Kickboxing Shoes

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The Green Hill catalog includes kickboxing feet. The accessory is designed to be used as protective equipment for athletes during competitions and intense training. The use of ammunition without restrictions is possible in competitions of the highest level.

Features of kickboxing feet from Green Hill

Equipment is a mandatory element of a fighter’s protective kit in kickboxing such as light and full contact, seven-contact combat. Designed to protect the feet and lifting, which are actively involved in the competition. However, the physiology of this part of the legs is not stiff. Soft and flexible joints are concentrated in the area of ​​lifting the foot, damage to which often happens without professional protection.

Kickboxing feet protect the athlete’s legs. They perfectly dampen shocks due to the multilayer construction, prevent painful injuries. Moreover, during training cycles, they become the “guarantor of safety” of the opponent in sparring, as the blows in protective equipment become less severe.

Protective equipment does not have a sole, fastens with elastic bands or elastic Velcro.

The Green Hill catalog includes the following types of feet:

From genuine leather – professional equipment. It is characterized by durability due to the strength of the skin. The inner part is made of polyurethane foam. Presented in red, blue, black colors in 4 sizes. Of faux leather – 2 models “Best”, “Panther”, the inner filling is formed by polyurethane foam. They differ in the design of the shape of the foot, the type of fixation on the foot. Suitable for training, sparring, entry-level competitions, as equipment for young athletes. Price per foot for kickboxing from Green Hill

In company branded outlets and the Intertex Plus online store, you can buy kickboxing feet at an affordable price. You can find out about the location of the store in your city in the section “Where to buy” on our site. You can order kickboxing safety shoes in bulk by phone in Moscow (499) 155-96-53.