Boxing Shells

Boxing bags in boxing school

Boxing equipment is required for every athlete to achieve an impressive result. They are bags, mannequins and pillows of various types. Boxing equipment is a necessary equipment for both beginners and those who have already dedicated their lives to this sport. They help to effectively work out movements, train strokes and hone combinations.

What can be boxing shells?

Boxing shells come in completely different types. Probably the most popular and famous is the famous boxing bag, which is familiar to absolutely everyone. It is filled with sawdust or rubber crumb. It is indispensable for practicing kicks and arms.

Another well-known representative from the “boxing shells” group is a punching bag. Such equipment is intended if it is necessary to practice sharp punches with hands. A special pillow for uppercuts (that is, a blow from below) is also a type of equipment for boxers. Often use such shells for boxing, as well as for other sports. For example, for Thai boxing or fighting without rules. And the whole point is that the uppercut is one of the most dangerous strokes for the opponent, as well as one of the most spectacular.

This is not a complete list of combat gear. Boxing shells can still be mannequins, paws, makivars – depending on what specific goal you are pursuing and what you want to work out. In any case, the value of such an element of equipment is difficult to overestimate.

Where to buy equipment?

In the catalog of the online store you can find bags, pears and pillows for uppercuts of the Thai company Top King. All shells are made in Thailand from genuine leather, which makes them a great choice for any athlete, be it a boxer, a Thai boxer or a fighter without MMA rules.

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