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Boxing Trainer DFC TLS-M01

Athletes involved in contact martial arts know how important strength, endurance, quick reaction and coordination of movements are for such sports. And if strikes are strictly forbidden in wrestling or judo, then, for example, in classic or Thai boxing or hand-to-hand fighting, one cannot do without them. The simulator for practicing blows will become an indispensable assistant in the training of athletes. You will learn about its main varieties in this section of the online store.

Punching bag. This exercise machine is stuffed with sand or rubber crumb. The most high-quality and durable models are considered to be covered with leather. Boxing bags vary in size and weight. So, for example, a simulator weighing more than 70 kilograms is optimal for beginner wrestlers. A bag weighing 120 kilograms is designed specifically for professionals.

Water filling simulator. Such a projectile is used to practice single strikes and series. Its main difference from a boxing bag is that water acts as its filler.

Punching bag. This projectile is used by fighters to work out the accuracy and speed of impacts (usually direct and lateral). It is widely used in boxing, karate, kickboxing, etc.

Makivara. In its original form, this shell was an ordinary wooden pillar wrapped in ropes. With his help also practiced blows. Today, makiwara is a rubber cushion fixed to the wall, stuffed with rubber crumb.

Dummy. This projectile is installed on the floor, making it ideal for home use. It can be used both for practicing and for staging a strike.

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Thanks to the convenient navigation and a catalog with a detailed description of the products, you can easily find the right sports equipment.

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