Pear Children

Pear Children's N60-100

An early-summer variety of selection of VSTISP obtained from the intersection of interspecific hybrid No. 8 with Duchess summer. Authors: Yu. A. Petrov, N.V. Efimova. Distributed in private gardens of Moscow and neighboring regions. Zoned in the Central region.

A tree at a young age with a high-spherical, then a pyramidal crown, formed by strong few branches with frequently placed annuli, on which fruiting is concentrated.

Shoots are medium, fairly thick, straight, light brown (olive yellow). The leaves are medium, smooth, with small-bent edges raised up. Petioles with small stipules.

Fruits are below average, weighing 60-80 g, short pear-shaped, with elevations (pearls) around the calyx. The surface is uneven. The main color is light yellow, the integument is a pinkish-orange blush. The peduncle is of medium length and thickness. Calyx is middle, closed over a small telescope. Seed chambers closed, with well-made brown seeds. There is no axial cavity. The pulp is creamy, juicy, sweet, of excellent taste. By ripening, the fruits are early summer. Ripening is not simultaneous (from late July to mid-August). Fruits are good for fresh consumption and processing, stored in the refrigerator for about a month. Beginning of fruiting – for 4-5 years (from the year of growth in the nursery). Harvests are good and regular. Winter hardiness of the tree is high, at the level of average Russian varieties. The variety is resistant to fungal diseases.

Advantages of the variety: high environmental sustainability, good yields, high consumer qualities of the fruit, early ripening.

The disadvantages of the variety: the small size of the fruit, the exactingness of the tree for forming and reducing pruning.

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