Boxing Pear Man

Small punching bag

Table Pear is a great thing to relieve stress at home or at work. This cool desktop pear is attached to the surface of the table with the help of durable suction cups that securely hold it on the table. Having a pear at home or at work, you can relieve stress at any time and stretch yourself by making some pretty punching blows. It is very important for the human body to “let off steam” from time to time, and in the modern rhythm of life it is simply necessary. Work in the office is very tiring, constant stress negatively affects human health, and if you have a punching bag on hand, you can “throw out your emotions” at any time. And most importantly, such a discharge does no harm to anyone. A table pear will be a good gift for any holiday. A beautiful compact pear does not take up much space on the table, it can be easily attached and just as easily removed from the table. Stressful fight! Peace, joy and peace!