How to Make a Boxing Punching Bag

Do-it-yourself bag anchor

Learn to take the right pose. Spread your legs further than shoulder width apart. If you are right-handed, lean the left side of the torso toward the pear and lift the heel of the right leg. If you’re left-handed, do the opposite. Bend your knees slightly. Pull your hands to your face without lifting your shoulders and elbows.

Learn to move around. During the exercises you will not stand in one position – you will circle around the pear. Go around the pear – do not jump or cross your legs. Remember to keep your legs slightly bent and your arms close to your face.

Hit the pear correctly. It is important to strike at the pear, and not push it. During training, you need to make sharp strikes, and not try to break through the target through. Sharp actions allow you to concentrate energy due to strong shocks and fast movements. Unless otherwise struck, all the force of the impact will go to the wrist.

Learn to jab. Take a starting position. Squeeze your hand into a fist, putting your thumb on the other fingers. If you’re right-handed, extend your left hand forward; if you’re left-handed, your right. When you hit, keep your wrist in a straight position, and your hand – slightly bent at the elbow. Return your hand to its original position.

Learn cross-country. You will need to make a hit with your right hand (or with your left if you’re left-handed). Take a starting position. Turn on the heel of the right foot and turn the leg and thigh. Extend your arm at the same time. The right hand should be slightly bent at the elbow. Keep your other hand against your face for protection. Then return the arm, thigh, leg and heel to their original position.

Master the hook. Take the starting position. Turn on the heel of your left foot if you’re right handed. Then turn through your leg and thigh. At the same time, extend your left hand horizontally past the body. Raise your elbow slightly. Keep your right hand against your face for protection. Take your hand back to its original position.

Try a combination of punches. A combination of strokes is a combination of two strokes. First jab, and then immediately after returning to its original position – cross. Return to starting position.

Learn to do three hits. You will need to perform three hits in succession. First you need to jab, then hook, and at the end – cross.

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