Winding Boxing Bandages

How to tie boxing

Functional training using boxing bags, paws, makivar is very effective and incredibly interesting. But the use of boxing equipment requires compliance with shock equipment and the use of special ammunition. Today we choose bandages! Boxing bandages support the joints of the wrist in a physiological position and prevent damage to the upper layers of the skin.

Varieties of bandages: * cotton- * elastic (Mexican) – * bandage gloves.

The protection of the first type is a dense cotton tape with a loop for the thumb and fixing Velcro. 100% cotton bandages “breathe” well and absorb sweat. If during their winding to avoid excessive efforts, there will be no mechanical squeezing of muscle tissue and blood vessels and the sensitivity of all nerve endings will remain.

Elastic bandages consist of a combination of synthetic and natural materials. Spandex is the most common supplement, which significantly increases the extensibility of the tissue strip. Mexican bandages are practical, hold the fist tight, without affecting its mobility, but at the same time they are characterized by less breathability and lose their original shape faster. Taping their hands with Mexican bandages, many beginners show such zeal that they disrupt normal blood flow.

Bandage gloves are designed for express-taping brushes. Using this protection option, there is no need to waste time wrapping. From classical bandages, there is nothing in them but the performance of the same function. In fact, this is a lightweight version of the gloves with their fingers trimmed, protecting the shock of the fist. Bandage gloves sit comfortably on your hands, any beginner can put on this equipment on his own, but choosing innovative protection, it is recommended to pay attention to its size.

Boxing Pear Children

Punching bag for children!

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A children’s punching bag is designed for playing activities to develop coordination.

Kidwood online store offers sports complexes for children of different ages. Each of them is created with love and care. You can be completely sure of the safety of your children by purchasing our sports-galt. We also developed sports accessories that you can optionally choose. For example, a punching bag for a children’s complex. It is made of reliable quality materials. With its help, your child will be involved in an exciting game, while developing its coordination. The children’s pear is easy to attach and will hold securely on the crossbar of a sports corner, which completely eliminates injuries. So, you can be sure of the complete safety of your child.

It will not be difficult for you to familiarize yourself with the entire range of accessories for children’s complexes in our catalog. We offer convenient terms of order and purchase. For all questions, you can consult with us to make the right choice. You will find the delivery, assembly, and self-delivery conditions in a special section.

How to Beat a Pear Correctly

How to beat a pear?

Method 1

Learn the punching technique; Learn the punching technique to punch harder. You will not succeed with poor equipment. And the right technique will not only make your strike stronger, but also more effective, that is, you will spend less energy on its implementation. Put your feet and legs correctly. Your legs and feet are the anchors of your weight. They should not only help you keep your balance, but also allow you to transfer the energy of the impact from the hips to the upper part, right down to the fist. Here are some simple tips: Use your hips and torso for extra power. Try hitting something while keeping your hips or torso still. You will not get a strong blow. Now try to simultaneously rotate your hips and torso at the same time. This blow will turn out at least twice as strong as the first. Professional golfers, tennis, and baseball players use this technique. With the help of their hips and torso, they strengthen the blow. And nothing prevents you from doing the same. Using your hips, pull your torso back. Imagine cocking a trigger. Then begin to move the hips in the opposite direction, twisting the torso towards the target. Before you hit, exhale the air. After exhaling, you can relax your muscles just before the fist touches the target. If you are unable to do this correctly, then exhale with noise during the blow. During the blow, slightly tilt your head, press your chin, and look at your target. You will need to tilt your head and press your chin to protect yourself during a counterattack. .Keep the enemy in sight to see where to strike. Let the hand and fist be as one. In addition to being able to use your hips to strike, you also need to be able to properly use your hand and fist. Here are some tips you can use to get the most effective punch possible. Keep your hand and fist relaxed just before contact. As soon as you touch the enemy, then strain your fist. A relaxed hand and fist will give speed, and a clenched fist will give power. Beat in a straight line, not in an arc. It would be very tempting to strike an arc, but don’t do it. Remember that the force of the blow comes from your hips and torso, and not from the trajectory of your hand. Do not take your hand or fist back. Thus, you will show the opponent what you are going to do. Aim at the most painful places. Try to get to such places in order to immediately put an enemy out of action: Chin Temples Solar plexus

Children’s Boxing Gloves

Children's gloves for boxing RDX

The Green Hill brand pays significant attention to supporting children’s boxing, as evidenced by the company’s product range. It presents children’s boxing gloves made in accordance with the physiological structure of the child’s hand. The price of Green Hill children’s gloves is attractive to parents of young athletes.

Features of boxing gloves for children Green Hill

Protection of hands from injuries depends on the equipment of the boxer. In children’s sports, the problem has one more side – the prevention of injury to the sparring partner if one of the participants still does not know how to calculate their strength.

Green Hill boxing gloves for children are designed with both aspects in mind, making them safe for the wearer and his opponent in the ring. Their design:

It doesn’t allow the thumb to close the fist, which reduces the force of the blow. It is filled with a formed polyurethane foam that protects the hands from injuries – “Works” using the innovative Anti-Shock system, which disperses the points of impacts to avoid their concentration and subsequent injuries — It has an optimal weight in 6 ounces, which allows you to recommend boxing gloves for children aged 7 to 9 years. It has an ergonomic shape of a child’s hand, so you can buy children’s boxing gloves that are perfect young athlete. Comfortable and lightweight, they will not be larger and “hang out” on their hands, which often accompanies “adult” accessories used by children.

Among the models of children’s boxing gloves, you will find accessories with a synthetic leather upper with Velcro cuff. They serve their owners for a long time, retain their shape and attractive appearance. The colors of the accessories are classic red and blue tones.

How to buy boxing gloves for children Green Hill?

Check out our assortment and place an order online. To do this, leave a request for children’s boxing gloves in the “Question and Answer” section or call the company’s office in Moscow by phone (499) 152-28-07.

Taekwondo Outfit

ATTENTION !!! Equipment can be ordered in the comments to this article. 29824448. In the whole world, Taekwondo (WTF) is considered one of the safest martial arts, mainly due to the protective equipment that every athlete involved in this sport should wear. And we want to tell you what types of outfits there are in Taekwondo (WTF): Dobok – a suit made of snow-white fabric. Consists of top and trousers. It comes from the Korean phrase: to – the way, side – a suit. The form is universal, but there are differences in design and color. Usually on the form is the symbolism of martial art.

There are several requirements for the dobok. So, the top should be spacious so as not to hamper the movements of the athlete, and long enough to cover the hips. In accordance with official requirements, dobka sleeves should cover the wrist for three centimeters and be spacious enough, because under the top additional protective equipment is usually worn. The same thing applies to trousers – they must be long enough and free to put on shields on the legs.

Dobok has a separation:

With a white collar (for athletes with colored belts) -With a black and red collar (for children under 15 years of age with 1 black belt Pumas) -With a black collar (for owners of 1 Dan) –

A uniform series is also used for athletes practicing Phums.

Belt – Taekwondo (WTF) has its own system for issuing belts: there are 10 categories (Coops) – colored belts and 9 degrees (dan) – black belts. The color of the belt is determined by the level of training (qualifications) of the athletes. Stepping – specialized sports shoes necessary for Taekwondo classes, provided that there is no dayang in the hall.

Taekwondo is distinguished from other types of martial arts primarily by a large number of kicks and high jumps. Therefore, one of the most important parts of an athlete’s equipment should be high-quality Taekwondo shoes, designed for increased activity and able to provide maximum protection against foot injuries.

High-quality steppes should be lightweight, comfortable, made of durable material that will not deform during prolonged use. The sole of such shoes should be quite thin and non-slip.

The presence of the necessary protective equipment during the competitive preparation is a prerequisite for all taekwondo players, which reduces the risk of injuring athletes. Protection of the legs and arms. Serve to protect the forearms and lower legs of athletes during bumps and blocks during the development of tactical and technical aspects of sparring in Taekwondo (WTF) .

Protector: Serves to protect the athlete’s body during contact training and competitions, as well as to calculate points when the athlete correctly hits the vest.

Helmet: It is used to protect the athlete’s head during training and competitions, as well as to calculate points when the athlete hits the head correctly. The main colors of helmets for Taekwondo (WTF): white, blue and red. The most common color is white, it is used both in training and in competitions. Kapa. A device made of flexible plastic, worn on the teeth in order to protect against sports injuries. Mouthguards are single (to protect the upper row of teeth, the most common) and double (respectively, full protection). Under the new Taekwondo Competition Rules (WTF), only transparent or white burls are allowed.

Gloves: One of the essential elements of taekwondo equipment. Gloves serve to protect the athlete’s hands and fingers from damage.

Bandage (shell). The most important part of the equipment of any fighter, is to protect the groin from blows. Taekwondo has both a male and female bandage.

Punching Bag Do It Yourself

Orthodox Faith - Priest
Punching bag = 2 bags + shavings + sand

* You will need 2 bags for construction waste, because if you make 1 bag, it will definitely tear. Insert small stones into the corners of the bag and tie the corners together, then the bottom will turn round.

* Insert one bag into another, and fill with layers of wood shavings and sand.

* From above it is better to make a circle from thick wire, wrap it with the edge of the bag, hem it, then the pear will be completely round. Or just tie it up. * In order to suspend the pear normally, you need to make an emphasis, for this we tie the neck of the bag with a thread, insert the stone and fasten with plastic ties on top. The stone will be like a stopper so that the rope that will hold the pear does not slide up.

Boxers Asics

Boxers ASICS

Those who are professionally engaged in wrestling, boxing or other martial arts, understand: you can’t save on the quality of equipment! First of all, we are talking about special sports shoes for different types of wrestling – wrestling shoes, children’s wrestling shoes and boxers and children’s boxers. On we offer you wrestling shoes, boxing shoes at the best prices in Ukraine. It is very simple to buy wrestling shoes and boxers of leading Asisks and Adidas firms delivered from the USA (by the way, Adidas and Asics have established themselves as the best wrestling manufacturers in the world). By purchasing wrestling shoes with us, you are guaranteed to get high-quality sports shoes made for the US market. It doesn’t matter whether you buy children’s wrestling shoes for your child or adults for yourself. For sports shoes for different types of wrestling, increased demands are made. Wrestling shoes as well as boxers should be light, strong, tightly fit the leg, provide maximum traction with the carpet during the fight. Guaranteed to be such can only be real branded boxers, presented on Each item is equipped with a photo of the product, so you do not have to wonder how branded wrestling really looks, for example, for Greco-Roman wrestling or for freestyle wrestling and sambo. In boxers, Asix and Adidas train and perform stars of wrestling, boxing, and other martial arts. If you don’t find wrestling shoes of your size on the site, feel free to leave a request, and we will deliver you branded boxers or wrestling shoes to order. Contact us, we are happy to work for YOU.

Stretch Pear

Stretch Pear

I do not blame you for being entangled in a million possible options. There are many different shapes, sizes and variations of stretch marks pears available on the market. I will explain how to use them, what skills they develop, and which cable to choose in order to install them. (I also included videos of professionals working for them.)

Check out my top 5 types of stretch pears:

Round for Beginners (timing / rhythm / defense)

If you can only afford one, get this one. You can work on it both on attack and defense. Whatever you wish. She is very mobile, and will test you. Good for beginners.


Thin for Beginners (timing / rhythm / accuracy)

Another comprehensive version of the pear on stretch marks in a thin form. Good for practicing all attacks, attacks and defense. It is the same as a round pear for beginners, only thinner.


Advanced attack (speed / rhythm / accuracy)

This pear is good for fastening on a dense elastic cable and working for accuracy and high-speed rhythms. The small, thin size makes it well suited for precision training with quick combinations. Not suitable for work on protection because the cable is tight.


* You can also use it upside down, as shown above.

Head and Body (combinations)

A good comprehensive pear for working on combinations, accuracy, speed, timing of strokes in the head and in the body. Usually, I work on pears with streamers with one circle, and I just hit the cable when I simulate blows into the body. But anyway … for those who want a real “case”, you can use this pear and get good results. It is fun to use, and it works better with a tightly stretched elastic cable. This pear, most likely, is not suitable for working out protection.


Pear Sniper (accuracy)

Good for working on precision and timing of single hits. She moves a lot, so you can’t work on hard combinations. She is more in order to move around her and work on the accuracy of single hits. You can work out a little protection on it. I would not use it for permanent work, since she does not train the rhythm much.

Moscow Kickboxing Federation


GPRO 22 was the longest of all previous tournaments, but at the same time did not make the audience bored!

In the main fight of the evening, returning after a break of 2 years, Roman Mailov won in the extra round a difficult, strong-willed victory over Thai Deo Fetsanghat. The first round ended up completely behind Check Bean. Roman only at the end of the round realized that he had an impenetrable killing machine in front of him and that he needed to pick up keys for her somehow. In the second round, Roma started to get something and he managed to roll the wheelhouse. The result of referee notes – 10/10 – a draw. The third round was sharp, Mailov was constantly moving forward, and Check Bin, snarling, backed away. As a result, according to the notes of the judge, a draw following the results of the battle. They gave an extra round! In the extra round, no one wanted to concede either. The hardest lowki and roundkiki overtook Mailova. Roman precisely answered with lateral blows of hands. The round was equal, but still the initiative and desire to win belonged to a greater extent to Mailov, who eventually took the first line of the GPRO rating!

And now, one after another: The first battle between Ilya Bikmaev from the Moscow Golden Glory club and Vladislav Veselovsky from GFG immediately set the audience up! The guys went out to “fight” and no one was going to concede. The first battle of the undercard – and what a glow! As a result, Vlad was still more technical and more precise, as a result of which he won.

In the second fight, Alexander Lepikhov (Champion of the world kickboxing championship) from the Vityaz-Fight club did not expect to get such resistance from the newcomer from PamirFighters / GFG Yakim Mukkadamshoev. The result of the battle is a draw.

Daniyal Mukhtarov (“Ring Time”) lost to Ruslan Aliyev from “GFG” 3-0 in a strong-willed and spectacular duel.

Alexander Ermoshin (“Club No. 1”) outplayed a good fighter from Armenia Hayk Harutyunyan (3-0) in the class.

Rolan Guliyev (“Vityaz-Fight”) and Iskander Ziyaev (“Bars-Profi”) started such a massacre that the audience simply roared! But Ziyaev was still more accurate and won the extra round!

Outfit for Kudo

Kudo - where to start and why

The choice of equipment for kudo should be approached carefully. Not every kimono is suitable for practicing kudo. The constant struggle in the stance and stalls places special demands on the quality of the material and the convenience of style.

Of course, a kimono for kudo should be made of natural material – cotton. Secondly, the sleeve should be shortened. Thirdly, trousers should be wide enough not to constrain movements, and tight to serve the kudoist for a long time.

Here you can buy kimonos for kudo white and blue. At official competitions, an athlete can only compete in a kimono with the KUDO emblem. The presence of such an emblem in everyday training is not necessary. Kudo athletes are allowed to compete only with protective equipment. During the fight, the kudoist must use a special helmet with a mask. Competitions and certification are unthinkable without gloves for Kudo. Their distinguishing feature is that on top they are covered with felt material. For training sparring, Kudoists often buy leather pads and gloves – they are more convenient for working with shells. Some trainers believe that gloves for MMA are optimal for kudo sparings. These are gloves with open fingers for grip in the rack and stalls. They are very convenient for working in the “mixed” mode: stance / stalls. During sparring training, shields on the legs are also necessary. Here you can buy leather pads on the shin and foot, fastened with Velcro, as well as the model “stocking”. The first option is distinguished by stiffer protection, the second by lightness. Boxing feet are the main working tool in the training process. They work out the accuracy of the blow, seriality and combinatorics – they can increase endurance and develop a technical arsenal. You can buy paws of different sizes, colors and manufacturers from us. An assortment of Thai paws and makiwar in this section.