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This is the most effective direct hit. It is also perhaps the most lightning strike, which has the effect of surprise. The technique involves a sharp movement of a hand from a stand by the dominant hand and a push of the same leg. Then the weight is transferred to the opposite leg. Cross falls over the opponent’s hand and is applied with a lunge or from a place.


It is a direct long blow, which is applied over long distances. Prevails in the arsenal of tall boxers with long arms, which is convenient to box from a long distance. This strike is not considered as the strongest, but has great tactical significance. Used for a combination of power strikes and for counterattack. Jeb allows you to check your opponent and identify his weaknesses. This is the fastest strike, because it is applied along the shortest path and makes it possible to control the distance between the enemy. Jeb is the main weapon in the arsenal of high-speed boxers, combinational boxing fighters and tempoviks who are used to setting the rhythm of the whole fight. Technique: to perform a jab, you need to throw out your hand until it is fully extended. At the end point of movement, the fist should be turned with the palm to the floor.

Russian Boxing

boxing Russian boxing L-100cm

“FOR OTHER OTHERS” – about a Russian monk who died on the Serbian frontline

He met the dawn, lying on the damp ground. The throated thigh ached. Despite the fact that he tightly bandaged the wound, blood still seeped through the bandage, and he weakened more and more every hour. The novel was on a slope of anonymous height. Six meters from him lay the dead Muslims, and a little to the side were the Serbs Arkan and Bashko, his comrades-in-arms.

There were only eight of them from the special unit “White Wookiees” or “White Wolves”, if you read in Russian. They were assigned a combat mission: to cross the front line at night and capture the dominant heights that were behind the Muslims. Intelligence reported that the height is empty, and there is no one on it.

They easily completed the first part of the plan, climbed into the rear to the Muslims, and then, either the intelligence worked poorly, or the enemy realized the importance of this height, but at the top they ran into Muslims. There were many Muslims, no less than a hundred, and a battle ensued, fierce and unequal, they chopped bursts at point blank range, randomly threw grenades, the Muslims began to panic, and they hastily left the heights. Now Roman lay alone on top and did not know what fate befell his comrades, whether they all died, or maybe someone survived.

He was badly injured, and any movement caused him unbearable pain. He did not know that at that time Sergey, confident that no one was left alive, was dragging the seriously wounded Alexander. They were the last to survive the squad.

…Roman Serafimovich Malyshev was born in the city of Vyatka in a simple Russian family. I went to a regular school and was no different from my peers. He had one hobby, he loved to draw, he painted well and selflessly, spent hours somewhere in nature, painting landscapes. This hobby determined his choice at the end of school, when the question arose of where to go to study. Roman went to St. Petersburg, he decided to become an artist. In St. Petersburg, near the Saigon cafe, strangely dressed young people drew his attention, they were hippies. The square near the cafe was a favorite place for their “party”. However, not only hippies were “hanging out” there, but also punks, metallers, rockers and others. In the yard was 1987. These were the last days of the Soviet Union, and it was fashionable to “hippy”. Roman was a sociable person, quickly met with young “rebels” and made new friends. Among the “hippy” youth there were many talented artists and poets, and Roman soon found his own kind.

Boxer Shoes

Women's boxers Everlast

Boxing shoes are an indispensable part of the boxer’s equipment, it affects the speed and sharpness of movement in the ring. Boxers need to be bought for those athletes who plan to periodically compete in boxing competitions. They are much more comfortable than running sneakers or gym shoes. When buying, you need to be guided by the style of work in the ring, which is inherent to you.

Step 1.

Choose boxers!

And only in a specialized store of goods for boxing, where several options are presented. Do not confuse them with wrestlers, which are much softer and designed for a different coating. If you are just starting your way in boxing, you may not even notice the difference, but boxing shoes are much better suited for the ring.

Step 2

Choose your ankle height option!

There are two options for the ankle. Low boxers look like oversized sneakers. They don’t give that level of support for the ankles like tall boxers, but they can move around the ring faster. If you are a sharp boxer, then you better choose the low option. If your motto is constant movement, it is preferable to buy high boxers.

IMPORTANT: low boxers, much easier to wear.

Step 3

Lightness and good outsole!

Fights often last for several rounds, and a standard boxing training session can take up to 2 hours. Therefore, choose the lightest boxers that your budget will support. High-quality boxing shoes are made of modern synthetic materials or genuine leather with nylon inserts, which reduces weight and allows the legs to “breathe”. The importance of ribbed soles for better traction is understood without much explanation.

Step 4

Trying is required!

Never buy boxers without trying on. Choose the size that you wear in everyday life. It should be remembered that boxing shoes should sit very tight, but not put pressure on their feet. When you wear boxers for trying on, then get up, go for a walk, you can jump a little on the spot. All the minor inconveniences that you feel during the fitting, during training or battle will develop into real pain.

Types of Pears for Boxing

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The main difference between a punch bag and a punch bag is not only its elongated cylindrical shape, but also its great weight. Manufacturers of sports equipment today offer bags of different sizes and weights. Most often in sports halls you can find boxing bags weighing about 32 kg. They allow you to work on punches and combinations of kicks with hands and feet.

Classification of boxing bags (types):

1) A cylindrical boxing bag (25-45 kg) will help to work out the most diverse types of punches, thanks to the cylinder and the sphere that this bag consists of.

2) Boxing water-filling bag – a boxing bag on a solid, stable base, installed on the floor (ground). It consists of the upper part (bag) and the lower part (base). The upper part is made in the form of a mannequin or a standard leather bag, like a punching bag. The lower part for projectile stability is filled with water or sand. When filling with sand, the weight of the base is almost 2 times greater than when filling with water, which allows you to apply more powerful blows to the bag. Most floor bags can be height-adjustable relative to the base. The most convenient and safe for training.

3) Children’s floor bag – often made as a bag of durable rubber, inflated with air and decorated with some kind of children’s pattern. Children’s bags are smaller and lighter than bags for adult athletes – the standard sizes for inflatable children’s pears are 30 cm in diameter, 38 cm in diameter, the height of the children’s punching bag is adjustable from 90 to 130 cm.

4) Boxing bag of banana – It was invented for kickboxing so that fighters could work out low kicks, kicks and sweeps. This equipment weighs 90 kg, so it is suitable for building up the strength and power of blows.

5) Bag boxing cone (or “sleeve”) – will be needed when practicing uppercuts and side, direct blows to the head. The cylindrical lower and conical upper planes are impact surfaces.

Kickboxing Federation of Moscow

Kickboxing federations

Moscow Kickboxing Cup

From October 7-10, 2010, the Moscow Kickboxing Cup was held in Moscow, dedicated to the memory of employees of the Special Purpose Center of the FSB of Russia who died during a special operation in Beslan

October 7-10, 2010 the Moscow Kickboxing Cup was held, dedicated to the memory of employees of the Center for Special Purpose of the FSB of Russia who died during a special operation in Beslan. The tournament was held in the sections full contact and full contact with low kick. According to the Regulation, boys born in 1996 with qualifications no lower than the first sports rank and senior boys born in 1994-1995 took part in this competition. These athletes competed in the full contact section. In the full-contact section with low-kick, juniors and juniors born in 1992-1993 and adult athletes born in 1991 and older fought for medals.

149 athletes representing 30 sports clubs of Moscow, the Moscow region (Zhukovsky, Balashikha, Korolev, Zheleznodorozhny, Vysokovsk, Rumyantsevo) and the cities of Russia (Ivanovo, Vladikavkaz, Beslan) took part in the Moscow Cup.

It is especially pleasant that a team of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania arrived in the Traditional Memorial Tournament, consisting of ten athletes and two coaches.

Heads and employees of the Ryazansky municipal unit of the intracity municipality in Moscow, the deputy head of the Ryazansky district administration, arrived in Moscow passed the final part of the competition. Honored guests of the Tournament are employees of the Special Purpose Center of the FSB of the Russian Federation, veterans of the Vympel Special Purpose Group of the KGB of the USSR, Director General of the Russian Kickboxing Federation, Honored Coach of Russia, Honored Worker of Physical Culture Chernov Konstantin Konstantinovich Koroleva Nadezhda Nikolaevna, daughter of the legendary boxer, fourfold absolute USSR boxing champion, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Omsbonist Nikolai Fedorovich Korolev – rewarded the winners and prize-winners of iplomami, medals, cups. The prizes “For the best equipment”, “For the will to win” (digital cameras, digital photo frames, audio players, flash drives) were awarded to athletes who demonstrated the best technology and moral-volitional qualities.

Boxing Federation

Boxing. Ukrainian Championship 2014
Leaders of Bashmakov will be responsible for dozens of killings

Nikolai Kozhukhar and Alexander Danilchenko, the leaders of the largest gang of Crimea, who accounted for several dozen brutal murders and attempts, were sent to the dock.

On a hot afternoon on July 12, 1995, two strong guys appeared near the railway station in the very center of Simferopol. They approached one of the parked foreign cars, took out Kalashnikovs and literally riddled the interior with bullets. In the car was Olga Dziuba – the wife of criminal authority Oleg Dziuba – her two guards and a driver. They all died. A few hours later, the killers blew up Jiuba himself.

The execution of the Dziuba family was the revenge of the new leaders of the Bashmaki gang for the murder of their leader Viktor Bashmakov. It is believed that in the summer of 1994 it was precisely on the order of Dziuba that his killers shot from machine guns near Simferopol Bashmakov and his guards. So Dziuba got rid of long-standing debt.

Reports of gang warfare for residents of the Crimea at that time were commonplace. The groups divided the spheres of influence, not sparing the leaders and ordinary fighters, competitors and businessmen, leaving random people after the showdown.

Gang with handwritingLegendary Crimean gang “Bashmaki” grew out of a group of thimbles that appeared on the Crimean peninsula back in the late 1980s. The name was received from the name of its founder, a former trucker Viktor Bashmakov. After his murder, the criminal group was led by Nikolai Kozhuhar (Moldavan) and Alexander Danilchenko (Danila).

With the liquidation of rival Oleg Dziuba, the new bloody history of Bashmakov actually began. Their specialization was the extortion of money from entrepreneurs for patronage and protection from other groups operating in the Crimea. The gang then included about 1, 5 thousand people.

On August 4, 1995, the wife of the president of the Crimean football club Dynamo, Mamed Isaev, saw through the window how unknown young people were pushing her husband into a foreign car. Later it turned out that the Bashmakites took him to a forest belt in the Saki region of Crimea and tortured him for a long time. The bandits, speaking on behalf of the rival Tavria football club, asked Isaev for free players.

“Isaev’s internal organs were completely recaptured, the man was driven several times by car,” said one of the investigators involved in the case in 2000, told Life. – Isaev pretended to be dead. When the bandits left, he managed to crawl to the track. But he died later in the hospital. Although he managed to give all the necessary evidence.

Boxing Receptions

for beginners
I showed Kolya basic boxing tricks

Former world champion seriously set to regain his title

– Will you part with Alexander Bakhtin, your current ward?

– No. But transporting Sasha from Japan has not yet been possible. There is simply no money for it. First

but you need to find a sponsor. I’m ready to work with two boxers at once. Once I trained both Orzubek Nazarov and Yuri Arbachakov at the same time, and everything worked out.

– Have you followed Valuev’s battles over the years?

– Yes. His technique suffers. Neither Shalaev nor Gabrielyan taught Kolya. But when he became the world champion, he began to brazenly box. Kolya has a winner spirit.

– And how do you assess the defeat from Chagaev?

– Chagaev is not the strongest opponent. Valuev allowed such annoying bloopers that made me sick. A small Uzbek dived under giant Kolya and beat him like a child.

– How is the training going now?

– We work every day. There is not much time left until the September battle.

I showed Nikolai an elementary school of boxing. He taught the simplest techniques – how to switch to the left, to the right. Valuev is very worried that he did not know these basics before. He misallocates his body and muscles. We will develop automatism, then Kolya will have his own battle pattern.

– Already started to prepare Kolya for a fight with the Canadian Bergeron?

– Yes. But I don’t know much about Bergeron. But I know the American boxing style and I can say that their team will not come up with anything new. The level of Russian boxing is still much higher. If Kohl learns to box artfully and variably in three months, then he will surely win and in three or four fights will be able to regain the world title.

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