Kickboxing for Girls

Kickboxing in Moscow



SEVEROBAYKALSK, Mar 7 – RIA News. A schoolgirl from a small town in the north of Lake Baikal, Diana Balandina, by age 16, has already become the world champion in kickboxing and the winner of many competitions. On the eve of International Women’s Day, she told RIA Novosti what girls should go to this dangerous sport about fights with her brother and love for sweets.

World champion

Diana is 16 years old, and six of them are engaged in kickboxing, training at the S-3 Martial Arts Club in Severobaikalsk. Diana is a candidate for master of sports, and her main achievements are a victory in the 2016 World Championship in Dublin (Ireland) in the junior category, up to 56 kilograms and a full contact section with low kick and a victory at the Russian Championship 2016 in the full-contact section with low-kick in the age category junior juniors.

In addition, the athlete took third place in the Championship of Russia in 2015, she is also a three-time silver medalist of the Siberian Federal District and a two-time winner of the Siberian Cup. In May, Diana goes to the Championship of Russia —2017 in Kaliningrad, where she expects to achieve serious results.

Diana Balandina with her coach. Archive photo

All children – in sports

Kickboxing Diana began at 10 years old. “My brother should have been registered in this club, and my mother told me to try it too. I remember that for the first six months I liked walking, and then – my grandmother told me – I resisted. Then my mother said:“ Walk for two years, and do what you want at least drop it. ”“ But in the end I liked it, ”says Diana.

Now relatives are ambivalent about the fact that Diana is seriously engaged in kickboxing. Grandmother is against it, because she is worried that her granddaughter may be injured, her mother is calm, and her father is in favor: he says that you need to play sports. The younger brother of Diana Lyova, who is now 12 years old, began to study at the club in the same year as his sister, now he also takes part in competitions and takes prizes. But the family does not intend to dwell on this – Diana has another younger brother.

“We want the youngest to be thrown to us (in the club – approx.), He is now 6 years old, we’ll give up from 7 years old,” the athlete says.