Kickboxing or Boxing

“Dmitry Baranov’s Leadership Principles” international master of sports in kickboxing

The future kickboxing champion of Belarus, smelter-spreader of workshop No. 8 of Naftan OJSC Dmitry Baranov came to his first training at the age of eight. Now he is 29. During his sports career, a master of sports of international class conducted more than 400 fights. 10 of them took place in 2016 to an Iranian rival at the Legend of IMEI K-1 rules tournament in China. In August, Naftanovets won the battle of the aforementioned tournament. And in October, the kickboxer reached the semi-finals of this competition and took third place in the European kickboxing championship in Slovenia.

Dmitry Baranov is training on the basis of Novopolotsk. According to him, the ideal and example for each athlete is a coach. And the best teacher for himself is Peter Hamenok. During the preparation for the competition, the athlete meets his mentor twice a day. In normal mode, Dmitry trains at least once a day and comes to the gym twice on weekends.

Last year, the kickboxing championship of Belarus became the most significant for Dmitry Baranov. Naftanovets not only snatched the victory from last year’s champion, but also made his light heavyweight debut (81 kg). Prior to that, he boxed in the 75 kg category. The competition became the qualifying stage of the European Championship. In addition to Dmitry, the number of winners of the championship included his colleague not only in sports, but also in workshop No. 8 Alexander Kupreshkin.

“The main champion qualities are hard work, aspiration, willpower and fortitude,” says Dmitry Baranov. – The most difficult thing is when you need to train, grit your teeth, when your hands drop, when you feel moral and physical fatigue. At such moments it is important not to give up. After all, for any defeat, you need to go forward, correct and sort out the mistakes in the port hall with the coach, and improve the further training process. For example, I carefully study the video of rival fights. Knowledge of competitive tactics is the key to future success. The battle has begun – and the athlete, if he wants to win, has no right to make a mistake.

Dmitry admitted that he will remember tournaments in China all his life. Acquaintance with this great power made a strong impression on the naftan, despite the fact that he attended competitions in Brazil, Thailand, Serbia, Turkey, Lithuania, Russia and other countries. For the opportunity to participate in international level tournaments, the athlete is grateful to the administration