Boxing Equipment

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Boxers spend their fights in the ring ..

The ring is a square platform with sides from 5 to 6 m, bounded on all sides by three or four rows of ropes.

Ropes about 2.5–3 cm thick are stretched tightly between the four corner posts and are attached to the posts with metal extensions that allow the ropes to be pulled.

The distance between the corners of the ropes and the pole should be 50-60 cm.

Metal extensions in the corners are necessarily covered by pillows of a certain shape, having removable covers.


The most common shell that allows a boxer to improve his skills is considered to be a boxing bag.

A boxing bag is used for exercises aimed mainly at developing the strength and stiffness of a blow.

It is most convenient to practice on the bag direct and side impacts, as well as blows from below, designed in the body of the enemy.

The outer bag cover is made of thick leather, tarpaulin or other dense material.

The height of the bag can vary from 80 cm to 1, 2 m, diameter from 35 to 55 cm, weight from 30 to 50-60 kg.

The bag can be filled with plastic wrap, rags, sawdust, dry peas, etc., but it is better if it has a rod-placed inside it is another, smaller diameter, bag filled with sand.

Regardless of whether the bag is filled or the space between the small bag and the inner walls of the big bag, for greater density and elasticity, a felt should be laid under the surface of the outer bag.


A punching bag, like a punch bag, serves to develop the strength and rigidity of strikes.

A punching bag is a leather bag made (stitched) in the shape of a punching bag, which allows the boxer to work out blows directed from the bottom to the opponent’s head in addition to practicing direct and side impacts.

The punching bag is filled with the same materials as the punch bag.

A punching bag is suspended at the level of the head of the boxer working on it.

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