Pear for Home

How to hang a pear at home

A narrow waist and wide hips are clear signs of a pear. To cope with problem areas, you will have to make a lot of efforts and work in two directions: play sports and eat right. The main areas of work are the hips, buttocks and abdomen.

Diet for the type of figure “pear”

It is noted that women with this type of figure are more sensitive to different stressful situations, so they often seize a bad mood with goodies. The diet in this case should be low in fat, not more than 30% of the total calorie content. Include dairy, poultry, and lean meats and fish in your diet. You need to try every day to eat fresh fruits, but not sweet, and vegetables with a lot of fiber.

How to lose weight in the legs, if the figure – “pear” – exercises

Wall Pears

Boxing bags, pears

A boxing bag is simply necessary for practicing and staging strikes used by a fighter in most types of martial arts. Punching a boxing bag can be done with hands and feet. A boxing bag is selected according to various parameters, such as the parameters of a fighter (height, weight), use of the bag only for arms or at the same time for arms and legs, for the gym or for the house, etc. From the variety of boxing bags, pears, wall pillows or mannequins we sell, you can choose the most necessary equipment for gyms or training at home.

For boxing and martial arts, boxing bags, wall pillows, pears are required. In addition to these accessories, extensions, fasteners, chains are required. Everything you need for an effective workout is in Kingboxer.

Today you can order:

boxing bags (pendant and floor) -punching bags (on belts and stretch marks) -pillows for mounting on the wall.

Green Hill boxing bags are especially popular among buyers. There are options for pros and beginners, made of artificial and genuine leather, soft and hard. Sizes vary. You can order Green Hill boxing bags for sections:

In addition to the Kingboxer virtual store, you can visit our point of sale in Moscow. Come check the goods in practice. We will deliver the purchase to any capital address, to any city in the Moscow region. It is possible to receive an order by mail. Convenient payment methods. We give professional advice on choosing accessories by phone. Seek good advice! We have no breaks and days off. Every day from 10 to 19 hours we are at your service.

Punching Bag Filler

baby as a filler for

Fill a boxing bag with many materials. Some of them cost almost nothing, others have a very impressive cost. But besides that, all materials for packing a boxing bag have their advantages and disadvantages.

Types of Fillers

Manufacturers for packing bags usually use:

tanning wastes — rags of various fabrics or batting (rags) —tyrsu — rubber crumb — sawdust — sand — expanded clay — granules of polyethylene.

House craftsmen at times use foam rubber, cotton-like heat insulators, rugged tires and old things. In principle, all of these fillers are ordinary household waste that has the same properties as industrial fillers. The only difference is that it is cheaper and easier for the manufacturer to conclude a contract for the supply of waste with a tanning workshop or a clothing factory than collecting old mattresses and clothes at home.

Punching Bag Requirements

A good projectile should have the following qualities: moderate softness, ability to quickly restore shape, not too large mass, but decent mass so as not to hang out, and the ability to absorb shock loads. During training, arms and legs should bounce off the projectile, but not be injured. A good selection of punching bags with various fillers can be found on the site …

Distinctive features of fillers

Leather is considered one of the best fillers, it has an optimal weight and shock-absorbing properties, sufficient softness and resistance to crushing. Since the skin is quite tough, it is often supplemented (with a rag) with a cotton or synthetic fabric or scraps of insulation for clothes. Even without skin, these materials can hold volume and retain their properties for years, even with the most intense workouts.

The rubber crumb combines all the advantages of leather and rags and the optimal mass, if the pear seems too light, its mass is “finished” with sand. Used tires can become a home replacement, but they need to be finely crushed to a size of 1-1, 5 mm. Polyethylene granules have the same properties, but are more difficult to find on sale.

Filling out of sand is the cheapest and most inconvenient option; small particles quickly get off and the shell turns into stone. Although, if necessary, this material is used together with others to increase mass. Tyrsa and sawdust have the same disadvantages as sand.

Expanded clay is used when sufficiently solid filling is required. Due to the stiffness on it, sensitivity in fists and other places during training is faster lost. Lightness, if necessary, is compensated by the addition of sand.

Gloves for Combat

Murat Gassiev after the fight with Denis Lebedev © Sergey Fadeichev / TASS, archive

MOSCOW, January 7. / TASS /. The world champion according to the International Boxing Federation (IBF) in the weight category up to 90, 71 kg, Russian Murat Gassiev will auction his gloves from a victorious battle against compatriot Denis Lebedev. Gassiev announced this on his page on the social network Instagram.

“My friends and I want to revive past worthy traditions and on January 24 at the Palace of Pioneers in Vladikavkaz we will organize a charity concert, during which an auction will be held where boxing gloves and other equipment from my champion match will be exhibited on December 3. All the funds raised will go to help children and gifted youth, “said Gassiev.

Gassiev in early December defeated Lebedev on points and won the IBF title. On account of the 23-year-old Russian 24 victories (17 by KO) and not a single defeat.

Outdoor Boxing Punching Bag

Inflatable toy DoJo

Pneumatic punching bag is designed to train the speed characteristics of the impact: testing the strength, stiffness and accuracy of the blows.

The pneumatic pear is a simulator for boxing, drop-shaped, pear-shaped or spherical in shape with an inflatable latex chamber and fasteners for installation on a special water-filling (filling) platform. Performance material – imitation leather.

The name of this species comes from the fact that the pear is filled not with rubber crumbs and rags, but with air, hence the name pneumatic punching bag.

This punching bag is divided into 2 types:

fastened at one end to a special platform is pulled between two elastic cords.

But in that and in another form, it retains its main function – springy stillness.

A pneumatic punching bag is used to produce a quick and sharp punch. Here, power does not play a major role, the main thing that is necessary for training on this punching bag is speed and accuracy.

Also, this punching bag will help you work out the reaction and bundles with biases.

Characteristics and description: designed to work out strength, rigidity and accuracy of impacts — for stability, the stand at its base is filled with water or sand, diameter of the support: 44 cm-diameter of the pear: 20 cm — height adjustable: 121-146 cm — the pump is included in the package.

For stability, the base of the platform rack is filled with water or sand.

The photo and video below shows a punching bag punching floor air on a water-loading platform 14388E:

The punching bag is a boxer floor air with a base filled with water or sand, can move freely, allowing you to strike from all sides. And if necessary, such a floor pear can be removed in a corner where it will not bother anyone.

Another advantage that makes pears floor and boxing bags suitable for everyone is the ability to adjust their height. Children, adolescents, fragile short women – now anyone can boxing.

Martial Arts Shoes

Martial Arts Shoes Prior

In our online store of equipment for boxing and martial arts, shoes for wrestling (sambovka) and shoes for boxing (boxers) are presented.

Shoes are the main part of a fighter’s equipment. Manufacturers of Paffen Sport, Nike, ATAKA, Raja Boxing, Performance, Lonsdale are developing models for boxing, martial arts. Demonstration of speed, dexterity, skills and the best fighting qualities is possible only if comfortable, proper shoes are worn. We offer to order online wrestling shoes, sneakers, boxers of leading brands.

Choose the shoes of a fighter

The right shoes are safety, comfort, compliance with the requirements of sports organizations. Good fixation on the leg, tight fit prevent dislocations, sprains. The outsole ensures maximum traction. Tall models support the ankles, ankle while moving.

Boxers, sambovka sew mainly from leather, suede. Special inserts are a good air exchange, timely removal of moisture. Fighter’s shoes should have a perfect fit. KingBoxer catalog contains standard adult sizes.

Buy shoes for boxing and martial arts

Advantages of ordering at KingBoxer:

We send sports shoes by Russian Post to anywhere in the Russian Federation. KingBoxer courier service operates in Moscow, near Moscow. Urgent delivery is possible.

Boxing Gloves Photos

Khan Boxing Gloves



MOSCOW, October 6 – RIA News. The story of the battles of children at the mixed martial arts tournament (MMA, Mixed Martial Arts) in Grozny caused a great resonance in society and led to a discussion about how acceptable it is to conduct children’s fights and broadcast them live.

On Tuesday, the ten-year-old son of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, Ahmad won by knockout in a fight at the mixed martial arts tournament in Grozny in 14 seconds. Also, two of his other sons – Eli and Adam – defeated their rivals in show fights in the weight categories up to 27 and 35 kilograms, respectively. The President of the MMA Union of Russia Fedor Emelianenko condemned the fights with the participation of children, and also stated that children under 12 years old are not allowed to speak at all according to the rules of the MMA.

While sports officials and the children’s ombudsman understand what happened, the discussion threatens to result in a conflict: not all opponents of Emelianenko were able to express their position with restraint and without a personal identity, some could not resist direct insults.

Emelianenko: children’s fights in Grozny are unacceptable

The debate about whether it is permissible to conduct fights in MMA with the participation of children was initiated by the president of the MMA Union of Russia Fedor Emelianenko, who condemned the fights involving children. In his Instagram account, Emelianenko noted that the fights in Grozny were declared as indicative, but “in fact, the audience saw real fights.”

“According to the official rules of the sport recognized by the Russian Ministry of Sports, athletes under the age of 21 must enter the ring wearing a helmet, pads, and under 12 years old also in a rash guard or a T-shirt. In addition, there are certain restrictions for age groups under the age of 21. Fights were conducted according to the rules that exist for adult professional athletes, which is not suitable for children, “wrote Emelianenko.

However, he noted that children under 12 years of age under the rules of MMA are not allowed to speak at all.

“What happened yesterday (on Tuesday – ed.) At the tournament in Grozny is unacceptable, and moreover, this cannot be justified,” added the president of the MMA Union of Russia.

Emelianenko was also outraged by the fact that the children’s battles were broadcast live on the Match! Fighter television channel.

“I’m not talking about the fact that children under 12 are not even allowed into the hall as spectators, but here the kids, who are 8 years old, beat each other in front of joyful adults. Is it really so important for everyone to organize a show to the detriment of children’s health ?! “He wrote.

Emelianenko noted that the head of the republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, was watching the fighting and asked if he had been informed that “fighting is not allowed for children under 12 years of age?”

Equipment Store


For everyone who is only interested in hockey and figure skating or who are already actively involved in these sports, the online store Hockey Without Borders offers its services. Choosing such hobbies, you need to be prepared for high speeds, falls, power tricks and difficult tricks.

To take the first steps on the ice and be ready for anything, you should get high-quality skates, good clubs and modern protective equipment: a helmet, a bib, elbow pads and shields. New hockey equipment from world wide brands in a wide assortment are presented here. Our consultants will help you choose the right size, because both the shape and the skates should be comfortable. Only when you feel safe and free can you enjoy playing and riding.

Sports equipment for hockey and other sports

Skates and stick are the main attributes of hockey. Currently, there is fierce competition between manufacturers of hockey attributes. Companies are constantly working on improving equipment, surprising hockey fans with new products from year to year – lighter and more reliable models of clubs and skates.

We constantly monitor the activities of manufacturers whose products are presented with us, so our customers can count on the latest hockey equipment and protection innovations that appear on the market.

By the way, with the advent of new materials, prices for models released before this are reduced, so every hockey player will be able to find products in us that will satisfy the requirements for quality, external design, cost.

Skates Bauer, CCM, Graf over time become only better. Their virtually weightless shoes securely fix the ankle and provide good protection against washer impact. The strength of the blade and its ability to hold sharpening are constantly increasing. It should be noted that real and synthetic ice are two big differences that have a direct impact on the choice of skates, therefore, this should not be forgotten.

Sticks are characterized by lightness, strength and flexibility. Their design features for each athlete are individual. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of this equipment, so there should be no problems with choosing the right product.

How to Make a Boxing Punching Bag

Do-it-yourself bag anchor

Learn to take the right pose. Spread your legs further than shoulder width apart. If you are right-handed, lean the left side of the torso toward the pear and lift the heel of the right leg. If you’re left-handed, do the opposite. Bend your knees slightly. Pull your hands to your face without lifting your shoulders and elbows.

Learn to move around. During the exercises you will not stand in one position – you will circle around the pear. Go around the pear – do not jump or cross your legs. Remember to keep your legs slightly bent and your arms close to your face.

Hit the pear correctly. It is important to strike at the pear, and not push it. During training, you need to make sharp strikes, and not try to break through the target through. Sharp actions allow you to concentrate energy due to strong shocks and fast movements. Unless otherwise struck, all the force of the impact will go to the wrist.

Learn to jab. Take a starting position. Squeeze your hand into a fist, putting your thumb on the other fingers. If you’re right-handed, extend your left hand forward; if you’re left-handed, your right. When you hit, keep your wrist in a straight position, and your hand – slightly bent at the elbow. Return your hand to its original position.

Learn cross-country. You will need to make a hit with your right hand (or with your left if you’re left-handed). Take a starting position. Turn on the heel of the right foot and turn the leg and thigh. Extend your arm at the same time. The right hand should be slightly bent at the elbow. Keep your other hand against your face for protection. Then return the arm, thigh, leg and heel to their original position.

Master the hook. Take the starting position. Turn on the heel of your left foot if you’re right handed. Then turn through your leg and thigh. At the same time, extend your left hand horizontally past the body. Raise your elbow slightly. Keep your right hand against your face for protection. Take your hand back to its original position.

Try a combination of punches. A combination of strokes is a combination of two strokes. First jab, and then immediately after returning to its original position – cross. Return to starting position.

Learn to do three hits. You will need to perform three hits in succession. First you need to jab, then hook, and at the end – cross.

Boxer Outfit

Boxer Outfit

The content of the article

Age and other restrictions.

In amateur boxing, there are age restrictions. Athletes not younger than 17 and not older than 34 years old can take part in international competitions held under the auspices of AIBA. Usually, by the age of 34, many boxers leave a big sport or become professionals. (By the way, you can’t go back to amateurs, even if age allows.)

Professionals do not have such restrictions, the only criterion is the physical condition of the boxer. George Foreman left boxing in 1977, but returned in 1980 at the age of 40. Two years later, having spent 24 fights during this time, he again became the world champion, knocking out in the 12th round of 25-year-old Michael Murrer. But this is rather a happy exception to the rule. Despite all the precautions and control by doctors, injuries in boxing, especially professional boxing, are quite common. The most common are nose fractures and dissection of the superciliary arches. Missed blows to the head, leading to a knockdown, and even more so to a knockout, is always a concussion. There are known cases of death of boxers from hemorrhage in the brain directly in the ring. From frequent blows to the head, retinal detachment may begin. The consequences of once missed strikes can affect even after the boxer ended his sports career. So, the great Mohammed Ali who left the ring (before the adoption of Islam, he was named Cassius Clay) began to develop Parkinson’s disease.

During breaks between rounds, professionals are allowed to not only make lead lotions for bruises, but also to lubricate their face with petroleum jelly – amateurs are forbidden to use any “foreign substances”.

They are also forbidden to wear a beard (mustaches are acceptable, but of limited size), hair should not close their eyes. The professionals in this regard have no limits whatsoever.