most complex and diverse actions during combat.

The fast pace of the fight itself requires that all movements of the boxer be as expedient as possible.

The boxing technique is characterized by a sequence and rationality of movements: each subsequent action should flow from the previous one, continuing it, and be performed with the least expenditure of energy and time.

The fight in the ring is characterized by continuity in the alternation of a wide variety of military movements. In this case, the position of the body, determining the completeness of one movement, is at the same time the starting position for the next movement. So, in attacks with a series of strokes at the end of each hit, the boxer assumes the starting position for the next strike or any action related to both the attack and the defense.

In boxing, the main and only means of achieving victory over the opponent is a blow.

At the same time, a punch is an essential component of the technology of modern boxing.

In striking an important role is played by the rational coordination of the boxer’s movements.

The correct rational coordination of movements is understood as the optimal use of the strength of the muscles of the body participating in the work when performing this technique, aimed at solving a specific motor task.

The main component of each technique is the movement of body mass and its individual parts.

To achieve maximum efficiency when delivering any strike, it is imperative that the direction of movement of the striking arm and the body mass of the striking boxer rationally coincide.

Boxing Equipment

In my opinion, the appearance is not

Boxers spend their fights in the ring ..

The ring is a square platform with sides from 5 to 6 m, bounded on all sides by three or four rows of ropes.

Ropes about 2.5–3 cm thick are stretched tightly between the four corner posts and are attached to the posts with metal extensions that allow the ropes to be pulled.

The distance between the corners of the ropes and the pole should be 50-60 cm.

Metal extensions in the corners are necessarily covered by pillows of a certain shape, having removable covers.


The most common shell that allows a boxer to improve his skills is considered to be a boxing bag.

A boxing bag is used for exercises aimed mainly at developing the strength and stiffness of a blow.

It is most convenient to practice on the bag direct and side impacts, as well as blows from below, designed in the body of the enemy.

The outer bag cover is made of thick leather, tarpaulin or other dense material.

The height of the bag can vary from 80 cm to 1, 2 m, diameter from 35 to 55 cm, weight from 30 to 50-60 kg.

The bag can be filled with plastic wrap, rags, sawdust, dry peas, etc., but it is better if it has a rod-placed inside it is another, smaller diameter, bag filled with sand.

Regardless of whether the bag is filled or the space between the small bag and the inner walls of the big bag, for greater density and elasticity, a felt should be laid under the surface of the outer bag.


A punching bag, like a punch bag, serves to develop the strength and rigidity of strikes.

A punching bag is a leather bag made (stitched) in the shape of a punching bag, which allows the boxer to work out blows directed from the bottom to the opponent’s head in addition to practicing direct and side impacts.

The punching bag is filled with the same materials as the punch bag.

A punching bag is suspended at the level of the head of the boxer working on it.

Boxer Exercises


Boxing is a contact sport that requires an athlete not only to master the techniques of shock, counterattack, defense, but also serious general physical training.

Unlike athletes of cyclic sports widows, boxers should equally well develop all physical qualities. Conventionally, there are several types of exercises that are included in the training program of boxers.

1. General developmental exercises are basic exercises that increase strength, dexterity, quick reaction, endurance and other functional capabilities of the body. In turn, this group is divided into two subspecies: Indirect exercises are not like special boxing exercises, but they increase muscle strength and endurance. These include rowing, skiing, swimming. A special role here is given to jumping rope, since jumping increases coordination, endurance and dexterity.

First, the boxer learns to jump at a moderate pace for 3-10 minutes, when his body gets used to it, then the training includes jumping alternately on each leg, double jumps, jumping with the hips raised, with the tibia ejected forward and overwhelmed. The number of repetitions depends on the level of physical preparation of the athlete.

Specialized exercises for boxers use those muscles that work directly in a duel. Cross, sprint and interval running, shot put, exercises with stuffed balls are used. Quite popular exercise with a tennis ball, which is performed as follows.

The boxer alternately with each hand hits the ball on the floor, while doing extraordinary jumps in a circle. Another exercise with a tennis ball: a special bandage is put on the head of the boxer, in front of which is attached a long elastic elastic band with a ball at the end. It is necessary to box the ball alternately, trying to hit it every time.

2. Special exercises for boxing, designed to improve the athlete’s technique. Among them, the basic ones are distinguished:

Shadow boxing is a duel with a conditional, imaginary opponent. A boxer can work out in this way the combinations of defense and attack that he has learned, and also increases the speed and technicality of strikes. Shadow boxing is often used as a warm-up before the main competition.

Boxer Protection Types

Sports we
– basic protection against side impacts to the head. The purpose of this protection is to quickly group the body (“diving”) to protect the head from a side impact. The boxer, performing the defense with a dive, makes a quick, continuous movement, describing the head as if in a semicircle: slightly crouches, tilts the head and body down, makes a movement towards the beating hand of the opponent and then straightens. In this case, the boxer does not lose sight of the enemy. When defending, the boxer must be in a stable position, so that it is more convenient to return to the fighting stance or to strike a counterattack. Counterattacks combined with protection by a dive are divided into two types: counter (at the moment of a dive) and response (when straightening the body after a dive). Boxer protection – Dive

A stop is a defense, in which a boxer puts a palm or forearm on the shoulder of the opponent’s beating arm, above the bend of the elbow, at the moment when it begins to move the blow. Against blows with the left, stops are applied only with the right hand and against the right with the left hand. Observance of this condition allows the boxer to use his free hand to protect himself from blows that the opponent can inflict with the other hand. Stop protection is usually used at medium and near distances from side impacts and impacts from below. Stop protection is not applied against direct impacts.

Boxer Protection – Stop

Repulsing – defending, in a swarm of the opponent’s hand, performing a blow, repulsing to the side from the line of its movement to the target. It is applied from direct blows. Repulsing produce a push of the palm in the forearm or elbow of the enemy. There are two main methods of protection by rebound: in and out. When bouncing in, the protective movement is carried out: with the right hand – from right to left, with the left hand – from left to right. When beating out, the movement is performed in the opposite direction. In addition to the above-mentioned methods of protection by rebound, the rebound is often used upward, with the rum, the protective arm moves up-right (right) or up-left (left).

Boxer Protection – Batter

Stand – a defense consisting in the support of the palm, elbow or shoulder (depending on which direction the opponent chose to strike) under the fist of the opponent’s beating hand. The stand is applicable as protection against all enemy attacks and at long, and medium, and near range. When the boxer is put under the blow, the boxer reliably protects vulnerable cues and also uses the protection of the left shoulder stand, while from the left side impact to the head they are protected by the right forearm stand. Blows from below stop with a palm of the right or left hand. The protecting arm is exposed to the blow at the end of the movement of the striking arm. When protecting the stand, a free hand is usually used for counterattack.

Boxer Protection – Stand

Boxing Outfit

What is necessary

Moscow! 1500₽ + 1000₽Between the filming of the new comedy series “City” for the TNT channel, children in the group are required on an ongoing basis!

Children aged 10-11 years engaged in boxing, the ability to use boxing paraphernalia!

For the role: children in the boxing section.

Filming will take place mainly in the metro area Volgogradsky Prospekt.

MANDATORY DOCUMENTS: Parent: 1.PASSPORT RF2.SNILS3.INN4.BANK CARD 5..DETAILS to a bank card! 6. birth certificate of the child.

The selection will take place in 2 stages: 1) selection by questionnaire: We send 5-10 photos, indicate: name, age, height, size of clothes, size of shoes, and phone number.

2) those who like the photos, we ask you to remove the video card and send it to us!

Attention: the project is designed as you saw at the beginning of the announcement for more than a year. We need responsible, decent people who are ready for relatively permanent employment !!!

Filming will take place both indoors and outdoors, we look forward to a full 12-hour shift.

Payment: 1500 rubles per hand per shift + 1000 rubles per card in case a text appears.

Protection for groin

Groin protection for children Nordway

The most important place in the equipment of a fighter entering the ring is the shell to protect the groin from impact. The bandages presented on the market of sports equipment are amateur ones that cover only the vulnerable zone, and professional ones that protect not only the groin itself, but the hip part of the body.

Amateur models of classic shells to protect the groin can be bought in a kit from an internal plastic cup with a fabric shell with elastic bands. Professional bandages are made of a leather sheath and an inner cup made of plastic or a special synthetic material with high shock-absorbing properties. Also in our store you can buy female groin protection. The range of equipment can be found in the catalog (see below).

You can purchase models with various mounting methods from us:

on elastic bands — on straps of adjustable length — on comfortable laces — built-in to special underpants.

Today, protective shells are produced by dozens of sports manufacturers. Among them are such popular brands as Bad Boy, HAYABUSA, RDX and others.

Before ordering this item of equipment it is necessary to adequately determine its size. It depends on the waist circumference and weight category of the athlete. When buying a product with fastening on the straps, the athlete has the opportunity to further adjust it for themselves. Products of any design are available in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL.