Kickboxing Tutorial


Start training! What prevents you from starting training right away? You can immediately bring a bunch of reasons: there is no coach, place, equipment, sparring partner, the necessary shells. But are they a real barrier to training ?! No, this is just a myth or “excuses”, as you wish.

If you recall, then most of the martial arts were invented by simple poor people in order to have at least some self-defense and learn to defend their truth. And they did not always have enough money for food, not to mention special equipment and equipment for the development of combat skills, which at that time did not even exist. But they had excellent motivation and a great desire to live better.

The main thing is to have the desire to train. And the means and methods for this will be in your head. Or on the expanses of the omnipotent Internet (for example, in this article).

I want to dispel the myth right away that kickboxing cannot be comprehended on its own. When you train at home, you can very well learn to fight, understand the basics of kickboxing and get a decent physical development. For this, you do not need a super trainer and state-of-the-art equipment (unless, of course, you do not strive to perform professionally in the ring). Your desire and detailed tutorial will be enough.

All the equipment needed for training is not difficult to build from improvised means. I already wrote about the boxing bag, and today I’ll tell you what other kickboxing equipment you can do with your own hands.

Do-it-yourself wall pillow / It is very convenient to use a wall pillow in home workouts:

– Doesn’t take up much space $ – Attaches to the wall $ – Requires a minimum of space around you to practice blows with your hands and feet– It’s easy to do it yourself from the means at hand ..

To begin with, we will build a shield 60 cm high and 50 cm wide from boards 30 mm thick. In principle, the same shield made of 18 mm plywood has also proved to be quite good. It is advisable to make corners rounded with a jigsaw. On it we put a piece of foam, rags, felt, mat or a cut off part of an old mattress. It is possible in several layers, the thickness should be at least 18 cm. Next, we tighten the whole thing with leather, leatherette dermantine or tarpaulin.

Kickboxing Shoes

Who should not be changed

The Green Hill catalog includes kickboxing feet. The accessory is designed to be used as protective equipment for athletes during competitions and intense training. The use of ammunition without restrictions is possible in competitions of the highest level.

Features of kickboxing feet from Green Hill

Equipment is a mandatory element of a fighter’s protective kit in kickboxing such as light and full contact, seven-contact combat. Designed to protect the feet and lifting, which are actively involved in the competition. However, the physiology of this part of the legs is not stiff. Soft and flexible joints are concentrated in the area of ​​lifting the foot, damage to which often happens without professional protection.

Kickboxing feet protect the athlete’s legs. They perfectly dampen shocks due to the multilayer construction, prevent painful injuries. Moreover, during training cycles, they become the “guarantor of safety” of the opponent in sparring, as the blows in protective equipment become less severe.

Protective equipment does not have a sole, fastens with elastic bands or elastic Velcro.

The Green Hill catalog includes the following types of feet:

From genuine leather – professional equipment. It is characterized by durability due to the strength of the skin. The inner part is made of polyurethane foam. Presented in red, blue, black colors in 4 sizes. Of faux leather – 2 models “Best”, “Panther”, the inner filling is formed by polyurethane foam. They differ in the design of the shape of the foot, the type of fixation on the foot. Suitable for training, sparring, entry-level competitions, as equipment for young athletes. Price per foot for kickboxing from Green Hill

In company branded outlets and the Intertex Plus online store, you can buy kickboxing feet at an affordable price. You can find out about the location of the store in your city in the section “Where to buy” on our site. You can order kickboxing safety shoes in bulk by phone in Moscow (499) 155-96-53.

Sports Pear

Professional boxing
After only 3 weeks, I have to enter the ring against Kuchinsky Gromila, whose shadow in the forest strip terrifies the Moscow Region women and the nervousness of the district policemen who are afraid of losing their jobs. It will be an epic battle, and only one should leave the ring alive.

(poster author)

The enemy is in earnest and gutting punching bags, ruining Balashikha gymnasium one after another. From the video with its powerful blows, even my shrimp fell out of my mouth!

Well, I’ll tell you how my training goes, what Pattaya days consist of. In sports terms, there’s nothing to brag about yet! After all, it is a city of sin and bodily pleasures, not exhausting workouts. Morning begins with a hearty breakfast at O’Garas Irish Pub. Indeed, I myself put it in the top 5 best places in Pattaya for breakfast. 2.

However, this may well be a special institution for Continental super breakfasts, serving English, Texas, Belgian, Irish, Bavarian and hell knows what other options. Some people prefer the smoked fish option. 3.

Further – an unhurried walk, with a call to one of the fresh residential complexes. We need to look for a place for the next wintering, if this takes place. This option, with a whole lagoon and ships, seems to be quite good. 4.

The artificial grotto-jacuzzi, which is dipped in a secluded corner, especially pins. Very romantic place. 5.

But it’s too early to settle now – repairs are still underway there. In autumn – it will be just right.

The bell rings – it’s time to go to the sauna! We sit down and go. Korean institution is located 15km from Pattaya. There is even a plasma in the steam room, with Korean programs. I have never seen this. 6.

Here I am swimming, gaining strength. Tonight it would be necessary to go to the training room of Thai boxing, to hammer a punching bag. But a sauna with tea parties, a wifi and two steam rooms takes all the hours until sunset. 7.

Evening falls on the city of sins. You have to catch the popophosest with your readers. Among them are veterans of the internal affairs bodies and former employees of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, so everything is serious, their photos will not be. There will be only mountains of sushi, the freshest sashimi and huge rolls with salmon.

Shorts Kickboxing

Buy Aryan kickboxing shorts

Since kickboxing involves striking not only with your hands, but also with your legs, shorts and trousers for him should be cut in such a way as to provide maximum freedom of movement. Modern manufacturers are striving to make the design of kickboxing shorts bright and even aggressive. That is what contrast combinations, unusual colors and textures of drawings are aimed at. If you want to buy kickboxing shorts from eminent manufacturers, you should definitely look into the BOXFIT catalog. Here you are sure to find a model that will appeal to you in all respects, from the price to the convenience that it will provide you.

It is worth saying that the cut of shorts for kickboxing is similar to that practiced for models designed for Muay Thai. Bright and often richly decorated, they invariably attract attention and are quite capable of showing the opponent who is who in this battle.

Their cut determines the maximum freedom of movement and allows you to apply high kicks, as well as squat low, without experiencing the slightest inconvenience. A fighter may not worry about the fact that the shorts may burst along the seam at the most inopportune moment, since the seams in them are reinforced and stitched with high-strength threads.

A wide elastic waistband will not allow kickboxing shorts to slip during training or competition. For their tailoring, a smooth fabric is used that glides well over the skin. Typically: polyester, satin, nylon or satin. All of these types are durable and durable. They pass air well, allowing the skin to breathe, and will please with simple care.

, just like shorts, they look great! Bright colors, contrasting combinations, wide stripes with inscriptions on the sides – what else is needed to attract attention and intimidate an opponent? The cut of the trousers is as free as possible, allowing you to strike with your lower legs, feet and knees. With all this, the pants fit well on the athlete due to the wide elastic band at the waist, which also supports the press. In order for the fixation to be as reliable as possible, the manufacturer often provides an internal lace.

Boxing paws

Boxing paws Stingrey PS
fmb-8017 paws boxing Green Hill

Boxing paw “Cuba”. The top is made of genuine leather, in the center is a white target. The compartment for the brush is made of genuine leather.

fmc-5010 paws boxingcuba (small) (steam) Green Hill

Boxing paw “Cuba”. The top is made of genuine leather, in the center is a white target. The compartment for the brush is made of genuine leather. The wrist is fixed on the Velcro.

fmf-8000b paw boxing curved green hill

The boxing paw is curved, the top is made of leatherette, in the center is a white target. The compartment for the brush is made of leatherette.

fmj-5012 paw boxing “Jet” Green Hill

Boxing paw “Jet”. The top is made of genuine leather, thickness 5cm. In the center is a white target. The compartment for the brush is made of genuine leather, elongated. The wrist is fixed with Velcro and elastic.

fms-5014 paw boxing Green Hill

Boxing paw ‘Super New’, the top is made of genuine leather, in the center is a white target. The compartment for the brush is made of genuine leather. The impact surface is made with a recess.

fmt-0042 paws boxing target (par.) Green Hill

Boxing paw “Target”, curved. The top is made of genuine leather. The compartment for the brush is also made of leather.

fms-5005 paws boxing.crest (par.) Green Hill

Boxing paw ‘Crest’. The top is made of genuine leather, in the center is a white target. The compartment for the brush is made of genuine leather. Elongated, Velcro fastening.

“gfm-5009 paws boxing.cuba (steam) Green Hill”

Boxing paw “Cuba”, square. The top is made of faux leather. The wrist is attached with Velcro.

“grm-5007 paw boxing. royal / special (pairs) Green Hill”

Boxing paw. Made of faux leather. The wrist is fixed on the Velcro.

Green Hill Company offers to buy boxing paws at affordable prices. High-quality sports equipment will last a long time, help hone the athlete’s skills, and ensure safety in the training ring. To select an accessory, read the recommendations on the use of its various types and a description of the models.

Features of Green Hill’s Boxing Paws

The products in this catalog are made of genuine and artificial leather. The advantage of the former is a longer service life, since especially durable leather is used for their manufacture. Paws for boxing made of artificial materials are less, but cheaper. The brand logo is applied on the outside of the accessories.

Karate Outfit

In order to engage
630 rub

Description: Lining for karate PAK-RUS-Material: polyurethane-Color: blue, red-Fastening with Velcro-Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL-Article: PR-09-002

More details

6850 rub.

Description: Helmet for martial arts with a transparent mask-Material: leather / synthetic leather-Color: red, blue-Size: M = 6 850 rubles, L = 7 050 rubles-Weight: 600 g. -Article: Ш32IV

450 rub

Description: Clinch Budo Belt Belt for martial arts-Material: 100% cotton-Length: 220, 240, 260 cm.-Width: 4,5 cm.-Color: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, red-Marking: C303

600 rub

Description: Liner material: polyurethane foam-Mount: elastic-Color: red, blue, white, black-Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL-Article: TWKP-6225

550 rub

Description: Liner material: polyurethane foam-Mount: elastic-Color: red, blue, black-Size: S, M, L, XL-Code: SPC-6210

6990 rub.

Description: Adizero martial arts helmet (approved by WAKO and WTF) -Material: rubber-

All for Boxing SPb

We specialize in design.

People who have dedicated their lives to sports, or those who love it, know and understand very well why they need a punching bag and a boxing bag. Good physical preparation, strength endurance is very important for each boxer, which contributes to a person’s health, protecting his body from various injuries, professional development in all directions, the ability to hold a punch, which is very important in boxing.

One of the basics in boxing is the punching bag, with the help of which punches, their strength, accuracy and speed are worked out. A punching bag is a loyal assistant, because thanks to it, it is possible to work out blows in motion from different positions and control their clarity and rigidity.

The punching bag received its name due to its similarity in shape to fruit. With the help of the first punching bags, boxers practiced blows to the upper body and head. Over time, their shape was slightly improved, making it cylindrical and lengthened. Punching bags began to gain more and more popularity not only among boxers, but also among other sports fans, as it became possible to practice blows to the legs and knees.

One of the most popular shells in the training room is a punching bag.

punching bag – a projectile for practicing direct and side impact techniques, as well as for developing accuracy and speed of impacts. Athletes of various types of martial arts (boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing and others) can use punching bags in their training thanks to a variety of exercises with a shell:

practicing blows at speed; practicing blows in motion; setting and practicing blow techniques to the head.

Due to the rounded shape of the projectile, it is possible to practice impacts that are applied at different angles. With the help of this projectile, balance, agility, flexibility, speed and endurance of an athlete are developed and trained.

Boxing pears are a universal apparatus suitable for both beginners and professionals, and used both for training at home and in the training room.

Buying a punching bag is a whole art, because the variety of punching bags is amazing. They can be of different sizes, shapes resembling a human silhouette, floor and hanging … Therefore, it is very important to choose the right punching bags in Moscow.

The rounded forms of these shells are designed so that they can fully work out the blows delivered from different angles.

Here you can choose and order punching bags, thereby comprehensively equipping the training room and providing the maximum opportunity for practicing a wide range of complex punches.

Russian Boxing

boxing Russian boxing L-100cm

“FOR OTHER OTHERS” – about a Russian monk who died on the Serbian frontline

He met the dawn, lying on the damp ground. The throated thigh ached. Despite the fact that he tightly bandaged the wound, blood still seeped through the bandage, and he weakened more and more every hour. The novel was on a slope of anonymous height. Six meters from him lay the dead Muslims, and a little to the side were the Serbs Arkan and Bashko, his comrades-in-arms.

There were only eight of them from the special unit “White Wookiees” or “White Wolves”, if you read in Russian. They were assigned a combat mission: to cross the front line at night and capture the dominant heights that were behind the Muslims. Intelligence reported that the height is empty, and there is no one on it.

They easily completed the first part of the plan, climbed into the rear to the Muslims, and then, either the intelligence worked poorly, or the enemy realized the importance of this height, but at the top they ran into Muslims. There were many Muslims, no less than a hundred, and a battle ensued, fierce and unequal, they chopped bursts at point blank range, randomly threw grenades, the Muslims began to panic, and they hastily left the heights. Now Roman lay alone on top and did not know what fate befell his comrades, whether they all died, or maybe someone survived.

He was badly injured, and any movement caused him unbearable pain. He did not know that at that time Sergey, confident that no one was left alive, was dragging the seriously wounded Alexander. They were the last to survive the squad.

…Roman Serafimovich Malyshev was born in the city of Vyatka in a simple Russian family. I went to a regular school and was no different from my peers. He had one hobby, he loved to draw, he painted well and selflessly, spent hours somewhere in nature, painting landscapes. This hobby determined his choice at the end of school, when the question arose of where to go to study. Roman went to St. Petersburg, he decided to become an artist. In St. Petersburg, near the Saigon cafe, strangely dressed young people drew his attention, they were hippies. The square near the cafe was a favorite place for their “party”. However, not only hippies were “hanging out” there, but also punks, metallers, rockers and others. In the yard was 1987. These were the last days of the Soviet Union, and it was fashionable to “hippy”. Roman was a sociable person, quickly met with young “rebels” and made new friends. Among the “hippy” youth there were many talented artists and poets, and Roman soon found his own kind.

Which Capa is Better

How to choose, cook and

On December 8, 1997, a navy officer disappeared in Kamchatka. As it turned out later, he moved into the past. From this “journey” he was not destined to return. On the Kamchatka Peninsula military bases like hair on the head – all can not be counted. On one of the coastal bases of the Navy this emergency happened. [More] On a winter morning, a Captain of rank III took a shift and entered the duty officer on the brigade. During the day he received reports, gave orders, resolved issues and, according to the instructions, periodically reported upstairs: without incident. Sometimes he said to the assistant “I’ll go, I’ll walk through”, put on a blindfold and went to watch with his watchful eye, is everything all right at the base entrusted to him.

In the morning a new outfit came to take the watch, and it turned out that there was no one to take it from. According to the assistant, the captain went into the next round at night, and since then has not returned and the assistant “pulled” all the service at night.

Missing Officer

The new duty officer, not embarrassed by his subordinates, expressed everything that he thought of the missing duty officer. Calls flew home to the officer who had left the shift, his fellow soldiers, sailors ran to all ends of the base with an instruction “to find a duty officer and not return without him.” However, a cap-three sank into the water. When it was no longer possible to pull further, the officer who entered the shift called the base commander and reported on the emergency: the duty officer disappeared along with the service weapon.

The commander put the base on his ears. A dozen search teams looked into every crack, examined every hole in the territory of the base and its environs, and the officers who led the search parties cursed their teeth and each wondered what he would do to the captain when he found him.

It soon became clear that a cap-three did not come home, none of his colleagues appeared. The commander contacted representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the police took control of all civilian and military airports and airfields – in December, the peninsula could only be left by plane. The officer was searched for a very long time, but was not found.

Terrible find

Two months later, in the mountainous region of Kamchatka, hunters found the remains of a man, or rather his bones. Since there was a naval officer uniform on the bones, the find was reported where it should be. Arriving representatives of the military prosecutor’s office carefully examined the find.

Boxing Accessories

boxing accessories

The section presents a wide selection of products for training and everyday life. You can purchase boxing accessories – sports bags, backpacks, socks, underwear and other goods. All sports attributes are of the highest quality and are produced by famous fighting brands: Hayabusa, Manto, Jaco, Everlast, Virus. Among the boxing accessories, there is also a wide selection of bandages and protection that meet all safety and quality standards.

You can buy related fighting products on the website or in our showroom on 80 Dubininskaya Street. For more information about the product, you can contact our online consultant or call the indicated phone number. Our managers will help you with the choice and answer all your questions.