Boxer Stance

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BOXER’S BATTLING STAND – a universal starting position used by a boxer for both offensive and defensive actions.

Being in B. s. b., a boxer can occupy the most advantageous combat positions. B. s. b. allows the boxer to be in constant combat readiness, confidently carry out his intentions and prevent the actions of the enemy. B. s. b. allows the boxer to best focus on the actions of the opponent. During the battle B. s. b. cannot remain the same: the position of the boxer’s arms, legs, torso all the time changes depending on the nature of his preparatory movements. The manner of staying in B. s. b. during the battle, each established boxer is individual, as is his individual manner of battle. This helps him successfully use his physical. and strong-willed qualities. A boxer leading a fight in a regular left-handed stance moves in the ring, turning the left side of the body forward (half-turn to the opponent). This position allows the athlete to cover with his right hand his head (palm) and body (forearm). At the same time, from this position the boxer can carry out strong punches with his right hand. At the boxer who is in left-side B. with. b., the left leg is advanced forward, the weight of the body is evenly distributed on both slightly bent legs. The position of the left hand slightly extended forward allows you to quickly strike straight and other blows.

Boxer fighting stance

The boxer, adhering to the right-handed stance (usually left-handed), stands facing the opponent with the right side of the body forward. This rack is like a mirror image of the left-side rack.

At close range there is a direct danger of getting hit from the enemy. Therefore, the boxer changes B. s. b. In the stand for close combat, it is more assembled, carefully covers the most vulnerable parts of the body.

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