The Strongest Punch in Boxing History

The hardest hit in the world

Martial arts masters have different strengths and strike techniques. Improving mastery to perfection, they turn their body into a crushing machine, which is able to work on the principle of “One hit – one corpse.” But how to determine which blow is the most powerful? The strength of the blow does not always decide the outcome of the battle

How is the impact force evaluated? An objective assessment has been implemented so far only in professional boxing, which takes into account the impact force, its speed and effectiveness. Professional leagues use a computerized score and score system called CompuBox. In Olympic non-professional boxing, Cross is considered the strongest blow (the name translates as “cross”). This is one of the direct blows that are inflicted by the dominant hand, in most cases the furthest in the athlete’s stance. If you strike directly, the hand will pass over the opponent’s hand. Hence the name of the strike. There is a special value for measuring the force of impact in boxing. By the way, at the same time, the athlete performs a push with his back foot, after which the body is transferred to the front foot, and the body moves forward. All together, the power of the blow increases quite dramatically. Which strike is the most effective? The blows fall into two categories: jerky and sharp. Both may have the same indicator of strength, but the essence can be perfect different. In fact, the impact force is not so important, the main thing is the knockout component. However, specifics can still be made. Female strike can be quite strong. The strike force of a man ranges from 200 to 1000 kilograms. 200 kilograms is a pretty good hit for a boxer, whose weight is 60-70 kilograms. Well, a thousand is already the limit of the heavyweight. You can “knock out” your opponent with a stroke of 150 Newtons (this is about 15 kilograms). But you need to mark in the chin area. To measure the impact force in boxing at international competitions, a special value psi (pounds per square inch) is often used. Man can be knocked out by a blow of 150 Newtons