Everlast Shell Gloves

Everlast Shell Gloves

EVERLAST VINTAGE 5302U shell gloves for testing the strength and accuracy of impact on shells have the original design of 1910. The outer coating of the gloves is made of durable and high-quality synthetic leather, which is resistant to abrasion and does not crack during operation. The inner, dense foam filling guarantees effective hand protection when practicing impacts. The gloves have a pre-curved cut and open thumb. For additional ventilation of the hands, there are perforated holes in the palm of the hand. The retaining bandage is wrapped around the wrist and fastened with Velcro, stabilizing the wrist and tightly fixing the glove on the hand.

Dimensions and Package Weight: Dimensions (L x W x H): ~ 150 x 350 x 70 mm. Weight: ~ 0.15 kg.

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On the projectile gloves there is no additional fixation of the wrist, which allows him to feel the moments when the fist comes into contact with the bag. Official representative of the product in Russia. Lightweight, weight usually does not exceed 8 oz. The projectile gloves for boxing have a flat shape, for which they are called “pancakes” or “cues »Shell gloves are used to practice blows on pears and bags. They not only provide effective training, but also prevent possible injuries.

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