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For everyone who is only interested in hockey and figure skating or who are already actively involved in these sports, the online store Hockey Without Borders offers its services. Choosing such hobbies, you need to be prepared for high speeds, falls, power tricks and difficult tricks.

To take the first steps on the ice and be ready for anything, you should get high-quality skates, good clubs and modern protective equipment: a helmet, a bib, elbow pads and shields. New hockey equipment from world wide brands in a wide assortment are presented here. Our consultants will help you choose the right size, because both the shape and the skates should be comfortable. Only when you feel safe and free can you enjoy playing and riding.

Sports equipment for hockey and other sports

Skates and stick are the main attributes of hockey. Currently, there is fierce competition between manufacturers of hockey attributes. Companies are constantly working on improving equipment, surprising hockey fans with new products from year to year – lighter and more reliable models of clubs and skates.

We constantly monitor the activities of manufacturers whose products are presented with us, so our customers can count on the latest hockey equipment and protection innovations that appear on the market.

By the way, with the advent of new materials, prices for models released before this are reduced, so every hockey player will be able to find products in us that will satisfy the requirements for quality, external design, cost.

Skates Bauer, CCM, Graf over time become only better. Their virtually weightless shoes securely fix the ankle and provide good protection against washer impact. The strength of the blade and its ability to hold sharpening are constantly increasing. It should be noted that real and synthetic ice are two big differences that have a direct impact on the choice of skates, therefore, this should not be forgotten.

Sticks are characterized by lightness, strength and flexibility. Their design features for each athlete are individual. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of this equipment, so there should be no problems with choosing the right product.

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