Kickboxing Tutorial


Start training! What prevents you from starting training right away? You can immediately bring a bunch of reasons: there is no coach, place, equipment, sparring partner, the necessary shells. But are they a real barrier to training ?! No, this is just a myth or “excuses”, as you wish.

If you recall, then most of the martial arts were invented by simple poor people in order to have at least some self-defense and learn to defend their truth. And they did not always have enough money for food, not to mention special equipment and equipment for the development of combat skills, which at that time did not even exist. But they had excellent motivation and a great desire to live better.

The main thing is to have the desire to train. And the means and methods for this will be in your head. Or on the expanses of the omnipotent Internet (for example, in this article).

I want to dispel the myth right away that kickboxing cannot be comprehended on its own. When you train at home, you can very well learn to fight, understand the basics of kickboxing and get a decent physical development. For this, you do not need a super trainer and state-of-the-art equipment (unless, of course, you do not strive to perform professionally in the ring). Your desire and detailed tutorial will be enough.

All the equipment needed for training is not difficult to build from improvised means. I already wrote about the boxing bag, and today I’ll tell you what other kickboxing equipment you can do with your own hands.

Do-it-yourself wall pillow / It is very convenient to use a wall pillow in home workouts:

– Doesn’t take up much space $ – Attaches to the wall $ – Requires a minimum of space around you to practice blows with your hands and feet– It’s easy to do it yourself from the means at hand ..

To begin with, we will build a shield 60 cm high and 50 cm wide from boards 30 mm thick. In principle, the same shield made of 18 mm plywood has also proved to be quite good. It is advisable to make corners rounded with a jigsaw. On it we put a piece of foam, rags, felt, mat or a cut off part of an old mattress. It is possible in several layers, the thickness should be at least 18 cm. Next, we tighten the whole thing with leather, leatherette dermantine or tarpaulin.