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MMA / Hand to Hand Gloves

Boxing gloves

Training Gloves

Training gloves

Boxing gloves – this is perhaps something without which boxing is not possible, without them boxing is not boxing. Indeed, it is boxing gloves that are most needed for training and sparring. They solve two most important tasks, provide protection for the boxer’s hands and protect the opponent’s head. And the quality of boxing equipment directly depends on how successfully these tasks are solved. In addition, it must be understood that modern training gloves for boxing not only carry a protective function, they literally allow the athlete to maximize his talent and potential, to achieve the best results. TITLE boxing gloves are an example of what boxing training gloves should be! Everything is on top here, and the quality of tailoring, and the quality of materials, especially leather, and comfort, and the level of protection, and reliability, and functional versatility, and of course manufacturability! The most popular series TITLE Platinum, TITLE GEL, FIGHTING SPORTS S2 GEL, thanks to the introduced technologies, demonstrate unprecedented protective properties and convenience. If you want to get maximum efficiency from training with maximum protection – your choice is TITLE gloves. Order TITLE or Fighting Sport boxing gloves from us, and we guarantee that you completely agree with all of the above after the first training session.

Boxing Pear in the Apartment

Laysan Utyasheva revealed a secret

Barley to you on this occasion. Headlines and a few news stories.

800 sheep will live

Future stars are lit in the southeast (Aftar zhzhot or the Moscow Inquisition – 850!)

In the Zhytomyr region, a man mocked a woman like a punching bag (Actually, folk wisdom advises: “Love your wife as a soul, shake her like a punching bag”)

In Mari El, an emergency of a local level of anthropogenic character occurred (The news was about an ordinary household fire)

Zauralsky agrarians do not expect mercy from oilmen

A subtitle has been added to the material “The owner of the tundra”: “The motto of geologists:“ Mind and hammer ”

Strong muscles – a healthy country

Ministries in the pool

Young people sharpen feathers (“Stick a feather under your ribs, so that it would be clearer to think about birds”)

Revived mannequins earned a squirrel

Having been injured more than Julius Caesar, the resident of Riga survived

**** Come on, girls! Two girls were remarkable last night – residents of the suburban Emmaus. The day before turned out to be very busy with them – a wedding, a name day, a wake, and all that. In a word, when the young ladies at about 3 o’clock in the morning stopped a taxi at the cinema “Russia” of the regional center, they were pretty tipsy. They asked the driver to take them home to Emmaus through the center, and when the car started, one of the young ladies pulled out a kitchen knife from her sinister menacing shirt, put it down to the taxi driver’s throat and demanded money. Intervening security officers detained the militant girls. The detainees turned out to be two bold girlfriends 18 and 21 years old. Young creatures confidentially observed to the police that “they are there (presumably at Emmaus) all of these (presumably robbers)”. They were brought to the police department in the Proletarsky district for substantive proceedings.

Last night, 50-year-old Yuri K. didn’t reach the house of his native on Rzhevskaya Tver a few hundred meters. And four unknown young people prevented him, who came up and very politely asked for 100 rubles for beer. While the citizen, touched by such a delicate appeal, was getting cash, the company threw him …

Boxer Stance

Sports - combat system

BOXER’S BATTLING STAND – a universal starting position used by a boxer for both offensive and defensive actions.

Being in B. s. b., a boxer can occupy the most advantageous combat positions. B. s. b. allows the boxer to be in constant combat readiness, confidently carry out his intentions and prevent the actions of the enemy. B. s. b. allows the boxer to best focus on the actions of the opponent. During the battle B. s. b. cannot remain the same: the position of the boxer’s arms, legs, torso all the time changes depending on the nature of his preparatory movements. The manner of staying in B. s. b. during the battle, each established boxer is individual, as is his individual manner of battle. This helps him successfully use his physical. and strong-willed qualities. A boxer leading a fight in a regular left-handed stance moves in the ring, turning the left side of the body forward (half-turn to the opponent). This position allows the athlete to cover with his right hand his head (palm) and body (forearm). At the same time, from this position the boxer can carry out strong punches with his right hand. At the boxer who is in left-side B. with. b., the left leg is advanced forward, the weight of the body is evenly distributed on both slightly bent legs. The position of the left hand slightly extended forward allows you to quickly strike straight and other blows.

Boxer fighting stance

The boxer, adhering to the right-handed stance (usually left-handed), stands facing the opponent with the right side of the body forward. This rack is like a mirror image of the left-side rack.

At close range there is a direct danger of getting hit from the enemy. Therefore, the boxer changes B. s. b. In the stand for close combat, it is more assembled, carefully covers the most vulnerable parts of the body.

Boxing Basics

Boxing Legend Roy Jones

As a 24-year-old resident of Salihorsk conquers the boxing Olympus.

In the boxing world, his name is “The Beast” – “The Beast”. He is only 24 years old. But he is already called in America the rising star of boxing and one of the most talented fighters of our time, writes

Ivan Baranchik was born in 1993 in the small city of Amursk, in the Khabarovsk Territory. But when Vanya was still a baby, his parents moved to Salihorsk. In Belarus, Baranchik began to learn the basics of boxing when at the age of 12 he came to the section of the local coach-enthusiast Valery Torzhetsky.

The first big victory came to Ivan in 2009: the 16-year-old boy became the best in the junior world championship. Later there were several championships in Belarus and military service, and in 2014 Ivan decided to go to the pros. The Belarusian spent his first two fights in his homeland. However, a little later Baranchik became part of the American promotion team Fight promotions inc., Which deals with the affairs of many boxers from the former Soviet Union and which is owned by Max Alperovich, who is well-known in boxing circles.

Ivan went to live and train in Brooklyn. And, apparently, the work is arguing. For two years Baranchik spent 12 battles in the States and won all. And 9 victories Baranchik won by knockouts.

For the first time, they started talking about Belarus as an asterisk in March last year. Then Baranchik knocked out at that time the undefeated Nicholas Given. Moreover, Ivan dealt with the opponent very quickly and beautifully – it took only 20 seconds to win, and the defeated Nick crawled under the ropes (fragments of the battle are in the video cut at the very bottom of this post).

Since September 2016 Baranchik spent three fights in which he won important victories by judicial decisions. At first he also plunged the undefeated Chinese Van Shimin, and then two American “Latinos” – Wilbert Lopez and Abel Ramos.

Kickboxing Competitions

May competitions were held

Kickboxing. Photo: press service of the Kickboxing Federation of Primorsky Krai

February 6, PrimaMedia. Champion IC in the city of Lesozavodsk on February 3-5 gathered more than 100 fans and kickboxing fans. All comers watched the spectacular fights of the Championship and the Championship of Primorsky Krai in the full contact section. Competitions were qualifying. The fights were tough, each participant wanted to get into the team of the Primorsky Territory, everyone fought to the end, told PrimaMedia in the press service of the Kickboxing Federation of the Primorsky Territory.

The best of the best will defend the honor of our region at the Championship and Championship of the Far Eastern Federal District on March 2-5 in Khabarovsk. More than 150 participants from different cities and towns such as: Nakhodka, Artem, Zavodskoy, Vladivostok, Ussuriysk, Novo-Pokrovka, Vostok, Luchegorsk, Lesozavodsk came to compete for prizes.

Kickboxing. Photo: press service of the Kickboxing Federation of Primorsky Krai

“I’m glad to see so many participants and fans. I am glad that kickboxing is gaining popularity. From competition to competition, we are seeing an increase in the number of performing athletes and fans who create an amazing atmosphere in the hall, which undoubtedly supports fighters. Thanks to the guys and their coaches for the professional fights and members of the judging panel for the professional conduct of the competition, “said the director of the Kickboxing Federation of Primorsky Krai Artem Yanchev.

Winners of the Primorsky Krai Championship and Kickboxing Championships in the full contact section:

Younger boys born in 2003-2004

Kuzmenko Vladimir -Ussuriysk, Pozhidaev Matvey-Lesozavodsk, Loginovskikh Sergey – Vladivostok, Pisarevsky Svyatoslav – Vladivostok, Akulibaba Artem – Vladivostok, Akulibaba Eldar – Vladivostok, Kazimov Ilyas – Vladivostok, Syshchikov Makar –Usskoviryus Pozaviriusskyu, Pozivskyi Porcelain, Poznavoryus Pogost, Pozarevsky, Pozarevsky, Pozarevsky, Vladivostok, Pozarevich

Senior boys born in 2001-2002:

Kosukhin Mikhail Bolshoy – Stone, Yakubich Alexander – Lesozavodsk, Aseev Vladimir – Vladivostok, Timerkhanov Roman – Vladivostok, Tolibov Alisher – Vladivostok, Isakov Danil – Lesozavodsk, Barinov Aleksey – Vladivostok, Boyko Artem – Lesozavodsk, Morozov Ivan – Vladivostok Dmitry , Mavlonov – Rustam Lesozavodsk

Juniors born in 1999-2000:

Amanov Timir – Artem, Gorbachev Danil – Lesozavodsk, Gorbachev Danil – Lesozavodsk, Markov Victor – Vladivostok, Yushkov Nikita – Ussuriysk, Ilya Morozov – Lesozavodsk

Sports Equipment Store

Sports Equipment Store

“Good players are where the puck is. The great ones where she will be. ”

These words of the Canadian hockey player Wayne Gretzky perfectly characterize professionalism in sports. But where to start?

The first thing you need is desire. Your next step is at Sport Professional.

Sport Professional – a store of professional sports equipment for hockey and football.

In any price category. For amateurs and professionals. For training and matches. For children and adults. And even for fans.

A comfortable form, reliable protection, sharp skates, a strong club along with skill and talent determine the player’s effectiveness and the success of the match. The game does not forgive even the slightest delay. Therefore, the quality of the equipment can determine the winner of the competition.

Sport Professional represents the most famous sports brands: Bauer, Easton, Reebok, Warrior Sherwood, Graf, FISHER, Nike, Adidas.

We provide comprehensive equipment for access to the ice or the football field: uniform, protection, shoes, skates, hockey sticks, gloves, thermal underwear.

Additional services of the store – sharpening and shaping of skates, correction of clubs for growth. In addition, we offer individual tailoring forms.

Sport Professional store is an official partner of Sibir Holding. Here you can buy paraphernalia and souvenirs of your favorite team and support it at the match. Novelty of the season – personalized sweaters of the best players.

Less than a month is left before the New Year. If you want to start it with new victories and achievements, recharge your batteries with energy and fighting spirit – come to Sport Professional today. Are you planning to make a gift and do not know what to choose? Choose a gift certificate for 3, 5 or 50 thousand rubles.

The team of Sport Professional is “played” by specialists who know everything about sports. For them, sport is a matter of life, emotions and philosophy.

Hockey and football is a world of rivalry and self-affirmation, the spirit of a team and a real male fraternity. Enter this world with Sport Professional.

Sport Professional,

Kickboxing History


Kickboxing “Boxing with legs” or “boxing with kicks”) is one of the young sports that has gained wide popularity in dozens of countries. As an independent discipline, it arose in the 70s. XX century in USA. The boxing technique has added elements of martial arts, in particular karate-do and Muay Thai.

Kickboxing rules include the following. In this sport, kicks and arms are allowed. He is very similar in classic English boxing techniques. Kickboxing takes the most effective kicks from all martial arts, in particular from Muay Thai. In kickboxing, as in classic boxing, grabs, kicks with an open glove, elbows, knees and head are prohibited. Impacts in the groin, on the back of the head and in the region of the spine are prohibited. Competitions according to the rules of full contact are most spectacular when opponents are not forbidden to put all their strength into strikes and a knockout victory is possible, as in boxing. Recently, a new section has appeared in kickboxing – low kick. This is the same full contact, but it’s also allowed to kick the opponent in the legs. Kickboxers use protective equipment: a helmet, an inguinal shell, shin guards, feet (shoes without soles that protect the feet and toes), as well as boxing gloves. Kickboxing competitions are held separately among amateurs and professionals.

The history of kickboxing is quite young. The first world championship was held in the United States in 1978. In the USSR, kickboxing has been known since 1989. The Russian professional league Kitek played an important role in its development. She held several representative international tournaments in Moscow, where Hollywood stars who began their movie career as karateka and kickboxers: Chuck Norris, Don Wilson, Benny Urkides, Jean Claude Van Damme, were present as guests of honor. The debut of the Soviet team at the European Championship among fans held in 1990 in Madrid, where she won first place in the full contact competition. In 1991, at the World Championships in Paris, the USSR team again won in the same section. The victorious traditions were continued by the Russian kickboxing masters. The first world and European champion among professionals was Vadim Ukraintsev. In the new century, our kickboxers hold a leading position in the world of kickboxing.

Interesting Facts. At one time, such boxers as Vitaliy Klitschko and Alexander Povetkin performed in kickboxing.

Sports Bags

Sports Bags - Photography

Sports activities emphasize masculinity, train strength and endurance, develop muscle, flexibility and strengthen physical health. Inveterate sports fans can not do without an indispensable accessory – a sports bag or bag.

The online world of bags offers a wide range of sports bags for men. In the presence of a huge variety of strict options in the classic black and white and gray colors, as well as bright models with the symbols of Russia, abstract drawings, cage, etc.

Convenient adjustable belts and handles allow you to feel comfortable during transportation, even over long distances. Accessories are roomy enough, high-quality and perfect for real athletes. Inside there is a voluminous compartment for forms, secret pockets for a telephone, personal hygiene products and a wallet.

All bags are made of high quality materials that allow the contents of the bag to “breathe”. Bags and backpacks do not get wet in the rain and do not fade in the sun. Stylish and practical sports bags for men can be bought directly on the site at a great price and with the possibility of quick delivery to the specified address.

Outdoor Pears

Boxing mannequins and floor

If you or your child is engaged in boxing, you will agree that this sport requires a serious approach to the choice of training equipment. By tradition, the most important simulator for boxing is the punching bag. It can be suspended, a boxing rush for adults and a children’s floor pear.

You can buy floor pears, hanging pears of any severity, design and color in many sports stores. A large selection of products, such as a floor pear, hanging, children’s floor pear, is presented on the Internet.

Boxing punching bags and bags.

The most popular product for training is a floor pear, which does not need to be fixed to the ceiling. Floor pear can be of different types.

The punching bag punching bag differs in various shape and size. The choice of a punching bag depends on the quality of training, the qualifications of the boxer and his age data. A children’s floor pear, for example, is small and lightweight, taking into account the height and body weight of the child.

A large heavy punching bag, as a rule, has the form of a cylinder, a cylinder made of leather, its substitute, tarpaulin, inside which are sawdust and sand or crumb rubber. Such a punching bag is the toughest type of boxing equipment. It gives the athlete a powerful load, including legs. Classes with her will help to quickly lose weight. The main goal of this punching bag is to work out strong blows and train winning options. In some martial arts, heavy bag work is the main training method for kicking. This is necessary for the fight Muay Thai. For a beginner, a heavy outdoor pear will not work.

The average outdoor pear was used in ancient times, when sand was poured into the skin of an animal and used it as a projectile for training. This pear is classic and therefore in demand by customers. It is used to set the technique of striking an object. This kind of pear moves better than a heavy pear.