How to Learn Boxing

How to learn to fight a girl

A couple of days ago, I trained two boxers in the ring and watched the same scenario for the thousandth time. One fighter, striking many blows, rushed forward, and the other retreated, fighting off a long jab. This second one tried to keep his perfect boxing technique, but could not cope with the pressure of the opponent-brawler.

I begged this boxer to stop beating off the jab and start giving back. When the sparring was over, he asked me: “Why is my opponent winning?”

And this is what I answered him …

You can’t fight. You don’t know how to go for an exchange with blows and you prefer to run away than to strike. Your opponent kicks your ass because he is beating, and you are not. You must use your skills for battle, and not to avoid it. In short, you need to learn how to fight.

What is the difference between a “brawler” and a boxer? Answer: no.

This is boxing. Boxing and fighting are essentially the same thing. Many attribute boxers and “brawlers” to different styles, saying that the boxer is more skilled and the brawler is more aggressive.

In fact, these terms are relative. Take two of the fighters of different skill levels and you will see that one of them will look more like a boxer, and the other will look like a “brawler”. The Brawler will seem more aggressive as he tries to deliver more hits. A boxer will seem like a fighter who prefers defense, because he already knows how to strike.

The main goals of the fighter:

attack counterattack (defense + skills + attack)

The main goal is the attack. When you know how to beat, then you can think about using protection and other skills and abilities that will help in the attack. The goal of the “brawler” is an attack. The boxer is one step higher, because tries to attack and defend. When I see that my opponent is better than me in battle, I try to organize an exchange of blows. I concentrate on defense only when I know that I can beat my opponent.

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December | 2012


Judging by a series of recent events, it is safe to say that the next battle of Conor McGregor will take place not in the octagon, but in the ring. A few days after Floyd Mayweather officially announced his resignation, and the T-Mobile arena in Las -Vegasa reserved on June 10 as the date of a probable super fight, UFC president Dana White, who previously denied any outside information about the fight between McGregor and Mayweather, said that he believed in organizing this match:

“I think the battle will take place. It will be a difficult deal, because it involves a lot of people and a lot of big ego. On the other hand, a lot of money is at stake, so I don’t understand how this can not happen.”

In addition, the head of the organization believes that the UFC superstar has a chance in a fight with the legend of professional boxing:

“Conor McGregor is huge, and he’s only 27 years old. He’s in his prime. Floyd is already 40, and he always had problems with lefties, and Conor is just left handed. And Conor hits very hard. When he hits, his opponents fall. Floyd definitely can’t knock him out – I’m sure of that. I’m not saying that Conor can win the boxing match, but all the attendant circumstances make this fight very interesting. “

The American boxer Floyd Mayweather (49-0, 26 KOs), who recently announced his comeback for the fight against Conor McGregor, made another loud statement in his interview:

“No papers have been signed at the moment. But I hope that the fight will take place in June. I would like to give people a spectacle, the world of MMA against the world of boxing. This fight can be organized in Moscow. I would choose Moscow if I were asked now. Only McGregor is my goal. If the fight does not take place with him, I will end my career. “

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The Strongest Punch in Boxing History

The hardest hit in the world

Martial arts masters have different strengths and strike techniques. Improving mastery to perfection, they turn their body into a crushing machine, which is able to work on the principle of “One hit – one corpse.” But how to determine which blow is the most powerful? The strength of the blow does not always decide the outcome of the battle

How is the impact force evaluated? An objective assessment has been implemented so far only in professional boxing, which takes into account the impact force, its speed and effectiveness. Professional leagues use a computerized score and score system called CompuBox. In Olympic non-professional boxing, Cross is considered the strongest blow (the name translates as “cross”). This is one of the direct blows that are inflicted by the dominant hand, in most cases the furthest in the athlete’s stance. If you strike directly, the hand will pass over the opponent’s hand. Hence the name of the strike. There is a special value for measuring the force of impact in boxing. By the way, at the same time, the athlete performs a push with his back foot, after which the body is transferred to the front foot, and the body moves forward. All together, the power of the blow increases quite dramatically. Which strike is the most effective? The blows fall into two categories: jerky and sharp. Both may have the same indicator of strength, but the essence can be perfect different. In fact, the impact force is not so important, the main thing is the knockout component. However, specifics can still be made. Female strike can be quite strong. The strike force of a man ranges from 200 to 1000 kilograms. 200 kilograms is a pretty good hit for a boxer, whose weight is 60-70 kilograms. Well, a thousand is already the limit of the heavyweight. You can “knock out” your opponent with a stroke of 150 Newtons (this is about 15 kilograms). But you need to mark in the chin area. To measure the impact force in boxing at international competitions, a special value psi (pounds per square inch) is often used. Man can be knocked out by a blow of 150 Newtons

Training Program Menny Pacquiao

David Haye's training routine

The legendary boxer and world champion in eight weight categories, Manny Pacquiao, a month ago, announced his retirement from boxing.

This happened on April 9, 2016 in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) after the third fight against American boxer Timothy Bradley, where Pacman won a landslide victory.

“I want to be with my family and serve my people, so I decided to end my career in professional boxing. Now, nothing has changed, although I’ve been outside boxing for a few days – we’ll see how I can cope with the new experience, but so far I have no plans to return to the ring, ”Pacquiao said.

We can definitely say that Manny Pacqui will forever go down in boxing history not only as a superstar and champion, but also as one of the most gallant boxers. His behavior in the ring, and especially outside it, is a special topic. The fact is that the boxer is a very dedicated Christian who believes not only in his heart, but also in every possible way demonstrates his love for Jesus Christ with his words and deeds.

After completing his sports career, Manny Pacquiao planned to take up politics to improve the lives of people in his country. His life vision and special direction of the political program is the fight against poverty.

Today, global media reported that Manny Pacquiao was elected to the Senate of the Philippines. The 37-year-old athlete scored more than 15.5 million votes and took seventh place among 12 people who received seats in the Senate. We wish him God’s blessing in a new field so that the Lord continues to use this man for His glory.

To be a Christian means to accept Christ as your Savior, your God. Therefore you are called christian. If you take the word Christ, only “ian” will remain and that means “I am nothing”.

If I died last year or in the last two years, I’m sure I would go straight to hell … I believe in Him 100 percent, but until that time I was the devil’s lawyer.

Kickboxing Photos


The first professional kickboxing tournament took place in the regional capital ?? “Confrontation.” In the main fight of the evening, the Khabarovsk resident Alexander Grinchuk and the Ukrainian Yuri Gorbenko met for the CIS champion belt. The victory by unanimous decision was won by the local kickboxer.

The first professional kickboxing tournament was held within the walls of the Universal Regional Sports Complex. The organization reminded the recent tournament on the modern pankration “Eastern Frontier-2”, but more modest in scale. However, the main attributes in the form of a ring announcer, the release of fighters from the scene to the ring, broadcast with a commentator and ring girls were present. But the main thing happened in the fights, of which there were eight. Most of the participants were debutants in professional kickboxing, since in the Far East it practically does not exist. And only “Confrontation” opened a new page in this sport.

The first to come out were a resident of Vladivostok, Zhenishbek Rakhmanzhan and Khabarovsk resident Sulton Ablakulov. The fight was not the most spectacular, as the rivals looked closely at each other for a long time. The successful actions of the seaside kickboxer in the second round became the guarantee of the first victory of the evening. The second fight between Sergey Ustyugov (Khabarovsk) and Alexei Sobkalo (Voronezh) ended with the only knockout of the evening of the last fighter at the end of the third round. Leonid Pekarsky in the third battle could not get a second victory for the regional capital, losing to Yegor Zvyagintsev from Blagoveshchensk. In the very lightweight, up to 60 kilograms Nikita Yashchuk (Khabarovsk) and Mikhail Kovylin (Ussuriysk) converged. The fighters showed a lively and interesting match, the victory in which by unanimous decision went to the Khabarovsk citizen.

How to Tie Boxing Bandage


Bandages – a necessary attribute of anyone who wants to engage in boxing, Thai or classic. They help protect the ligaments and muscles of the hand and wrist from injuries and sprains, and also prevent damage to the skin covering the knuckles.

When working on bags, pads or moving pears, there is a risk of damage to the hands due to insufficient clenching of the fist, improper positioning of the hands or simply the accumulation of fatigue and loss of concentration. Correctly applied boxing bandages reduce the risk of injury and significantly improve the quality of the workout, namely:

– additionally fix movable joints, unloading ligaments, muscles and insuring them against overstretching and injuries –

– perform a hygienic function, protecting hands from pollution when using someone else’s equipment (gloves, pads), and also extend the service life of the gloves, absorbing excess moisture –

– they fix the fist and protect it, helping to put the blow correctly and make stronger blows. Working in bandages without gloves is not the best solution, because bandages quickly get off and cease to fulfill their function. For such work, thin shell gloves worn over bandages should be used. Do not neglect bandages so that your boxing lessons are good for your health, not harm.

There are a few things to know when choosing boxing bandages:

1. Any boxing bandage consists of a tape, a loop for the thumb and Velcro for fixing the bandage on the wrist.

2. Bandages of different companies differ in the type of material: they can be cotton and made of synthetic fibers – nylon or polyester. The latter last longer, wear out less as a result of frequent washes, however, they absorb and remove moisture worse, not giving the same ventilation for the skin as pure cotton options-

3. Bandages come in different lengths – from 1, 5 to 5 meters – usually fans are advised to purchase bandages of 2, 5 meters long. Such products fix only the thumb and wrist joint, but with them it is easier and faster to prepare your hands for training. Bandages with a length of 4, 5 m are designed for bandage with the “eight” or “cross”. This method is good for pros, those who can quickly tie up bandages or use the help of assistants. The advantages of full bandaging are better hand protection during strong shocks and good moisture removal from the skin.

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MMA store in Moscow Khmuskul

The online store “MMA Empire” offers equipment for athletes who are just starting to train, as well as for high-class professionals. Among the presented brands are such global manufacturers as M-1, BadBoy, Venum, Everlast and Hayabusa. Not so long ago, the sports world was overwhelmed by mixed martial arts, combining different schools, directions and combat techniques. MMA is a spectacular sport that has spread throughout the world, and Russia is no exception. Competitions are held at a high level, tournaments are broadcast and organized, large federations are born. Most sports clubs have already managed to open mix-fight sections, and those who want to become their participants will inevitably face the same question – what should be the correct MMA clothing for training?

Undoubtedly, the equipment of any MMA wrestler begins with the purchase of gloves that are. have significant differences from classic boxing gloves in both size and design. MMA gloves are special finger pads. Professional athletes use lightweight 4-ounce gloves; fans are advised to purchase 6-ounce items. Only comfortable and convenient gloves will allow you to properly strike, so their choice is largely individual. It should be noted that MMA equipment has its own characteristics. So, for example, shorts are sewn specially taking into account the specifics of the struggle, so there are no buttons and pockets on them that you can catch on. At the same time, the elastic of the belt should be strong, reliable in order to fix the shorts at the waist, preventing them from slipping during the fight. Rubberized inserts are also used for this purpose. The design of MMA shorts also allows you to wear extra inguinal protection.

Throughout the world, MMA is recognized as the toughest sport, and it is not surprising that an athlete should protect himself as much as possible from possible injuries. The head especially needs this, so buying a helmet is not a whim, but really a necessity. The main function of the training helmet, as in all sports, is to protect the head from shaking. The helmets presented in our store are made of leather or leatherette. To achieve the most accurate kicks, you will need special shin protection, as well as a mouthpiece, bandages and much more, which you can easily find in the catalog offered by the MMA Empire MMA store.

All for Boxing SPb

We specialize in design.

People who have dedicated their lives to sports, or those who love it, know and understand very well why they need a punching bag and a boxing bag. Good physical preparation, strength endurance is very important for each boxer, which contributes to a person’s health, protecting his body from various injuries, professional development in all directions, the ability to hold a punch, which is very important in boxing.

One of the basics in boxing is the punching bag, with the help of which punches, their strength, accuracy and speed are worked out. A punching bag is a loyal assistant, because thanks to it, it is possible to work out blows in motion from different positions and control their clarity and rigidity.

The punching bag received its name due to its similarity in shape to fruit. With the help of the first punching bags, boxers practiced blows to the upper body and head. Over time, their shape was slightly improved, making it cylindrical and lengthened. Punching bags began to gain more and more popularity not only among boxers, but also among other sports fans, as it became possible to practice blows to the legs and knees.

One of the most popular shells in the training room is a punching bag.

punching bag – a projectile for practicing direct and side impact techniques, as well as for developing accuracy and speed of impacts. Athletes of various types of martial arts (boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing and others) can use punching bags in their training thanks to a variety of exercises with a shell:

practicing blows at speed; practicing blows in motion; setting and practicing blow techniques to the head.

Due to the rounded shape of the projectile, it is possible to practice impacts that are applied at different angles. With the help of this projectile, balance, agility, flexibility, speed and endurance of an athlete are developed and trained.

Boxing pears are a universal apparatus suitable for both beginners and professionals, and used both for training at home and in the training room.

Buying a punching bag is a whole art, because the variety of punching bags is amazing. They can be of different sizes, shapes resembling a human silhouette, floor and hanging … Therefore, it is very important to choose the right punching bags in Moscow.

The rounded forms of these shells are designed so that they can fully work out the blows delivered from different angles.

Here you can choose and order punching bags, thereby comprehensively equipping the training room and providing the maximum opportunity for practicing a wide range of complex punches.

Boxing Punch Technique

Types Of Punches In Boxing Boxing

This is the most effective direct hit. It is also perhaps the most lightning strike, which has the effect of surprise. The technique involves a sharp movement of a hand from a stand by the dominant hand and a push of the same leg. Then the weight is transferred to the opposite leg. Cross falls over the opponent’s hand and is applied with a lunge or from a place.


It is a direct long blow, which is applied over long distances. Prevails in the arsenal of tall boxers with long arms, which is convenient to box from a long distance. This strike is not considered as the strongest, but has great tactical significance. Used for a combination of power strikes and for counterattack. Jeb allows you to check your opponent and identify his weaknesses. This is the fastest strike, because it is applied along the shortest path and makes it possible to control the distance between the enemy. Jeb is the main weapon in the arsenal of high-speed boxers, combinational boxing fighters and tempoviks who are used to setting the rhythm of the whole fight. Technique: to perform a jab, you need to throw out your hand until it is fully extended. At the end point of movement, the fist should be turned with the palm to the floor.