Welding Shields

3M welding guards, masks

In 1981, we revolutionized the world of welding with the first commercially viable, auto-dimming filter (ADF). Since then, the Speedglas ™ brand and the technology behind it have been the standard that everyone wants. The automatic dimming system allowed welders to significantly increase the comfort, productivity, and quality of welding work, due to the fact that it was no longer necessary to constantly raise and lower the welding shield in preparation for welding, in addition, this technology made it possible to inspect the weld immediately after disconnecting the welding arc. Today Speedglas ™ is the world’s leading brand of personal protective equipment for welders and an essential component of the 3M ™ line of protective equipment.

Auto darkening

The technology used in the 3M ™ Speedglas ™ welding filters provides instant (0, 0001 s) and uniform dimming of the filter in response to the welding arc. This allows the welder to work without hindrance without the need to raise and lower the welding shield, since the automatically dimming filter has excellent visibility and protection both in the darkened and non-darkened state. Even in the darkened position, the filter passes only visible light and reflects ultraviolet and infrared rays, the welder’s vision before exposure to light radiation. The use of automatically dimming filters allows you to increase welding productivity up to 20%.

Expiratory air

The unique expiratory air exhaust system used in the 3M ™ Speedglas ™ welding shields provides moisture and heat removal from the under-mask space and allows you to work comfortably for a long time without experiencing discomfort due to fogging and increased temperature in the under-mask space.

Adjustment of degree of obscuration and delay of brightening of welding filters

Kickboxing technique

kickboxing course benefits

Women’s self-defense, kickboxing + sambo. Fitness center Varyag begins recruitment, in the initial training groups. Tired of classes in the gym? Want something new? Try kickboxing + sambo – such training will not only help you lose weight (you can burn from 125 to 250 calories in half an hour of intensive training) and tone yourself up, but they will also teach you various self-defense techniques, which, in our very turbulent time, will definitely not be superfluous , and, I think, it will be useful to you more than once in the future. Of course, waving arms and legs, inflicting severe blows on the face and various parts of the body – this is not inherent in the fair half of humanity. After all, scars adorn, as is known to a man. But on the other hand, when it comes to self-defense, the opinion of most opponents of female kickboxing + sambo immediately changes to the opposite. What is the secret of such ideal figures? But really! Is this why girls attend fitness clubs !? There is no secret here. Try for a couple of minutes to strike with your feet, especially in the head, and you yourself will understand where the extra calories go. Exercises and kickboxing + sambo technique connect almost all muscle groups to work, thereby improving flexibility and posture. Residents of a metropolis are especially useful to do kickboxing + sambo for preventive purposes. The female representatives suffered a difficult fate, since they are most often subject to psychological pressure from outside, attacks and often experience stressful situations. Exercising will not only help to develop stress resistance, but also save a lot of money to a psychologist.

Kickboxing helmet

Top Ten kickboxing helmet

In kickboxing, the presence of a protective helmet is more relevant than in boxing. Indeed, in this sport, part of the kicks falls directly on the foot. During practice, the presence of a kickboxing helmet may not be necessary, but the simplest training sparring will force you to wear this type of protection for the head. Because a direct hit on the head with the foot, even if special protection is put on it, will certainly lead to injury.

Choosing a kickboxing helmet is a very scrupulous job. Not every helmet will fit the same helmet. It is necessary to correctly choose the type of helmet and size in order to feel comfortable in it.

Before you buy a suitable kickboxing helmet, you need to find out more about the product and its price. Shop FYTER is fully responsible for the quality and the best price for its range of kickboxing gear.