How to Choose Boxing Gloves

Choose boxing gloves. '

Boxing is one of the most beloved sports in Russia. Despite the fact that it originated in England, many Russians consider it to be exclusively a “native” occupation. A guy who is engaged in boxing will be able to fend for himself and his loved ones, he will gain an athletic figure, strength, endurance, stamina.

But if you decide to send your child to the boxing section, then choosing a good coach is not enough to start a young boxer. How to choose the right equipment for the future boxer? Moreover, you never sat down to deal with such things, and your eyes just run away from possible options. You should not buy the cheapest, or the most expensive gloves – the price is far from an indicator of quality.

Few people know that the main task of boxing gloves is not to protect the athlete’s hand, and not so much to protect him from the blow of his opponent. They do not allow you to tightly clench your fist so that the blow is not so strong. For example, everlast gloves, created on the basis of professional sports models, which have become a real bestseller in many sports stores. In them you cannot tightly clench your fist, and to strike with such a hand so hard as to kill the enemy is simply impossible.

You need to start your choice with a large store with a wide range of goods of interest to us. In no case do you need to buy gloves as a gift, as this thing is purely individual, and should ideally fit your hand. Buying them for yourself, try on several options. Of course, it is preferable to box with gloves that are made of expensive materials, they allow air to pass through well, absorb moisture well, so that the athlete’s hand always remains dry.

How to Make a Boxing Pear yourself

DIY punching bag

High quality punching bag boxing floor 143881/1 on a water-filling (filling) base will appeal to all athletic and active boys. The punching bag itself is an inflatable one. Complete with a pear floor is a pump.

The floor pear on the water filling (filling) base has a stand that is adjustable in height from 80-110 cm. The pneumatic boxing pear is made of durable leatherette. Easy to install. Perfect for practicing in the gym and at home.

The lower stand the base of the pear is filled with water, sand or other filler for stability. A high-quality water filling platform with a punching bag in the kit for practicing impact speed, an excellent design for training boxers.

Product specifications: designed to work out strength, rigidity and accuracy of impacts — for stability, the stand at its base is filled with water or sand, the diameter of the support is 33 cm, the diameter of the pear is 23 cm, the height is adjustable: 80-110 cm, the pump is included in the package.

High-quality pear floor on a water-filling (filling) base for practicing various strokes.

Features: The flooring punching bag has a reliable spring base. The punching bag on the water-filling (filling) base has excellent flexibility, which makes it possible to quickly return to its original state. It is firmly fixed with a spring strut to a solid PVC base. The flooring punching bag is easy to assemble and move .In order to give maximum stability to the floor pear, it is enough to fill the plastic base with water or sand. The height of the pear with a base of 110 cm is very convenient for practicing blows.

The mobile, floor pear bag is suitable for training and development of various strokes.

Designed for boxing, martial arts, and for fitness training. Round shape for ease of movement around the machine.

the base is filled with water-height-adjustable. Types of punching bags, design, prices

Boxing pears are designed to work out speed, accuracy and impact force in all types of martial arts, where shock equipment is used.

Types of punching bags

Depending on the method of fastening the pears are divided into:

1) pears on the suspension

2) pears on stretch marks

The pears on the suspension are attached from the upper end with the help of a webbing loop and a special swivel mounted on the platform for the pear.

Boxing Pear Man

Small punching bag

Table Pear is a great thing to relieve stress at home or at work. This cool desktop pear is attached to the surface of the table with the help of durable suction cups that securely hold it on the table. Having a pear at home or at work, you can relieve stress at any time and stretch yourself by making some pretty punching blows. It is very important for the human body to “let off steam” from time to time, and in the modern rhythm of life it is simply necessary. Work in the office is very tiring, constant stress negatively affects human health, and if you have a punching bag on hand, you can “throw out your emotions” at any time. And most importantly, such a discharge does no harm to anyone. A table pear will be a good gift for any holiday. A beautiful compact pear does not take up much space on the table, it can be easily attached and just as easily removed from the table. Stressful fight! Peace, joy and peace!

Gloves to order

Jordan Jordan - buy Jordan

Manufacture of gloves on knitting machines of various classes (7 and 10). Production terms – from 3 days! We cooperate with advertising agencies!

We knit gloves of standard sizes: children’s, men’s women’s. We produce fingerless gloves with a valve.

Call by phone, write to e-mail: info @ or send a request and our manager will be happy to help in choosing knitted products!

Where else, if not in Russia, is it important to dress warmly and comfortably? With our rhythm of life and unpredictable weather, you will not guess what can come in handy at one time or another.

The use of knitted gloves in various fields of activity more than once proves the versatility of their functions. In ancient times, gloves were used not only to protect the skin of the hands, but also to determine the high status, only then they were made without fingers, in our time they are called – mitts. Depending on the material and construction, gloves also serve for heat.

The production of knitted gloves is becoming more modern every day. And this is due not only to the abundance of colors, but also various methods of knitting and assembly. Now it’s hard to imagine that before there wasn’t even sizes, and now you can buy knitted gloves to order, made exactly according to your hand and strictly according to your taste!

Not only innovation makes us move forward, but fashion dictates its own rules. The production of knitted gloves in Moscow is a continuous stream that works to satisfy the most extraordinary desires of the buyer.

Fingerless gloves

Nothing can replace the sensitivity of fingers, the touch surfaces of phones and tablets make us take off our gloves more than once a day, and winter sometimes upsets with its severe frosts.

Fingerless gloves will make your life easier! Now both warmth and convenience will become faithful companions.

Due to the scale of production of knitted gloves and your imagination, custom knitting gloves has become easy and affordable. Feel like a designer and create your own model that will be convenient for you. You can bare only one finger or several, or remove them altogether.

Boxing Equipment

Boxing equipment

If you ever attended classes in the gym, you probably saw some of the visitors doing gloves, and you probably asked yourself more than once: “Why are they?” Today we will show you the benefits of fitness gloves in the gym: 1. Fitness gloves soften the pressure on the hands when working with heavy sports equipment, and make it possible not to get tired immediately when doing exercises. 2. Fitness gloves prevent the stretching of the wrists, which often happen, in those who increase the load when doing exercises not gradually, but too quickly and the muscles do not have time to get used to heavy weight. 3. Fitness gloves help not to rub your hands when interacting with metal and prevent the appearance of corns on the palms of your hands. 4. Fitness gloves are necessary if you work with metal, and your hands get tired and sweat, as a result of which the hands can slip off the machine or drop the barbell or weight. Gloves also contribute to the fact that you will hold sports equipment and equipment in your hands more firmly and reliably. Tips for choosing gloves for fitness and training on simulators 1. Choose gloves made of leather or neoprene for better adhesion to metal. We do not recommend nylon gloves that have the ability to glide over iron. 2. The fingers of the glove should cover the lower half of the fingers on the hand – this makes it possible to protect your hands from corns, while preventing overheating, sweat and smell arising from intensive exercises with sports equipment. 3. Choose gloves with a wrist lock that will help you avoid sprains during heavy loads on your hands. 4. The gloves should be your size and fit snugly on your hand, otherwise they may slip off your hand and prevent you from practicing.

Kickboxing classes

In addition, regular classes

Unfortunately, no matter how much we would like it, strength exercises do not have a direct effect on breast augmentation, as The breast consists mainly of fat cells. When the fat layer increases, then the breast will increase. At the same time, with a general decrease in the fat layer, the fat layer on the chest will decrease, and accordingly, the breast itself will also slightly decrease. But strength exercises will give her a tone and help build muscle.

How to reduce breasts?

No part of the body can be reduced without losing weight. Run 4-7 km 3-4 times a week. Start from 2-3 km and add 5-7 minutes to the running time every fourth day. In addition to general weight loss, it is necessary to strengthen the pectoral muscles in order to raise the chest.

How to strengthen chest muscles?

Kickboxing or swimming will help. For training, you can also use a punching bag (tightly cushioned pillow, mattress). Various strokes against the pear – from above, from below, from the left, from the right – help to form beautiful muscles of the arms and pectoral muscles. To strengthen muscles, you can use sets of exercises to strengthen chest muscles:

Complexes of exercises for strengthening the muscles of the chest:

You will need dumbbells. Lying on your back, take your hands to the sides, and like a butterfly lift up. So 50 times in 3 sets. Exhale when you raise your hands. Exhale when you lower.

Also, lying on his back, but this time his hands along the body. Raise your arms with dumbbells up and down. 50 times in 3 sets.

Exercise with an expander. Take the expander and stretch to the sides. 50 times in 3 sets.

Perform regular push ups. The back is straight, the stomach is picked up. Legs can be extended, and you can lean on your knees. 50 times. In addition to the chest, this exercise strengthens the muscles of the arms, shoulders and back.

Stand on all fours, legs slightly apart, bend your arms slightly at the elbows. In this position, alternately straighten and bend your back, like a kitty, movements should be uniform and rhythmic. Such an exercise is also useful for the spine.

How to Tie Boxing Bandage


Bandages – a necessary attribute of anyone who wants to engage in boxing, Thai or classic. They help protect the ligaments and muscles of the hand and wrist from injuries and sprains, and also prevent damage to the skin covering the knuckles.

When working on bags, pads or moving pears, there is a risk of damage to the hands due to insufficient clenching of the fist, improper positioning of the hands or simply the accumulation of fatigue and loss of concentration. Correctly applied boxing bandages reduce the risk of injury and significantly improve the quality of the workout, namely:

– additionally fix movable joints, unloading ligaments, muscles and insuring them against overstretching and injuries –

– perform a hygienic function, protecting hands from pollution when using someone else’s equipment (gloves, pads), and also extend the service life of the gloves, absorbing excess moisture –

– they fix the fist and protect it, helping to put the blow correctly and make stronger blows. Working in bandages without gloves is not the best solution, because bandages quickly get off and cease to fulfill their function. For such work, thin shell gloves worn over bandages should be used. Do not neglect bandages so that your boxing lessons are good for your health, not harm.

There are a few things to know when choosing boxing bandages:

1. Any boxing bandage consists of a tape, a loop for the thumb and Velcro for fixing the bandage on the wrist.

2. Bandages of different companies differ in the type of material: they can be cotton and made of synthetic fibers – nylon or polyester. The latter last longer, wear out less as a result of frequent washes, however, they absorb and remove moisture worse, not giving the same ventilation for the skin as pure cotton options-

3. Bandages come in different lengths – from 1, 5 to 5 meters – usually fans are advised to purchase bandages of 2, 5 meters long. Such products fix only the thumb and wrist joint, but with them it is easier and faster to prepare your hands for training. Bandages with a length of 4, 5 m are designed for bandage with the “eight” or “cross”. This method is good for pros, those who can quickly tie up bandages or use the help of assistants. The advantages of full bandaging are better hand protection during strong shocks and good moisture removal from the skin.

Taekwondo Outfit

Taekwondo Outfit

Almost any kind of martial arts involves a certain form of clothing. Somewhere, a tracksuit is enough, and somewhere strictly regulated types of uniforms and protective equipment are needed. A lot of nuances and details can confuse even the most trained person. Therefore, situations are not uncommon when questions arise when choosing the right equipment for classes and competitions.

To avoid such problems, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with excerpts from official documents that describe in detail what uniforms and equipment should look like for certain martial arts.

2013 edition

Section 7. Costume of a participant

Competitors must wear judogi that meets the following requirements:

1. Judogi must be made of cotton or similar material and be in good condition (no holes or tears). Judogi material should not be excessively stiff and thick so as not to interfere with the opponent’s grabs.

2. Judogi should be blue for the participant called up by the first, and white for the second participant.

3. The following markings are allowed on judo:

a) national Olympic abbreviation (on the back of the jacket). The size of the letters is 11 cm in height –

b) the state emblem (flag) on ​​the left chest. The maximum size is 100 square meters. cm-

c) a manufacturer’s trademark of not more than 20 square meters. cm (front bottom of the jacket, front bottom at the left leg and at one end of the belt). It is allowed to place the manufacturer’s trademark on one of the sleeves measuring 25 cm ´ 5 cm at the bottom of the jacket. Official IJF suppliers are allowed to place the IJF logo above their brand closely.

d) a patch on the shoulder (from the collar over the shoulder down the sleeve on both sides of the jacket) with a length of not more than 25 cm and a width of up to 5 cm with advertising or national colors (allowed on both sides) –

e) it is allowed to place an advertisement of 10 cm ´ 10 cm in size on each sleeve. These are 100 square meters. see advertisements should be located below and closely with the patch on the shoulder-

Boxing Tutorial

Counter straight from middle kick

This collection consists of 4 DVDs. The entire collection consists of selected boxing training material.

Boxing is a sport, fist fight according to special rules between two athletes in the ring.

This collection contains the best boxing trainings.

With this boxing tutorial, you can easily master boxing skills, and wake up no worse than those people who have been boxing for several years.

We have compiled this collection of instructional videos specifically for you.

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Material that is in the collection:

Description: Andrey Shkalikov was born on May 6, 1968 in the city of Kopeisk, Chelyabinsk Region. He started boxing at the age of 14. At 18, he fulfilled the standard for the master of sports of the USSR. Over the years, he was part of the Soviet Union and the Russian team. Since 1990, he began performing in professional fights. During his career as a pro, he spent 65 fights, won 57, won 29 wins ahead of schedule. Having studied various boxing styles used in different countries of the world, guided by personal experience, Andrey Shkalikov developed his own system of training boxers, which he suggests familiarizing himself with in the series “School professional boxing. ”

About the film: Shooting on an amateur camera in one of the sports clubs in Moscow. The coach and assistant teach the universal style of dirty (street) boxing. Show / train strokes, grabs, etc.

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Description: The film “Professional Boxing. Training Methodology ”was shot on the basis of the Patriot professional boxing club network. It gives a complete picture of the physical exercises in boxing, the strength training of the boxer, the setting of knockout punches. The program “Professional boxing. Training Methodology ”includes a modern methodology for conducting the preparatory process! The development of power endurance, the ability to fight at a high pace

Description: A beginner’s manual. You are holding a unique video tool in your hands that will help you master the greatest art of defense called boxing in the shortest possible time and regardless of your age and physical condition. The famous coach Alexander Nikolaev, who has been working on creating his own technique for many years, guides you through all the steps from the beginning to the stage when you feel like a real boxer – an athlete who knows how to defend himself competently. The peculiarity of this technique is its democratic nature and universality, which opens up new opportunities for absolutely all people who find a desire to improve their skills and plunge into the atmosphere of the most aristocratic sport – boxing.

Boxing Technique

Boxing match

For successful boxing and combat, a boxer must first learn the technique of boxing.

Boxing technique is a combination of defense and attack techniques, mastered in the form of motor abilities and skills, capable of ensuring the most effective implementation of the task – victory over the opponent.

Under the technique should be understood such a rationality of movements, which is able to provide maximum efficiency from the actions performed by the boxer.

Boxing technique is for the boxer the main weapon that he uses in battle, guided by tactical considerations. Therefore, the technique must be mastered perfectly by the boxer.

The correct use of well-learned techniques allows you to quickly and easily perform the most complex and diverse actions during combat.

The fast pace of the fight itself requires that all movements of the boxer be as expedient as possible.

The boxing technique is characterized by a sequence and rationality of movements: each subsequent action should flow from the previous one, continuing it, and be performed with the least expenditure of energy and time.

The fight in the ring is characterized by continuity in the alternation of a wide variety of military movements. In this case, the position of the body, determining the completeness of one movement, is at the same time the starting position for the next movement. So, in attacks with a series of strokes at the end of each hit, the boxer assumes the starting position for the next strike or any action related to both the attack and the defense.

In boxing, the main and only means of achieving victory over the opponent is a blow.

At the same time, a punch is an essential component of the technology of modern boxing.

In striking an important role is played by the rational coordination of the boxer’s movements.

The correct rational coordination of movements is understood as the optimal use of the strength of the muscles of the body participating in the work when performing this technique, aimed at solving a specific motor task.

The main component of each technique is the movement of body mass and its individual parts.

To achieve maximum efficiency when delivering any strike, it is imperative that the direction of movement of the striking arm and the body mass of the striking boxer rationally coincide.