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SEVEROBAYKALSK, Mar 7 – RIA News. A schoolgirl from a small town in the north of Lake Baikal, Diana Balandina, by age 16, has already become the world champion in kickboxing and the winner of many competitions. On the eve of International Women’s Day, she told RIA Novosti what girls should go to this dangerous sport about fights with her brother and love for sweets.

World champion

Diana is 16 years old, and six of them are engaged in kickboxing, training at the S-3 Martial Arts Club in Severobaikalsk. Diana is a candidate for master of sports, and her main achievements are a victory in the 2016 World Championship in Dublin (Ireland) in the junior category, up to 56 kilograms and a full contact section with low kick and a victory at the Russian Championship 2016 in the full-contact section with low-kick in the age category junior juniors.

In addition, the athlete took third place in the Championship of Russia in 2015, she is also a three-time silver medalist of the Siberian Federal District and a two-time winner of the Siberian Cup. In May, Diana goes to the Championship of Russia —2017 in Kaliningrad, where she expects to achieve serious results.

Diana Balandina with her coach. Archive photo

All children – in sports

Kickboxing Diana began at 10 years old. “My brother should have been registered in this club, and my mother told me to try it too. I remember that for the first six months I liked walking, and then – my grandmother told me – I resisted. Then my mother said:“ Walk for two years, and do what you want at least drop it. ”“ But in the end I liked it, ”says Diana.

Now relatives are ambivalent about the fact that Diana is seriously engaged in kickboxing. Grandmother is against it, because she is worried that her granddaughter may be injured, her mother is calm, and her father is in favor: he says that you need to play sports. The younger brother of Diana Lyova, who is now 12 years old, began to study at the club in the same year as his sister, now he also takes part in competitions and takes prizes. But the family does not intend to dwell on this – Diana has another younger brother.

“We want the youngest to be thrown to us (in the club – approx.), He is now 6 years old, we’ll give up from 7 years old,” the athlete says.

How to Choose a Boxing Bag

Today, many companies

Bags For boxing, karate, kickboxing, grappling are used for practicing blows. Boxing bags are a mandatory projectile in specialized sports sections, they are also purchased for sports clubs, fitness centers, gyms, and are used for home training. This projectile is needed not only for those who are professionally engaged in boxing and martial arts, but also for amateurs, since exercises with a bag develop endurance and train the cardiovascular system.

Features of boxing bags

A boxing shell called a bag is essentially a stuffed bag. Its external part is made of various materials. The most durable is genuine leather, which has one drawback – high price. Artificial materials – vinyl, PVC wear out faster, but at the same time look presentable, like leather. Economical and reliable bags made of awning and tarpaulin. Both of these materials are strong and thick fabrics with special impregnation.

The life and the correct stiffness of the projectile depend on the packing. A bag full of sand is too hard; handling it can cause injury to the hand. Rag stuffing is, on the contrary, too soft, but suitable for children. Apply mixed packing, combining rags with sand, tyrsu (plant material) with sand. The best option is a rubber crumb that does not fall off, does not rot and, therefore, lasts a long time.

Types of bags by weight

Lungs – 5-30 kg. Suitable for children, adults are used to develop the speed of strokes. Medium – 30-60 kg. It is used for training punches, suitable for home, as they are relatively small in size. Heavy – from 60 kg and above. They are used mainly in halls, they allow practicing punches and kicks.

How to Learn Boxing

How to learn to fight a girl

A couple of days ago, I trained two boxers in the ring and watched the same scenario for the thousandth time. One fighter, striking many blows, rushed forward, and the other retreated, fighting off a long jab. This second one tried to keep his perfect boxing technique, but could not cope with the pressure of the opponent-brawler.

I begged this boxer to stop beating off the jab and start giving back. When the sparring was over, he asked me: “Why is my opponent winning?”

And this is what I answered him …

You can’t fight. You don’t know how to go for an exchange with blows and you prefer to run away than to strike. Your opponent kicks your ass because he is beating, and you are not. You must use your skills for battle, and not to avoid it. In short, you need to learn how to fight.

What is the difference between a “brawler” and a boxer? Answer: no.

This is boxing. Boxing and fighting are essentially the same thing. Many attribute boxers and “brawlers” to different styles, saying that the boxer is more skilled and the brawler is more aggressive.

In fact, these terms are relative. Take two of the fighters of different skill levels and you will see that one of them will look more like a boxer, and the other will look like a “brawler”. The Brawler will seem more aggressive as he tries to deliver more hits. A boxer will seem like a fighter who prefers defense, because he already knows how to strike.

The main goals of the fighter:

attack counterattack (defense + skills + attack)

The main goal is the attack. When you know how to beat, then you can think about using protection and other skills and abilities that will help in the attack. The goal of the “brawler” is an attack. The boxer is one step higher, because tries to attack and defend. When I see that my opponent is better than me in battle, I try to organize an exchange of blows. I concentrate on defense only when I know that I can beat my opponent.

Training Program Menny Pacquiao

David Haye's training routine

The legendary boxer and world champion in eight weight categories, Manny Pacquiao, a month ago, announced his retirement from boxing.

This happened on April 9, 2016 in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) after the third fight against American boxer Timothy Bradley, where Pacman won a landslide victory.

“I want to be with my family and serve my people, so I decided to end my career in professional boxing. Now, nothing has changed, although I’ve been outside boxing for a few days – we’ll see how I can cope with the new experience, but so far I have no plans to return to the ring, ”Pacquiao said.

We can definitely say that Manny Pacqui will forever go down in boxing history not only as a superstar and champion, but also as one of the most gallant boxers. His behavior in the ring, and especially outside it, is a special topic. The fact is that the boxer is a very dedicated Christian who believes not only in his heart, but also in every possible way demonstrates his love for Jesus Christ with his words and deeds.

After completing his sports career, Manny Pacquiao planned to take up politics to improve the lives of people in his country. His life vision and special direction of the political program is the fight against poverty.

Today, global media reported that Manny Pacquiao was elected to the Senate of the Philippines. The 37-year-old athlete scored more than 15.5 million votes and took seventh place among 12 people who received seats in the Senate. We wish him God’s blessing in a new field so that the Lord continues to use this man for His glory.

To be a Christian means to accept Christ as your Savior, your God. Therefore you are called christian. If you take the word Christ, only “ian” will remain and that means “I am nothing”.

If I died last year or in the last two years, I’m sure I would go straight to hell … I believe in Him 100 percent, but until that time I was the devil’s lawyer.

Outfit for Mma

MMA store in Moscow Khmuskul

The online store “MMA Empire” offers equipment for athletes who are just starting to train, as well as for high-class professionals. Among the presented brands are such global manufacturers as M-1, BadBoy, Venum, Everlast and Hayabusa. Not so long ago, the sports world was overwhelmed by mixed martial arts, combining different schools, directions and combat techniques. MMA is a spectacular sport that has spread throughout the world, and Russia is no exception. Competitions are held at a high level, tournaments are broadcast and organized, large federations are born. Most sports clubs have already managed to open mix-fight sections, and those who want to become their participants will inevitably face the same question – what should be the correct MMA clothing for training?

Undoubtedly, the equipment of any MMA wrestler begins with the purchase of gloves that are. have significant differences from classic boxing gloves in both size and design. MMA gloves are special finger pads. Professional athletes use lightweight 4-ounce gloves; fans are advised to purchase 6-ounce items. Only comfortable and convenient gloves will allow you to properly strike, so their choice is largely individual. It should be noted that MMA equipment has its own characteristics. So, for example, shorts are sewn specially taking into account the specifics of the struggle, so there are no buttons and pockets on them that you can catch on. At the same time, the elastic of the belt should be strong, reliable in order to fix the shorts at the waist, preventing them from slipping during the fight. Rubberized inserts are also used for this purpose. The design of MMA shorts also allows you to wear extra inguinal protection.

Throughout the world, MMA is recognized as the toughest sport, and it is not surprising that an athlete should protect himself as much as possible from possible injuries. The head especially needs this, so buying a helmet is not a whim, but really a necessity. The main function of the training helmet, as in all sports, is to protect the head from shaking. The helmets presented in our store are made of leather or leatherette. To achieve the most accurate kicks, you will need special shin protection, as well as a mouthpiece, bandages and much more, which you can easily find in the catalog offered by the MMA Empire MMA store.

Boxing Receptions

for beginners
I showed Kolya basic boxing tricks

Former world champion seriously set to regain his title

– Will you part with Alexander Bakhtin, your current ward?

– No. But transporting Sasha from Japan has not yet been possible. There is simply no money for it. First

but you need to find a sponsor. I’m ready to work with two boxers at once. Once I trained both Orzubek Nazarov and Yuri Arbachakov at the same time, and everything worked out.

– Have you followed Valuev’s battles over the years?

– Yes. His technique suffers. Neither Shalaev nor Gabrielyan taught Kolya. But when he became the world champion, he began to brazenly box. Kolya has a winner spirit.

– And how do you assess the defeat from Chagaev?

– Chagaev is not the strongest opponent. Valuev allowed such annoying bloopers that made me sick. A small Uzbek dived under giant Kolya and beat him like a child.

– How is the training going now?

– We work every day. There is not much time left until the September battle.

I showed Nikolai an elementary school of boxing. He taught the simplest techniques – how to switch to the left, to the right. Valuev is very worried that he did not know these basics before. He misallocates his body and muscles. We will develop automatism, then Kolya will have his own battle pattern.

– Already started to prepare Kolya for a fight with the Canadian Bergeron?

– Yes. But I don’t know much about Bergeron. But I know the American boxing style and I can say that their team will not come up with anything new. The level of Russian boxing is still much higher. If Kohl learns to box artfully and variably in three months, then he will surely win and in three or four fights will be able to regain the world title.

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Boxing Defense

14 Protection in boxing

Sharp blows, precisely aimed at strictly defined places on the body, can have a knockout effect, i.e., lead the boxer to a short-term loss of combat capability. The most vulnerable places on the body are (Fig. 29): lower jaw – 1, lateral surface of the neck ( region of the carotid artery) – 2, chest on the left (region of the heart) – 3, upper abdomen (region of the solar plexus) – 4 and right hypochondrium (region of the liver) – 5.

Fig. 29. The most vulnerable places for blows on the body of a boxer.

Each boxer at all moments of the fight must be able to especially carefully protect the named places. Classification of boxing defenses. You can avoid hitting the waste back and to the side, tilting the body and parrying blows with your hands. Almost all of the protective actions allowed by the rules are exhausted by these protective equipment, which has been identified by many years of boxing practice. In the boxing technique, five main types of protection are distinguished (Fig. 30): stand and rebound (with hand movements), slope and dive (with body movements) and leaving (with movements) legs). In parentheses are indicated only the basic movements when performing protection. It should be remembered that none of the known defenses is unthinkable without a coordinated combination of movements of the arms, legs and body. All these types of defenses, like blows, are structurally different. Each type of protection is performed in a certain way. For example, you can substitute the palm or the back of the hand, the shoulder or the bent arm pressed to the body under the opponent’s fist, repel the blow with the left hand to the left and the right –– deviate from the blow to the right, left, back –– make a dive under the opponent’s beating hand to the right and left –– leave from a strike a step back or to the side. This or another method of defense depends on the type of strike, on which hand the enemy strikes, on the target chosen by the opponent to strike (head, trunk). So, diving and slope protection is used exclusively from blows to the head. The main role in choosing the means of defense in a fight is played by the tactical intentions of the boxer. Boxing rules and sporting ethics require the participants of the battle to use cleanliness of techniques in any competition conditions, oblige the boxer not to use prohibited means of defense (grab the opponent’s hands, hold them and strike at this time ) The training of a boxer should be based on the means of protection accepted and permitted in boxing. In boxing sports equipment, protection methods that turn boxing into a fight cannot be allowed. Systematization of defenses. Having determined the basic boxing attacks and all the rational ways to defend against them, the trainer must bring the protective actions into a harmonious system.

Kickboxing Technique


Today marks a wonderful holiday, Defender of the Fatherland Day! On this day, we honor the military, sailors, pilots, all those on whom the security of our country depends. All those thanks to whom the knees begin to tremble at the adversary and the sphincter is tightened at the mention of the Russian army. And also those who are fighting terrorism in Syria in order to protect our country from danger in advance!

And now we finish the official part and move on to the most pleasant – gifts!))

Presenting a box of socks to a peasant on February 23rd is the height of cynicism. In general, I would not recommend giving me standard perfumery, razor-and-sock products, and already a whole box is generally the edge. The fact is that I have reached the age and level of prosperity that I can buy socks, shampoo, and aftershave lotion for myself. Moreover, you still don’t know which one I need.

Instead, you can give me a samurai sword, I really will be very happy)

It is believed that the first 40 years of childhood are the most difficult in the boy’s life. Therefore, I would recommend that ladies approach the choice of a gift precisely from the point of view of gaiety. We love when it’s fun, we love toys. And not necessarily big and expensive, like Toyota Sequoias, funny little things will delight us too.

1. Anything, if only radio-controlled

Quadrocopters, cars, helicopters, airplanes – it’s all the same, if only it would go and fly. Last year, the boys and I did not wait on February 23rd and threw themselves into a radio-controlled “corn truck”. True, the plane crashed that evening, because the three of us, being pretty chauffés, did not come up with anything better than launching it right in the office. Having made a couple of worthy circles in the negotiation room, the apparatus climbed into the wall. Curtain.

2. Yes, you are dangerous!

War games are the last century. Now you can play the zombie apocalypse. And so that you are not one of the first to get rid of, it would be nice to get some kind of weapon. At the beginning of the post, I already hinted that I would not give up the samurai sword in order to shred imaginary zombies in my free time. It will be special chic if you give your cavalier a crossbow a la Daryl Dixon – he will piss boiling water, I give a tooth. However, before this you need to make sure that your guy is not an idiot and does not put a crossbow bolt between anyone’s ears, including himself.

Boxing Equipment

In my opinion, the appearance is not

Boxers spend their fights in the ring ..

The ring is a square platform with sides from 5 to 6 m, bounded on all sides by three or four rows of ropes.

Ropes about 2.5–3 cm thick are stretched tightly between the four corner posts and are attached to the posts with metal extensions that allow the ropes to be pulled.

The distance between the corners of the ropes and the pole should be 50-60 cm.

Metal extensions in the corners are necessarily covered by pillows of a certain shape, having removable covers.


The most common shell that allows a boxer to improve his skills is considered to be a boxing bag.

A boxing bag is used for exercises aimed mainly at developing the strength and stiffness of a blow.

It is most convenient to practice on the bag direct and side impacts, as well as blows from below, designed in the body of the enemy.

The outer bag cover is made of thick leather, tarpaulin or other dense material.

The height of the bag can vary from 80 cm to 1, 2 m, diameter from 35 to 55 cm, weight from 30 to 50-60 kg.

The bag can be filled with plastic wrap, rags, sawdust, dry peas, etc., but it is better if it has a rod-placed inside it is another, smaller diameter, bag filled with sand.

Regardless of whether the bag is filled or the space between the small bag and the inner walls of the big bag, for greater density and elasticity, a felt should be laid under the surface of the outer bag.


A punching bag, like a punch bag, serves to develop the strength and rigidity of strikes.

A punching bag is a leather bag made (stitched) in the shape of a punching bag, which allows the boxer to work out blows directed from the bottom to the opponent’s head in addition to practicing direct and side impacts.

The punching bag is filled with the same materials as the punch bag.

A punching bag is suspended at the level of the head of the boxer working on it.

Everlast Shell Gloves

Everlast Shell Gloves

EVERLAST VINTAGE 5302U shell gloves for testing the strength and accuracy of impact on shells have the original design of 1910. The outer coating of the gloves is made of durable and high-quality synthetic leather, which is resistant to abrasion and does not crack during operation. The inner, dense foam filling guarantees effective hand protection when practicing impacts. The gloves have a pre-curved cut and open thumb. For additional ventilation of the hands, there are perforated holes in the palm of the hand. The retaining bandage is wrapped around the wrist and fastened with Velcro, stabilizing the wrist and tightly fixing the glove on the hand.

Dimensions and Package Weight: Dimensions (L x W x H): ~ 150 x 350 x 70 mm. Weight: ~ 0.15 kg.

For a quick search, you can use the STOCK IN STORES button by selecting the desired characteristic. The availability of goods by shops is shown to the right of the store name in the drop-down menu.


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On the projectile gloves there is no additional fixation of the wrist, which allows him to feel the moments when the fist comes into contact with the bag. Official representative of the product in Russia. Lightweight, weight usually does not exceed 8 oz. The projectile gloves for boxing have a flat shape, for which they are called “pancakes” or “cues »Shell gloves are used to practice blows on pears and bags. They not only provide effective training, but also prevent possible injuries.

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