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Boxing bandages Twins

Boxing or fist fight was included in the program of the first Olympic Games. The surviving ancient Roman sculptures depict fighters whose arm is wrapped in long leather stripes. Modern boxing bandages appeared simultaneously with boxing gloves.

When do you need boxing bandages

The use of bandages helps to solve several problems that boxers face at once. Bandages absorb moisture, and the boxer’s glove stays dry for much longer. The life of high-quality professional boxing gloves is extended. Given that the price of bandages in relation to the cost of gloves is much lower, this allows you to save on sports equipment.

A correctly wound boxing bandage protects against dislocation and fracture of the bone of the fist and wrist, and the tendon – from stretching. The use of bandages helps beginners to strengthen their hands and avoid injuries.

Bandages are an important element of sports equipment. They are produced by such leading companies as Everlast, Green Hil, Adidas and others.

In our store you can buy boxing bandages: For professionals (4, 5 m, 5 m long) -For lovers (2, 75m, 3m, 3, 5m, 4m) -For children (1, 8m, 2m, 2, 5m) .

Depending on the material and the degree of its stretching, boxing bandages are divided into cotton (not stretched) and elastic. Cotton bandages for boxing better absorb moisture, but limit the movement of the brush. Depending on the preferences of the athlete, boxing bandages can be selected by color.

It is important to be able to bandage the hand correctly. To facilitate winding, the bandages have a loop for the thumb and Velcro for fastening.

How to order boxing bandages in Moscow

The prices of bandages mainly depend on their length and brand of the manufacturer. Coloring does not affect the price. Therefore, choosing a bandage, we pay attention to the following points:

we decide on the material — we select the length of the bandage “for ourselves” – we get professional advice – call our sellers by contact phone or make a request by e-mail-

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