Kickboxing Rules


Kickboxing consists of five sections (disciplines):

Light-contact (light-contact) Semi-contact (semi-contact) Full-contact (full-contact) Full-contact with low-kick or just low-kick (low-kick) Solo compositions

A light contact (“light contact”) is carried out on a 6×6 m ring or on a tatami 8×8 m. Here, light strikes are applied without using force. Hard blows are marked with a warning and, if they continue, with the subsequent disqualification of the athlete. Accordingly, there are no knockouts and victory is awarded by counting the number of hits that have reached the goal. Outfit: long kickboxing pants, helmet, t-shirt with closed shoulders, gloves, burl (mouthpiece), bandage, shin guards, feet (ankle protection, foot lift).

Semi-contact (limited contact) is carried out on the tatami 8×8 m. Strong blows to full contact are prohibited. After each exact hit, the referee stops the bout for scoring. With a difference of 10 points, a victory with “clear advantage” is awarded. Performers are athletes in a kimono with short sleeves. Otherwise, the equipment is the same as with light contact, the difference is only in gloves. The seven-contact uses small gloves, like in karate.

Weight categories for seven and light contact:

Juniors (16-18 years old) and Men (19 years old and older):

57, 63, 69, 74, 79, 84, 89, 94, +94 kg.

Juniors (16-18 years old) and Women (19 years old and older): – 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, +70 kg.

Senior youths (cadets) (13-15 years old) 42, 47, 52, 57, 63, 69, +69 kg.

Senior girls (cadets) (13-15 years): – 42, 46, 50, 55, 60, 65, +65 kg.

Younger boys and girls (10-12 years old): 28, 32, 37, 42, 47, +47 kg.

Full contact (full contact) is carried out in the 6×6 m ring. The equipment is the same as with light contact, only athletes come out with a naked torso (men). In this section, strikes in full force, as well as knockout actions, are permitted. Punches as in boxing. All kicks above the belt plus a hook. Points are scored for each round on a 10: 9 system. A more technical fighter gets 10 points, less – 9.

Home Boxing Training


The combination of step and jump is an effective and common technique in boxing. However, for beginner boxers, mastering it is difficult for her, mainly in terms of coordination of movements. But, as you know, “the road will overpower the going.”

In order to develop these abilities in yourself, there are special exercises that can be performed both in the room and independently at home.

Increased difficulty

The complexity of this technique also lies in the fact that a jump strike is conceived and implemented in a rapidly changing combat situation, with continuous enemy opposition, attacks and counterattacks.

The effectiveness of a jump strike directly depends on the speed and accuracy of its application. The entire body weight should be invested in the blow.

If your opponent is tall and prefers to hit from a long distance, you need to change the situation in the ring in your favor. With the help of a jump, you can reduce the distance, while avoiding, for example, a direct hit with the left hand in the head, which among high athletes often reaches the target and unbalances the defending boxer.

Melee is the most effective method against a tall, long-armed boxer. And this is an effective entry into the close range due to jumps and more bounces, slopes and dives.

Moreover, each strike should be evaluated with lightning speed by its effect on the enemy. Depending on this, to decide on the transition to more decisive actions, that is, strikes on a jump, during the implementation of which biases are important – the main protective arsenal of boxers who prefer active combat at close range. They are most advantageous precisely in a battle with a high enemy working at a long distance.

What is the trick?

When applying jump strikes, a jump is made on two legs, while maintaining the distance between the legs. At a long distance, a leap is made on two legs and immediately a long distance retreat due to a sharp unexpected reduction in distance. This is the “trick” of such attacks.

If we talk about the combination of direct and side impacts, a long straight and side can be inflicted on the jump. But you need to remember that when the enemy is tall or moves well, he often goes on a slope.

Mma Outfit

December | 2012


Judging by a series of recent events, it is safe to say that the next battle of Conor McGregor will take place not in the octagon, but in the ring. A few days after Floyd Mayweather officially announced his resignation, and the T-Mobile arena in Las -Vegasa reserved on June 10 as the date of a probable super fight, UFC president Dana White, who previously denied any outside information about the fight between McGregor and Mayweather, said that he believed in organizing this match:

“I think the battle will take place. It will be a difficult deal, because it involves a lot of people and a lot of big ego. On the other hand, a lot of money is at stake, so I don’t understand how this can not happen.”

In addition, the head of the organization believes that the UFC superstar has a chance in a fight with the legend of professional boxing:

“Conor McGregor is huge, and he’s only 27 years old. He’s in his prime. Floyd is already 40, and he always had problems with lefties, and Conor is just left handed. And Conor hits very hard. When he hits, his opponents fall. Floyd definitely can’t knock him out – I’m sure of that. I’m not saying that Conor can win the boxing match, but all the attendant circumstances make this fight very interesting. “

The American boxer Floyd Mayweather (49-0, 26 KOs), who recently announced his comeback for the fight against Conor McGregor, made another loud statement in his interview:

“No papers have been signed at the moment. But I hope that the fight will take place in June. I would like to give people a spectacle, the world of MMA against the world of boxing. This fight can be organized in Moscow. I would choose Moscow if I were asked now. Only McGregor is my goal. If the fight does not take place with him, I will end my career. “

Types of Pears for Boxing

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The main difference between a punch bag and a punch bag is not only its elongated cylindrical shape, but also its great weight. Manufacturers of sports equipment today offer bags of different sizes and weights. Most often in sports halls you can find boxing bags weighing about 32 kg. They allow you to work on punches and combinations of kicks with hands and feet.

Classification of boxing bags (types):

1) A cylindrical boxing bag (25-45 kg) will help to work out the most diverse types of punches, thanks to the cylinder and the sphere that this bag consists of.

2) Boxing water-filling bag – a boxing bag on a solid, stable base, installed on the floor (ground). It consists of the upper part (bag) and the lower part (base). The upper part is made in the form of a mannequin or a standard leather bag, like a punching bag. The lower part for projectile stability is filled with water or sand. When filling with sand, the weight of the base is almost 2 times greater than when filling with water, which allows you to apply more powerful blows to the bag. Most floor bags can be height-adjustable relative to the base. The most convenient and safe for training.

3) Children’s floor bag – often made as a bag of durable rubber, inflated with air and decorated with some kind of children’s pattern. Children’s bags are smaller and lighter than bags for adult athletes – the standard sizes for inflatable children’s pears are 30 cm in diameter, 38 cm in diameter, the height of the children’s punching bag is adjustable from 90 to 130 cm.

4) Boxing bag of banana – It was invented for kickboxing so that fighters could work out low kicks, kicks and sweeps. This equipment weighs 90 kg, so it is suitable for building up the strength and power of blows.

5) Bag boxing cone (or “sleeve”) – will be needed when practicing uppercuts and side, direct blows to the head. The cylindrical lower and conical upper planes are impact surfaces.

Kickboxing club

Kickboxing and Boxing Club

The MIX FIGHT EVENTS tournament was held the day before in Spain. The head of the region noted that the Chechen Republican Kickboxing Club “Akhmat” was famous for another convincing victory of its fighter. “In the title fight K1 RULES WKL in the weight category up to 76 kg. Hasan Khaliyev became the world champion. He met with Spaniard Viktor Garulo and won against him in five rounds, thus becoming the owner of a prestigious belt. It should be noted that our fighter interrupted a series of unbeatable fights of the enemy! Victor won 23 victories without a single loss! Victory over him takes on serious significance. Hassan Khaliyev is the repeated champion of Russia, Europe and the world, ”wrote Ramzan Kadyrov.

Boxing Receptions

prohibited boxing rules
TV channel: Fighter Release tags: boxing, master class, Alexander Kolesnikov, Kolesnikov, professional boxing, reception, boxing tricks, Lomakin combination punch in the liver, punch in the liver, combination Lomakin, Lomakin, Sergey Lomakin Training program on professional boxing. Reception The combination of Lomakin will be hit in the liver by Alexander Kolesnikov, professional boxer, world record holder of the Russian Book of Records in boxing, more than 10 years of coaching experience. Views: 1448

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Sambo gloves

Martial Arts Gloves Twins
famous company Green Hill. Velcro fastening for sambo gloves, which allows you to remove and wear them easily and quickly. Sizes are selected according to the volume of the palm: S, M, L or XL. come in red and blue.

All sports gloves are divided into:

1. Combat, for speaking at competitions and everyday sparring.

2. Training, it’s good to practice striking and defense methods.

3. Shell exercises, exercises with bags, pears and legs.

Shell gloves are indispensable equipment for working on shells. Due to the fact that with this type of physical activity, blows are often not delivered directly, at an angle, moreover, the shells are quite stiff, and the blows must be strong, injuries occur. The most common are knuckle corns, displacements, wrist injuries, as the hand is not yet used to holding a fist. Shell gloves prevent all this. In addition, if the shell gloves are of high quality, then there will be no problems with smell. Also this issue is solved using bandages. They absorb sweat perfectly, and after training they just need to be washed.

In the SAMBOvkin online store, Everlast shell gloves are available that are securely fixed with a wide fastener. Additional protection of shell gloves allows you to enjoy doing it for a long time. It should also be noted that shell gloves are made of premium artificial leather.

MMA gloves (mixed martial arts) are also suitable for combat sambo sparring. If you compare gloves for MMA with boxing, they are thinner and lighter. Our Everlast MMA gloves have a curved anatomical shape. The thumb is protected twice, and the palm area is additionally stitched. The finger holes in the MMA gloves are connected, which makes it easier and safer to make tricks. In the manufacture of these gloves for MMA, Everdry technology was used – that is, a material is used that preserves the comfort of the hands, removing moisture and not absorbing it. Inside the MMA glove is a foam of three layers, in addition to shock absorption, shock dispersion, it slows down the process of getting the shell wet. Thus, it will last much longer.

Boxing Outfit

What is necessary

Moscow! 1500₽ + 1000₽Between the filming of the new comedy series “City” for the TNT channel, children in the group are required on an ongoing basis!

Children aged 10-11 years engaged in boxing, the ability to use boxing paraphernalia!

For the role: children in the boxing section.

Filming will take place mainly in the metro area Volgogradsky Prospekt.

MANDATORY DOCUMENTS: Parent: 1.PASSPORT RF2.SNILS3.INN4.BANK CARD 5..DETAILS to a bank card! 6. birth certificate of the child.

The selection will take place in 2 stages: 1) selection by questionnaire: We send 5-10 photos, indicate: name, age, height, size of clothes, size of shoes, and phone number.

2) those who like the photos, we ask you to remove the video card and send it to us!

Attention: the project is designed as you saw at the beginning of the announcement for more than a year. We need responsible, decent people who are ready for relatively permanent employment !!!

Filming will take place both indoors and outdoors, we look forward to a full 12-hour shift.

Payment: 1500 rubles per hand per shift + 1000 rubles per card in case a text appears.

Boxing Trainers

Boxing Trainer DFC TLS-M01

Athletes involved in contact martial arts know how important strength, endurance, quick reaction and coordination of movements are for such sports. And if strikes are strictly forbidden in wrestling or judo, then, for example, in classic or Thai boxing or hand-to-hand fighting, one cannot do without them. The simulator for practicing blows will become an indispensable assistant in the training of athletes. You will learn about its main varieties in this section of the online store.

Punching bag. This exercise machine is stuffed with sand or rubber crumb. The most high-quality and durable models are considered to be covered with leather. Boxing bags vary in size and weight. So, for example, a simulator weighing more than 70 kilograms is optimal for beginner wrestlers. A bag weighing 120 kilograms is designed specifically for professionals.

Water filling simulator. Such a projectile is used to practice single strikes and series. Its main difference from a boxing bag is that water acts as its filler.

Punching bag. This projectile is used by fighters to work out the accuracy and speed of impacts (usually direct and lateral). It is widely used in boxing, karate, kickboxing, etc.

Makivara. In its original form, this shell was an ordinary wooden pillar wrapped in ropes. With his help also practiced blows. Today, makiwara is a rubber cushion fixed to the wall, stuffed with rubber crumb.

Dummy. This projectile is installed on the floor, making it ideal for home use. It can be used both for practicing and for staging a strike.

Affordable price – this is not the only reason to buy a boxing machine in our store

You will need only a few minutes to place an order. You can make a purchase online just in a couple of clicks.

Our customers receive a 5% discount on the entire range in case of repeated contact.

We offer a great option for a gift for any occasion. You can purchase a certificate for the purchase of equipment in our store with a face value of 3,000 rubles.

We are fully confident in the quality of the delivered products. Before shipment, each simulator is tested to identify various defects.

Thanks to the convenient navigation and a catalog with a detailed description of the products, you can easily find the right sports equipment.

Kickboxing training

Features of fitness training

Kickboxing is a martial art that incorporates the most effective elements of eastern and western martial arts. At the same time, it is a modern means of self-defense and a system of loads that allows you to keep yourself in good physical shape.

Kickboxing is based on the ability to be agile, precise in movements and coordinated. Kickboxing training involves the muscles of the whole body. Experts specializing in this sport work in the BOXING ACADEMY: coach of several professional fighters Sergey Kubyshev and multiple world kickboxing champion Alexander Pogorelov.



60 minutes




Scheduled / Individually