Outdoor Boxing Punching Bag

Inflatable toy DoJo

Pneumatic punching bag is designed to train the speed characteristics of the impact: testing the strength, stiffness and accuracy of the blows.

The pneumatic pear is a simulator for boxing, drop-shaped, pear-shaped or spherical in shape with an inflatable latex chamber and fasteners for installation on a special water-filling (filling) platform. Performance material – imitation leather.

The name of this species comes from the fact that the pear is filled not with rubber crumbs and rags, but with air, hence the name pneumatic punching bag.

This punching bag is divided into 2 types:

fastened at one end to a special platform is pulled between two elastic cords.

But in that and in another form, it retains its main function – springy stillness.

A pneumatic punching bag is used to produce a quick and sharp punch. Here, power does not play a major role, the main thing that is necessary for training on this punching bag is speed and accuracy.

Also, this punching bag will help you work out the reaction and bundles with biases.

Characteristics and description: designed to work out strength, rigidity and accuracy of impacts — for stability, the stand at its base is filled with water or sand, diameter of the support: 44 cm-diameter of the pear: 20 cm — height adjustable: 121-146 cm — the pump is included in the package.

For stability, the base of the platform rack is filled with water or sand.

The photo and video below shows a punching bag punching floor air on a water-loading platform 14388E:

The punching bag is a boxer floor air with a base filled with water or sand, can move freely, allowing you to strike from all sides. And if necessary, such a floor pear can be removed in a corner where it will not bother anyone.

Another advantage that makes pears floor and boxing bags suitable for everyone is the ability to adjust their height. Children, adolescents, fragile short women – now anyone can boxing.

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