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Kickboxing (English Kickboxing) – a sport that combines the technique and rules of boxing with martial arts (kicks, hooks, throws, etc.). It is divided into American kickboxing (full contact, low kick, seven-contact, light contact, kick-kick. He was born in the USA, because contactless fights did not suit the audience, they wanted strong impressions, as well as the athletes themselves, they wanted to try their hand at Moreover, kickboxing rules allowed athletes of different directions to participate in fights – karatekas, Thai boxers, etc.

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Best Boxing Bandages

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How to Winding Boxing Bandages Correctly

How to make a boxing bag

For starters, what is a “boxing bandage” is a special strip of fabric that boxers, and not only them, but also athletes from other martial arts, use to prevent all kinds of injuries to their fists, fingers and wrists.

Additionally, one can highlight the benefit of the bandage in that it gives strength to the impact due to the clear fixation of the finger joints in a line. Since the bandage is a rag, it absorbs sweat from your hands, thereby increasing the service life of the gloves.

So far, humanity has come up with 2 types of bandages:

1. Boxing elastic bandages – such bandages firmly fix the joints, but they can pull them, and blood circulation may be disturbed. This type can be recommended to experienced fighters who know their job.

2. Simple H / B bandages – these bandages are practically no worse than elastic ones. They are recommended to both beginners and more experienced athletes. If the hands are properly bandaged, then fixing the joints will not differ much from the use of elastic bandages. It is still very difficult to disrupt blood circulation in the hand.

How to bandage your hands?

There are 2 most popular ways to wrap bandages on your hands:

1. A simple, ordinary way of bandaging. This is the easiest and easiest way to remember.

2. Bandaging of hands by the Cross method. Using this method you will receive the following advantages –

It reliably fixes joints and protects against injuries. Since it first wraps around each joint individually, then all together. The strength and stiffness of the impact increases. Since you can tighten your fist more tightly. A hand in a boxing glove feels more comfortable, because the palm inside is less covered with a cloth bandage, and this allows more tight contact with the glove.

This is not a complete list of types of bandaging of hands. There are still a huge number, but they all belong to professional boxers. And who is bandaging the hands of professionals ?! Yes! His assistant. And this man in his business is a pro and knows for which hand which method is more effective. Amateur boxers are quite satisfied with these two methods, or even one – the second.

Kickboxing section

Kickboxing section

People who play sports feel alive and happy. Follow their example, get a subscription to the gym or aerobic gym. Make a training program with the trainer, follow it strictly. Buy in the sports nutrition store isolated protein, amino acids and other products that increase performance. Go to the right six-ration diet, delicious food cheers you up. An alternative to the gym is the kickboxing or mixed martial arts section, swimming, water gymnastics, acrobatics, all kinds of dancing, yoga, stretching, and pilates. Choose the direction of your choice. Thanks to effective physical activity and proper nutrition, you will heal the body. A beautiful body will make you move forward, not stopping there. You will have an incentive that will make you rejoice at your own success. If there is no way to visit the gym, start exercising at home. Download the press, squat, jump rope, lunges, twist the hoop. Go for a jog to the nearest park, go up to the apartment not on the elevator, but on foot. Instead of going to work by car, walk a couple of kilometers. For mothers with children, “children’s” entertainment is a good option. Ride the kid on a sled, visit the rink, go to the ski resort. In summer, rollerblading or cycling, try to spend more time outside the home.

Order Rashguard

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Rashguard is a compression T-shirt made of special materials that allows you to maintain muscle temperature at an optimal level, as well as protecting your skin when working in the stalls. They are ideal not only for all types of martial arts (especially for those where part of the time is spent in the stalls, such as grappling or mma), but also for any other type of training: running, gym, etc. They stretch well, but at the same time tightly fit the body and retain their shape. Here you can buy rashguards of such brands as Jaco, Venum, Hayabusa, Bad Boy, etc.

Which rashguard should I buy: Hayabusa, Venum, Bad Boy or Jaco?

If the main criterion when choosing a rash guard for you is its strength, then first of all pay attention to such brands as Venum, Hayabusa and Bad Boy. These companies use durable wear-resistant synthetic materials in production, so it is almost impossible to tear them during training. If comfort is important to you first, then for you we have Jaco rashguards for sale that do not have competitors by this criterion. The rashguards of this company are 95% natural bamboo, which makes the fabric incredibly soft and pleasant to the touch. At the same time, they are very durable, however, are somewhat inferior in this respect to the competitors ’analogues made of synthetic materials. A more detailed description of the products of a particular brand can be found under the photos.

Clothing for Boxers


Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden Panettiere

Ukrainian boxer Vladimir Klitschko below Shaquille O’Neill 15 centimeters. However, when his girlfriend is next to him – American actress and singer Hayden Panettiere – the boxer looks like a natural Gulliver. The difference in height of Vladimir and one of the smallest actresses in Hollywood is 43 centimeters. By the way, the boxer is 13 years older than his chosen one. The couple has been dating for six years. Last year, Klitschko and Panettiere decided to get married, but unexpectedly for everyone they postponed the wedding for an indefinite period. According to the athlete, the marriage was postponed due to events in Ukraine. In December 2014, Hayden gave birth to Vladimir daughter. The girl was named Kaya-Evdokia.

Nikolai and Galina Valuevs

The Russian “colleague” of Vladimir Klitschko, former heavyweight boxer Nikolai Valuev also linked his life with a miniature lady. The growth of his wife Galina is 163 centimeters. Next to the 213-centimeter Nikolai, who is often called the “Russian giant”, the woman looks like an Thumbelina. However, evaluate for yourself.

William Jewell and Selina Swift

No less grotesque looks and a couple of students from the UK, William Jewell and Celina Swift. The guy’s height is 213 centimeters, his beloved is 152 centimeters. William has been playing basketball since school. According to him, the only problem that he has to face due to high growth is related to the purchase of clothes. The guy is forced to constantly order a wardrobe from the tailor, as in ordinary stores of suitable sizes, as a rule, simply does not happen. The same goes for shoes. Selina calls her chosen one “a great and kind giant.”

“When we walk along the street together, people often stop and look at us. But this is understandable with such a difference in growth, ”says the girl.

Elisani Silva and Francinaldo Carvalho

And in this pair of forces, or rather centimeters, are distributed vice versa.

The tallest girl in Brazil, 19-year-old Elisani Silva, crossed the mark of 200 cm when she was only 14. Now the growth of the Brazilian is 203 centimeters. The girl’s choice – Francinaldo Carvalho – below her by 41 centimeters.

Sultan Kosen and Merve Dido

In 2009, a 30-year-old farmer from Turkey, Sultan Kosen, was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest man on the planet. His height is 251 cm. According to the Sultan, he always had problems communicating with girls.

“Finding a girlfriend is not easy. All women seem to be afraid of me! But now that I have become famous, I hope that I will be able to meet the girl of my dreams. In general, my cherished dream is to marry, ”the record holder said during his trip to London in 2009.

Street Hand-to-Hand Fighting

Street hand-to-hand combat


Club of street hand-to-hand fighting “Neo Combat”


Dmitry Vlasov. Instructor and founder of the club Neo Combat. Specialization: applied hand-to-hand combat.

Experience in martial arts 1996 – 2006 Sambo, hand-to-hand combat 2006 – N.V. Hand-to-hand combat

Circumstances made hand-to-hand fighting the leitmotif of my life. For me, this is work, a favorite thing, the “core” of my personality. And I continue my journey, trying to improve and develop the knowledge transferred to me, in order to meet the level set by my teachers, and thereby preserve the Russian fighting traditions.


About the system:

At the Neo Combat Club, we adhere to a scientific approach to the study of martial arts, carefully analyzing and verifying each technical solution, which allows us to achieve maximum control over the enemy and provide an accurate, crushing, damaging effect using a wide range of technical actions of street hand-to-hand combat.

We are not bound by the framework and limitations of any particular style, which gives us the opportunity to freely and flexibly approach the solution of practical problems and cultivate the technique of decisive and unconditional suppression of aggression in the shortest possible time with minimal physical effort and risk to life.

Boxing Gloves Green Hill

Boxing gloves Green Hill

In professional boxing, the safety of participants during training and competition is important. To prevent injuries to the hands of athletes, boxing gloves are used. Green Hill equipment, which you can buy inexpensively in the official online store and retail network throughout Russia, provides maximum protection during the battle, guarantees wear and a long-lasting feeling of comfort.

Boxing gloves wholesale and retail at low prices

In the assortment of brand products, you can choose and buy Green Hill boxing gloves of three types:

Training and combat. In the catalog of 23 models of leather and substitute. Boxing gloves are divided into combat gloves weighing from 6 to 20 ounces and training. The latter are equipped with a white striking surface, which simplifies the scoring of the coach. The most popular combat boxing gloves are leather 10 ounces (or 10 oz) and 12 ounces. For heavyweight athletes, boxing gloves of 16 ounces will be the best choice, for heavyweights – 20 ounces. Boxing gloves for professionals are equipped with lacing or Velcro cuffs that prevent the equipment from slipping on the arm, the inside is formed of wear-resistant polyurethane foam. Shell-shaped. The boxing gloves store offers 13 models for training on apparatuses in the S to XL size range. The use of leather “pancakes” and shingarts will reduce the risk of classic boxing injuries: calluses on the knuckles and between the little finger and the ring, sprains and fractures of the wrist. The effectiveness of training with them increases several times by increasing the impact force without the risk of damage. Even the cheapest boxing gloves from our catalog last a long time: with high intensity training they will retain protective qualities for 3-4 months. Children’s. In our retail network you can buy Green Hill boxing gloves designed specifically for young athletes. They are distinguished by low weight – 6 ounces and a convenient design that protects hands during battle and training. The upper part of the accessory is made of wear-resistant synthetic leather, inside – formed polyurethane foam.

Outfit Mma

MMA store - sports

Being successful, regardless of the sport, is what gives each athlete true pleasure and self-satisfaction, which allows him to receive recognition for all the efforts and time that were spent on training. And the more difficult the path to true success, the higher the degree of satisfaction being felt.When the results become noticeable and significant, and the people around recognize them, this will certainly affect the athlete’s respect for himself, allows him to feel his own dignity, and in some cases gain confidence. Sport allows us to defeat ourselves !!! Practice, and trust us in choosing equipment !!! Also, rush for the goods AVAILABLE Our department is located on Lenin 5a ARENA mix fightFor subscribers of our group in VK 10% discount on any product! MMA outfit, Thai boxing, kickboxing Delivery all over Russia!

Boxing Bandage How to Reel

Selyatino - Ateptsevskoye

How to put a knockout punch. Punching at home.

We save ourselves on the page and train!

Any man who is at least a little familiar with martial arts, and especially boxing and hand-to-hand combat, understands that just one biting, burning, sharp blow is enough to send the enemy into a state of altered consciousness for some time.

People with such a blow, such as Roy Jones, may be gifted from God, but most people most often achieve what they want with hard training. From this article you will learn how to put a punch in your hand, how to increase the strength of a punch, what exercises you need to do and what recommendations to follow in order to get a knockout punch at the output.

The content of the article:

1) Stall. 2) Acceleration. 3) Hardening of hands for a knockout punch. 4) Push-ups. 5) Work on the bag. 6) Outcome. Video

Punching at home consists of two parts.


The first part is a breakdown. It allows you to act unexpectedly, without giving the opponent time to determine where the blow will come from and what. The main principle of disruption is relaxation. That is, in front of him all the muscles should be completely relaxed, and the head should be cold. In the mind of a fighter, as it were, there should be no desire to hit. At a certain point in time, a fighter explodes, which gives the blow a surprise.