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Small punching bag

Table Pear is a great thing to relieve stress at home or at work. This cool desktop pear is attached to the surface of the table with the help of durable suction cups that securely hold it on the table. Having a pear at home or at work, you can relieve stress at any time and stretch yourself by making some pretty punching blows. It is very important for the human body to “let off steam” from time to time, and in the modern rhythm of life it is simply necessary. Work in the office is very tiring, constant stress negatively affects human health, and if you have a punching bag on hand, you can “throw out your emotions” at any time. And most importantly, such a discharge does no harm to anyone. A table pear will be a good gift for any holiday. A beautiful compact pear does not take up much space on the table, it can be easily attached and just as easily removed from the table. Stressful fight! Peace, joy and peace!

Kickboxing for Girls

Kickboxing in Moscow



SEVEROBAYKALSK, Mar 7 – RIA News. A schoolgirl from a small town in the north of Lake Baikal, Diana Balandina, by age 16, has already become the world champion in kickboxing and the winner of many competitions. On the eve of International Women’s Day, she told RIA Novosti what girls should go to this dangerous sport about fights with her brother and love for sweets.

World champion

Diana is 16 years old, and six of them are engaged in kickboxing, training at the S-3 Martial Arts Club in Severobaikalsk. Diana is a candidate for master of sports, and her main achievements are a victory in the 2016 World Championship in Dublin (Ireland) in the junior category, up to 56 kilograms and a full contact section with low kick and a victory at the Russian Championship 2016 in the full-contact section with low-kick in the age category junior juniors.

In addition, the athlete took third place in the Championship of Russia in 2015, she is also a three-time silver medalist of the Siberian Federal District and a two-time winner of the Siberian Cup. In May, Diana goes to the Championship of Russia —2017 in Kaliningrad, where she expects to achieve serious results.

Diana Balandina with her coach. Archive photo

All children – in sports

Kickboxing Diana began at 10 years old. “My brother should have been registered in this club, and my mother told me to try it too. I remember that for the first six months I liked walking, and then – my grandmother told me – I resisted. Then my mother said:“ Walk for two years, and do what you want at least drop it. ”“ But in the end I liked it, ”says Diana.

Now relatives are ambivalent about the fact that Diana is seriously engaged in kickboxing. Grandmother is against it, because she is worried that her granddaughter may be injured, her mother is calm, and her father is in favor: he says that you need to play sports. The younger brother of Diana Lyova, who is now 12 years old, began to study at the club in the same year as his sister, now he also takes part in competitions and takes prizes. But the family does not intend to dwell on this – Diana has another younger brother.

“We want the youngest to be thrown to us (in the club – approx.), He is now 6 years old, we’ll give up from 7 years old,” the athlete says.

Boxing Information


The Boxing Federation of Russia together with the Man publishing house in March 2011 released the second edition of the Boxing Encyclopedia. The content is based on information and statistics listing winners: the 1904–2008 Olympic Games, the 1974–2009 World Championships, the 1925–2010 European Championships, all the USSR championships, the 1992–2010 Russian Championships, and the Goodwill Games 1986–2001, World Cups 1979–2008, AIBA President Cups 2008–2009, Russian Cups 1994–2006 For the first time, statistics on world championships 2001-2008 are included. and European Championships 2001-2009 among women, student world championships 2004 – 2010 The winners of the Val Barker Cup, the best boxers of the world championships are indicated. For the first time, materials have been prepared on the development of women’s boxing in Russia.

The second edition of the Encyclopedia includes biographical information about all Olympic champions in 1904-2008, Russian champions and winners of the Olympic Games and World Championships, European champions, world champions among professional boxers from the CIS countries, as well as coaches, leading referees, leaders of the Federation, functionaries of amateur and professional boxing, journalists. Materials were prepared on the latest changes in the structures of AIBA, EABA and the ECB, the creation of the World Boxing Series. For the first time, the book includes articles on all countries included in AIBA. The information on the leading organizations of professional boxing WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF has been supplemented. A large number of articles are devoted to the development of boxing in all regions of Russia. Materials on the development of boxing in Dynamo, Armed Forces, RSSS, Youth of Russia, FSO Rossiya and Lokomotiv were supplemented. For the first time, materials have been included on the formation of boxing in the MGFSO, the Ministry of Internal Affairs system and the results of the participation of Russian boxers in the World Games among policemen.

The Boxing Federation of Russia (Markov V.A. – 8 (495) -637-04-72) asks to send applications for the purchase of an encyclopedia to the address of the publishing house “Man”.

Sports Pear

Professional boxing
After only 3 weeks, I have to enter the ring against Kuchinsky Gromila, whose shadow in the forest strip terrifies the Moscow Region women and the nervousness of the district policemen who are afraid of losing their jobs. It will be an epic battle, and only one should leave the ring alive.

(poster author)

The enemy is in earnest and gutting punching bags, ruining Balashikha gymnasium one after another. From the video with its powerful blows, even my shrimp fell out of my mouth!

Well, I’ll tell you how my training goes, what Pattaya days consist of. In sports terms, there’s nothing to brag about yet! After all, it is a city of sin and bodily pleasures, not exhausting workouts. Morning begins with a hearty breakfast at O’Garas Irish Pub. Indeed, I myself put it in the top 5 best places in Pattaya for breakfast. 2.

However, this may well be a special institution for Continental super breakfasts, serving English, Texas, Belgian, Irish, Bavarian and hell knows what other options. Some people prefer the smoked fish option. 3.

Further – an unhurried walk, with a call to one of the fresh residential complexes. We need to look for a place for the next wintering, if this takes place. This option, with a whole lagoon and ships, seems to be quite good. 4.

The artificial grotto-jacuzzi, which is dipped in a secluded corner, especially pins. Very romantic place. 5.

But it’s too early to settle now – repairs are still underway there. In autumn – it will be just right.

The bell rings – it’s time to go to the sauna! We sit down and go. Korean institution is located 15km from Pattaya. There is even a plasma in the steam room, with Korean programs. I have never seen this. 6.

Here I am swimming, gaining strength. Tonight it would be necessary to go to the training room of Thai boxing, to hammer a punching bag. But a sauna with tea parties, a wifi and two steam rooms takes all the hours until sunset. 7.

Evening falls on the city of sins. You have to catch the popophosest with your readers. Among them are veterans of the internal affairs bodies and former employees of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, so everything is serious, their photos will not be. There will be only mountains of sushi, the freshest sashimi and huge rolls with salmon.

How to Choose Boxing Gloves

How to choose boxing

Arriving in the section of hand-to-hand combat, boxing, Muay Thai or other contact martial arts, immediately after the mouth guard you should purchase boxing gloves. How to choose boxing gloves, what to focus on and how not to overpay for your first gloves will be discussed later. After the depreciation of the ruble, the prices of good imported boxing gloves have skyrocketed and the price / quality ratio is very relevant.

In this article we will talk about “amateur” gloves, since in “professional combat” boxing is exclusively professional and only in official fights.

What should be the weight of the glove. Gloves are separated by weight, which is measured in ounces (Oz). Usually in Russian halls they work with 10-12 Oz gloves, however, in some sections for sparring they use heavier gloves. Before buying, ask your trainer. Typically, you will need 10 Oz gloves, or 12 if you’re a heavyweight.

What to look for first. In amateur boxing gloves, the thumb is positioned along the fist. The better it is “hidden” behind the impact area of ​​the glove, the less likely it is to injure a finger in case of an unsuccessful hit. If when trying to see that the thumb sticks out to the side – do not take such gloves. This moment is disassembled on video.

Boxing gloves should sit well on the hand. Everyone has different fists, try on gloves before buying this or that model. It is better to measure in boxing bandages. Gloves should sit tight enough and not hang out. Elongated gloves are more suitable for me.

A gloved fist should be more or less tightly compressed. The denser it is, the safer your brush is when it hits. Having tried on several models, you will understand what is at stake.

Velcro – it is she who is often the first to fail. It also depends on the Velcro how comfortable the glove sits on your hand. I prefer Velcro gloves on the back of the forearm above the wrist. The higher and wider the Velcro, the “lighter” the gloves appear on the hand.

Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves Ronin Attack

You can buy boxing gloves from the most famous manufacturers. The assortment of our store has more than 200 models and this list is constantly updated.

You can buy boxing gloves from the most famous manufacturers. The assortment of our store has more than 200 models and this list is constantly updated. Boxing is considered to be one of the most traumatic sports. As in any business, your skill will increase with each training. Therefore, from the very beginning, you just need to buy boxing gloves, bandages and a cap. This is a “gentleman” set for a boxer.

However, the task of buying boxing gloves in the online store is not easy. A lot of parameters are important, such as length of service, body weight, arm size, format of use, material, brand and so on. At the same time, there are dozens of manufacturers from the USA and Pakistan, from Russia and China, from Thailand and Germany.

How not to get confused here? In order for you to buy boxing gloves and enjoy using them, we have developed a convenient search and selection system for various criteria.

Since November 2104, it has become much easier to buy boxing gloves in Moscow, because we have opened a large store where everyone can come, try on and choose any equipment.

When asked how much boxing gloves cost, our operators answer: “In different ways!)”. After all, our boxing gloves prices start at 800 rubles and end for 10,000. By the way, the price of boxing gloves in the store is the same as in the online store.

Kickboxing Rules


Kickboxing consists of five sections (disciplines):

Light-contact (light-contact) Semi-contact (semi-contact) Full-contact (full-contact) Full-contact with low-kick or just low-kick (low-kick) Solo compositions

A light contact (“light contact”) is carried out on a 6×6 m ring or on a tatami 8×8 m. Here, light strikes are applied without using force. Hard blows are marked with a warning and, if they continue, with the subsequent disqualification of the athlete. Accordingly, there are no knockouts and victory is awarded by counting the number of hits that have reached the goal. Outfit: long kickboxing pants, helmet, t-shirt with closed shoulders, gloves, burl (mouthpiece), bandage, shin guards, feet (ankle protection, foot lift).

Semi-contact (limited contact) is carried out on the tatami 8×8 m. Strong blows to full contact are prohibited. After each exact hit, the referee stops the bout for scoring. With a difference of 10 points, a victory with “clear advantage” is awarded. Performers are athletes in a kimono with short sleeves. Otherwise, the equipment is the same as with light contact, the difference is only in gloves. The seven-contact uses small gloves, like in karate.

Weight categories for seven and light contact:

Juniors (16-18 years old) and Men (19 years old and older):

57, 63, 69, 74, 79, 84, 89, 94, +94 kg.

Juniors (16-18 years old) and Women (19 years old and older): – 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, +70 kg.

Senior youths (cadets) (13-15 years old) 42, 47, 52, 57, 63, 69, +69 kg.

Senior girls (cadets) (13-15 years): – 42, 46, 50, 55, 60, 65, +65 kg.

Younger boys and girls (10-12 years old): 28, 32, 37, 42, 47, +47 kg.

Full contact (full contact) is carried out in the 6×6 m ring. The equipment is the same as with light contact, only athletes come out with a naked torso (men). In this section, strikes in full force, as well as knockout actions, are permitted. Punches as in boxing. All kicks above the belt plus a hook. Points are scored for each round on a 10: 9 system. A more technical fighter gets 10 points, less – 9.

Shorts Kickboxing

Buy Aryan kickboxing shorts

Since kickboxing involves striking not only with your hands, but also with your legs, shorts and trousers for him should be cut in such a way as to provide maximum freedom of movement. Modern manufacturers are striving to make the design of kickboxing shorts bright and even aggressive. That is what contrast combinations, unusual colors and textures of drawings are aimed at. If you want to buy kickboxing shorts from eminent manufacturers, you should definitely look into the BOXFIT catalog. Here you are sure to find a model that will appeal to you in all respects, from the price to the convenience that it will provide you.

It is worth saying that the cut of shorts for kickboxing is similar to that practiced for models designed for Muay Thai. Bright and often richly decorated, they invariably attract attention and are quite capable of showing the opponent who is who in this battle.

Their cut determines the maximum freedom of movement and allows you to apply high kicks, as well as squat low, without experiencing the slightest inconvenience. A fighter may not worry about the fact that the shorts may burst along the seam at the most inopportune moment, since the seams in them are reinforced and stitched with high-strength threads.

A wide elastic waistband will not allow kickboxing shorts to slip during training or competition. For their tailoring, a smooth fabric is used that glides well over the skin. Typically: polyester, satin, nylon or satin. All of these types are durable and durable. They pass air well, allowing the skin to breathe, and will please with simple care.

, just like shorts, they look great! Bright colors, contrasting combinations, wide stripes with inscriptions on the sides – what else is needed to attract attention and intimidate an opponent? The cut of the trousers is as free as possible, allowing you to strike with your lower legs, feet and knees. With all this, the pants fit well on the athlete due to the wide elastic band at the waist, which also supports the press. In order for the fixation to be as reliable as possible, the manufacturer often provides an internal lace.

Boxing Punches

2 Boxing

Very often, watching fights between boxers or fighters from other martial arts with shock equipment, you can notice that after a seemingly light strike, the opponent falls as if knocked down. And vice versa, the boxer does not react to strong missed hits. What is the reason for this?

This article will examine the main components of a knockout punch.

1. Counter strike

The greatest number of knockouts in boxing occurs after missed oncoming blows. The peculiarity of the oncoming strike is that the boxer misses the strike at the moment of movement towards the opponent, i.e. boxer speeds are added up.

Plus, when a boxer strikes, his defensive reaction decreases and he is most vulnerable to a counter strike.

And finally, the most important thing is that counter strikes are usually not visible. You can withstand the powerful blow of the heavyweight that you managed to see. And you can fall into a deep knockout from a child’s blow, if you have not seen and expected this blow.

In the boxing club “Drummer” much attention is paid to counter-strikes. Counter-strikes under the front arm, under the far arm, counter-strikes with movement to the side (sidesteps), etc. are practiced.

2. The blow delivered on time. Good timing.

The blow delivered at the right time is the boxer’s most important quality. You can have very high speed and power of blows, but still lose the matches to less fast and less physically strong opponents.

It turns out that the speed of thinking, decision making is much more important than the speed of strikes and movements in the ring. These qualities allow the boxer not to make unnecessary movements in the ring and strike at the right time.

It is believed that the “manual” speed, as well as the speed of movement on the legs, is very difficult to train and is rather a natural quality of every boxer. But the timing and speed of thinking of a boxer lends itself well to training and grows with experience.

3. The technique of applying a knockout punch.

1) Traditionally, to inflict a powerful blow, it is necessary to observe the leg-trunk-arm sequence. Those. the boxer pushes his foot off the ground, then twisting the body transmits an impulse to the arm and then, with the extension of the arm, brings the blow to the target. By observing just such a sequence, you can achieve a strong knockout blow.

2) It is necessary to maximally put in the energy of leg extension. As a rule, knockout muscles of the legs are better developed than other types of boxers.

Gloves to order

Jordan Jordan - buy Jordan

Manufacture of gloves on knitting machines of various classes (7 and 10). Production terms – from 3 days! We cooperate with advertising agencies!

We knit gloves of standard sizes: children’s, men’s women’s. We produce fingerless gloves with a valve.

Call by phone, write to e-mail: info @ or send a request and our manager will be happy to help in choosing knitted products!

Where else, if not in Russia, is it important to dress warmly and comfortably? With our rhythm of life and unpredictable weather, you will not guess what can come in handy at one time or another.

The use of knitted gloves in various fields of activity more than once proves the versatility of their functions. In ancient times, gloves were used not only to protect the skin of the hands, but also to determine the high status, only then they were made without fingers, in our time they are called – mitts. Depending on the material and construction, gloves also serve for heat.

The production of knitted gloves is becoming more modern every day. And this is due not only to the abundance of colors, but also various methods of knitting and assembly. Now it’s hard to imagine that before there wasn’t even sizes, and now you can buy knitted gloves to order, made exactly according to your hand and strictly according to your taste!

Not only innovation makes us move forward, but fashion dictates its own rules. The production of knitted gloves in Moscow is a continuous stream that works to satisfy the most extraordinary desires of the buyer.

Fingerless gloves

Nothing can replace the sensitivity of fingers, the touch surfaces of phones and tablets make us take off our gloves more than once a day, and winter sometimes upsets with its severe frosts.

Fingerless gloves will make your life easier! Now both warmth and convenience will become faithful companions.

Due to the scale of production of knitted gloves and your imagination, custom knitting gloves has become easy and affordable. Feel like a designer and create your own model that will be convenient for you. You can bare only one finger or several, or remove them altogether.