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8 - 16 oz fitness praetorian

Grant Boxing was established in 1995 in New York, founded by Jess M. Collen. The Grant Boxing brand specializes in sports equipment and is one of the most respected brands in the industry. “Grant Boxing” has created a number of collections of handmade boxing equipment – shoes, bags, clothes and accessories for boxing. The company’s products are famous for their original design and the highest quality, for which they are revered by such world-famous boxers as Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson, Roberto Duran, Floyd Mayweather, Roy Jones Jr., the Klitschko brothers and Emelianenko. This is not an exhaustive list of athletes who have chosen Grant Boxing products. The gloves of this company have the best cushioning properties and provide maximum protection against brush injuries, surpassing many other well-known brands in terms of these indicators.

Grant Boxing produces a wide range of handmade boxing accessories, including shell and combat boxing gloves, head helmets, paws and makivaras, boxers, and various body protection accessories.

You can also find the following Grant names: Grant.

Boxing gloves


Order Boxing Gloves

Order Boxing Gloves

Even novice athletes know that boxing gloves are really necessary equipment. They are able to protect the boxer’s hands, wrists and forearms during training and duel. However, not so simple. Before that, a person who wants to purchase them should carefully study all the features of the model he liked. Since both the health of the athlete and his success in the ring depend on the right choice.

Rules for choosing gloves for boxing in Moscow

Professionals advise beginners: before you look for where to buy boxing gloves in an online store, first figure out what options are offered by modern manufacturers.

So, boxing gloves, the price of which can vary in a fairly wide range, vary:

By weight (the products most in demand among athletes are 10-18 ounces) -By material (so, you can order boxing gloves made of natural or synthetic materials) -By way of fastening.

Have you decided to purchase boxing gloves in Moscow? Then carefully read the product description. Pay special attention to the fact that products of different weights, as a rule, correspond to the weight category of the athlete. We make a simple conclusion: the lighter the boxer, the lighter models of gloves for boxing (you can buy them at the store in the capital at this minute) will suit him. The smallest weight is on products that are intended for young athletes (for example, this is 6 ounce boxing gloves). By the way, they cost less than those that are suitable for adults.

But for training, as a rule, boxing gloves of 10 ounces or more are used. With their help, you can provide maximum protection to your hands. There is another important point that you should pay attention to: in the process of training, it is better to use special shell gloves for boxing 10 ounces. They will help the boxer give his best under the guidance of a coach. By the way, it’s possible to buy shelling gloves for boxing today, being in any city in Russia.

How to Make a Boxing Pear With Your Hands


A good punching bag costs a lot, and cheaper options are usually of such quality that they are more likely to bring harm and not benefit during classes.

In order to get a high-quality punching bag, you can try to make it yourself. For the manufacture of such a sports equipment does not require a lot of tools or special materials. We can say that the punching bag can be made from improvised materials.

In addition, with the independent manufacture of such sports equipment, you can calculate the necessary weight and dimensions of the pear, as well as choose the right filler.

An important issue in the manufacture of pears is the choice of cover and filler materials. It can be a variety of materials that differ not only in operational properties, but also in service life.

For punching bags used the following materials:

Genuine leather. This is the best option, because it is durable and at the same time it will not hurt your hands. Similar in properties to the skin (provided that it is of high quality), but with a strong impact it can burst, therefore, if used, then in several layers. Tarpaulin. Not the best option, his hands are peeled off.

As a filler can be used:

Sand SawdustHorse hairRubber crumb

Since horse hair is now difficult to find, as well as rubber crumb, the most commonly used combination of sand with sawdust. In order to prevent these materials from deteriorating over time, it is better to calcine (sand) and dry thoroughly (sawdust) before backfilling. Also, you will need:

Strong thread, such as nylon chain, Steel wire, Reinforced tape, Bag, Pliers, Scissors, Sewing hook or large needle

Boxing Gloves Title

Boxing training

TITLE is a U.S. company established in 1998. One of the founders of the brand – Tony Carbaggio is a regional former boxing champion. In a short time, TITLE became on a par with the leading manufacturers of boxing equipment. Athletes say the TITLE gear is no worse than the products of Everlast, the segment leader.

What gloves to choose

We offer two TITLE gloves:

training (inside – a multilayer foam filler, softening the blows) – shell (for working with light and heavy pears).

Training gloves are suitable for sparring. The sewn thumb repeats the anatomical outline of the fist. Fit tight thanks to classic Velcro. Shells have increased strength. Designed for enhanced training with pears, bags, paws.

We also sell TITLE equipment for mixed martial arts.

Most models have a traditional color: red and black.

Reliable protection

Among the TITLE equipment there are important protective accessories:

pads on the shin, foot (strong mount on the stocking, do not interfere during an active fight) -boxing helmets (foam filler with gel inserts, a dense layer in the cheeks, forehead, chin) -Boxing bandages (do not stretch, made of 100% cotton , perfectly protect the hands from injuries).

Kickboxing Paws

Lapa dlia boksa
Page: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Show allFor a hard blow

In the Kingboxer store, you can simply purchase a complete set of boxing accessories. Always available makivara, boxing (coaching) paws from the best manufacturers Ataka, Twins, Green Hill.

Work with makiwara, as with most simulators, must be supervised by an instructor. A beginner can seriously hurt the joints of the hands. The first rule is to train in thin shell gloves. The second is with Green Hill Makivara or Twins Makivara. Indeed, success largely depends on the quality of the projectile! The place of impact must be elastic and soft so as not to provoke injuries.

For the trainer

Mentors of fighters willingly acquire boxing paws Twins, Ataka, Green Hill. Leather paws serve for a long time, extend the life of coaching gloves. There are several types of paws:

concave – for sharpening punches from different angles, uppercut techniques – for example, Twins boxer paws are made of genuine leather by hand, filled with foam, ergonomic, with ventilation gloves are straight – for practicing direct punches right on target – for example, Ataka paw made of durable leather absolutely safe and durable – large – have combined tabs, suitable for practicing Thai boxing, kickboxing and MMA crackers – a bifurcated single paw for practicing kicks – this type includes Green Hill paws (taekwondo, kickboxing).

Sports Pears

Children's sports pears with

OrenBox We produce – boxing bags, pears, paws, mats, horizontal bars, brackets for pears, tubing-cheesecake and much more in Orenburg. The Boxing bag provides a unique opportunity to engage in the development of all muscle groups, as well as the respiratory system and circulatory system. from a medical point of view, boxing is one of the most intense sports and sports training. Even if you have absolutely no desire to compete or participate in sparring, boxing alone will help you to be strong her endurance, lose weight and feel much better.

Shopping carts of the shopping and entertainment center series are sewn from imported awning material, which is particularly durable for a long time. A distinctive feature of the bags of this series is the suspension system, consisting of 5 carbines and chains, which provides special reliability. • Bags are stitched with triple seams with strong nylon thread, which undoubtedly increases the strength of the product. • This material, unlike foam rubber, perfectly withstands shock loads (does not crumble over time), reduces the harmful effects on joints during training, shape the product. The service life of PES, without changing its properties, is dozens of years. • Bags of this series have proven themselves as reliable, durable, comfortable shells for any level of complexity and intensity of training (both for home and “club” use). The level of their reliability and the quality is comparable to genuine leather products. • Our company cooperates with professional athletes and listens to them, constantly improving and improving the quality of its products. Our company produces boxing bags from different brands. GOVERNMENTAL materials and with different fillings. It is possible to make bags to order according to the size of the customer. The experience of our company allows us to make bags for athletes of any level of training.

Sports Equipment Moscow

volleyball knee pads

We are sincerely glad to welcome you to the new website of the Professinalsport online store, where you can buy professional sportswear for men, women and children, and famous brands of Mizuno, Asics, Skins and leading manufacturers of specialized sports equipment.

Professionalsport online sporting goods store has several advantages over other stores:

Individual approach to each client

In our online store you can always count on professional advice when choosing sports goods. You will be helped to make a choice taking into account your individual needs and the structure of your body, whether it is equipment with increased protection against injuries or running shoes, if you have flat feet.

Possibility to order two sizes for fitting

Often doubts are overwhelmed when buying: Or maybe it was necessary to take a floor larger / smaller? By placing an order in a sports online store, you can easily get rid of doubts by ordering an additional item for fitting. The offer is relevant when ordering courier delivery in Moscow. When ordering from Russian regions, you can always return a thing that does not fit the size and we will send you the required size, or we will refund the money.

Really wide range of sporting goods in stock

constantly replenishes virtual online shop-windows with new collections of the best sportswear and shoes. Unlike a traditional store, our shelves are endless! All models that are in the catalog on the site, you can buy to order.

Martial Arts Equipment Store

Hardcore Training T-shirt

High-quality zip leather, Velcro cuffs allow you to fix the brush. An open thumb allows you to act faster ..

510 hryvnias

50 hryvnias

Silicone boxing mouth guard, single-jaw mouth guard for boxing.

490 hryvnias

Shorts are of good quality for practicing in the martial arts hall. In the presence of two colors. Delivery NP, Intime both cash on delivery and payment on the card ..

470 hryvnias

Shorts are of good quality for practicing in the martial arts hall. Delivery of NP, InTime both by cash on delivery and payment on the card

100 hryvnias

The tape is intended for muscle fatigue, increases blood flow. Composition of cotton and honey glue. Length 5 m, width 3.8 cm

300 hryvnias

Designed for a convenient lesson, there are many different prints available (photos will be later)

Shorts Bad Boy Fuzion Black / Blue – perfect practical shorts are perfect for any sport. Unique material is ..

The group’s wall is empty.

Gloves for Pears

Gloves for your pear

Shell gloves are a necessary condition for practicing blows on pears and bags. They not only provide effective training, but also prevent possible injuries. That is why the right choice of shell boxing gloves is so important and not only for beginners, but also for real pros!

Working on bags wears out gloves very much, which is why using sparring models for this purpose is not recommended. In a short period of time, they completely lose their shape and get lost. But the special gloves will stand the test with flying colors and work out the operational life allotted to them!

You can buy shell gloves in our online store. They are presented with us in such a variety that anyone can pick up what will appeal to him and his wallet. There are models for women too! Made in bright colors with a catchy design, they will adorn the hands of any woman who is fond of boxing.

Shell gloves for boxing have a flat shape, for which they are called “pancakes” or “cue ball”. As a rule, standard models have a closed cut. Their outer layer is sewn from natural or synthetic leather, which has good strength characteristics. As for the filler, it is usually quite rigid, which determines the comfortable work on the shells.

In our store, shell gloves are available in two versions:

• with a closed liner (compartment) for the thumb; • with an open liner.

It is worth paying attention that even if the thumb is closed, the liner for it is not sewn along the fist. This is a significant point! Thanks to him, while practicing blows on the bags, the fighter can remove it on the phalanges of the fingers, which minimizes the possibility of injury. As for models with open fingers, they allow you to hold captures and can be used not only by boxers, but also by those who engage in other types of martial arts.

The weight of shell gloves does not exceed 8 oz, and this is another difference. Their lightness provides maximum maneuverability, allowing you to work out the speed of impact and endurance.

Shin guards

Photo protective shields

Monowheels – reliable and safe transport that allows you to move around without support using the balance of the body. However, various situations in which the user may be hit or injured are not excluded. To protect yourself, you should use accessories for protection – in particular, shields to protect the lower leg from damage and shock. Experienced owners of monowheels often advise beginners to purchase protective accessories immediately.

When riding a monocycle, the shin is the most vulnerable part of the body, because there are cases when inexperienced users try to perform a difficult trick or dangerous maneuver, being completely unprepared for this. As a result of a sharp set of speed, a collision with a high obstacle or an unsuccessful jump, the device can go into protection mode and turn on braking when the user is still moving by inertia.

It is for such cases that shin guards made of foam propylene and EVA foam are designed with through holes for ventilation. Thanks to convenient Velcro, the accessory is easily fastened and adjustable according to the volume of the foot of a specific user. The outer surface will soften possible shocks, while the softer inner surface will protect the lower legs from bruising and rubbing.

This protection also prevents the lower leg from rubbing in contact with the unicycle. Very useful thing at first!