Outdoor Pears

Boxing mannequins and floor

If you or your child is engaged in boxing, you will agree that this sport requires a serious approach to the choice of training equipment. By tradition, the most important simulator for boxing is the punching bag. It can be suspended, a boxing rush for adults and a children’s floor pear.

You can buy floor pears, hanging pears of any severity, design and color in many sports stores. A large selection of products, such as a floor pear, hanging, children’s floor pear, is presented on the Internet.

Boxing punching bags and bags.

The most popular product for training is a floor pear, which does not need to be fixed to the ceiling. Floor pear can be of different types.

The punching bag punching bag differs in various shape and size. The choice of a punching bag depends on the quality of training, the qualifications of the boxer and his age data. A children’s floor pear, for example, is small and lightweight, taking into account the height and body weight of the child.

A large heavy punching bag, as a rule, has the form of a cylinder, a cylinder made of leather, its substitute, tarpaulin, inside which are sawdust and sand or crumb rubber. Such a punching bag is the toughest type of boxing equipment. It gives the athlete a powerful load, including legs. Classes with her will help to quickly lose weight. The main goal of this punching bag is to work out strong blows and train winning options. In some martial arts, heavy bag work is the main training method for kicking. This is necessary for the fight Muay Thai. For a beginner, a heavy outdoor pear will not work.

The average outdoor pear was used in ancient times, when sand was poured into the skin of an animal and used it as a projectile for training. This pear is classic and therefore in demand by customers. It is used to set the technique of striking an object. This kind of pear moves better than a heavy pear.

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