Kickboxing Technique


Today marks a wonderful holiday, Defender of the Fatherland Day! On this day, we honor the military, sailors, pilots, all those on whom the security of our country depends. All those thanks to whom the knees begin to tremble at the adversary and the sphincter is tightened at the mention of the Russian army. And also those who are fighting terrorism in Syria in order to protect our country from danger in advance!

And now we finish the official part and move on to the most pleasant – gifts!))

Presenting a box of socks to a peasant on February 23rd is the height of cynicism. In general, I would not recommend giving me standard perfumery, razor-and-sock products, and already a whole box is generally the edge. The fact is that I have reached the age and level of prosperity that I can buy socks, shampoo, and aftershave lotion for myself. Moreover, you still don’t know which one I need.

Instead, you can give me a samurai sword, I really will be very happy)

It is believed that the first 40 years of childhood are the most difficult in the boy’s life. Therefore, I would recommend that ladies approach the choice of a gift precisely from the point of view of gaiety. We love when it’s fun, we love toys. And not necessarily big and expensive, like Toyota Sequoias, funny little things will delight us too.

1. Anything, if only radio-controlled

Quadrocopters, cars, helicopters, airplanes – it’s all the same, if only it would go and fly. Last year, the boys and I did not wait on February 23rd and threw themselves into a radio-controlled “corn truck”. True, the plane crashed that evening, because the three of us, being pretty chauffés, did not come up with anything better than launching it right in the office. Having made a couple of worthy circles in the negotiation room, the apparatus climbed into the wall. Curtain.

2. Yes, you are dangerous!

War games are the last century. Now you can play the zombie apocalypse. And so that you are not one of the first to get rid of, it would be nice to get some kind of weapon. At the beginning of the post, I already hinted that I would not give up the samurai sword in order to shred imaginary zombies in my free time. It will be special chic if you give your cavalier a crossbow a la Daryl Dixon – he will piss boiling water, I give a tooth. However, before this you need to make sure that your guy is not an idiot and does not put a crossbow bolt between anyone’s ears, including himself.

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