Sambo gloves

Martial Arts Gloves Twins
famous company Green Hill. Velcro fastening for sambo gloves, which allows you to remove and wear them easily and quickly. Sizes are selected according to the volume of the palm: S, M, L or XL. come in red and blue.

All sports gloves are divided into:

1. Combat, for speaking at competitions and everyday sparring.

2. Training, it’s good to practice striking and defense methods.

3. Shell exercises, exercises with bags, pears and legs.

Shell gloves are indispensable equipment for working on shells. Due to the fact that with this type of physical activity, blows are often not delivered directly, at an angle, moreover, the shells are quite stiff, and the blows must be strong, injuries occur. The most common are knuckle corns, displacements, wrist injuries, as the hand is not yet used to holding a fist. Shell gloves prevent all this. In addition, if the shell gloves are of high quality, then there will be no problems with smell. Also this issue is solved using bandages. They absorb sweat perfectly, and after training they just need to be washed.

In the SAMBOvkin online store, Everlast shell gloves are available that are securely fixed with a wide fastener. Additional protection of shell gloves allows you to enjoy doing it for a long time. It should also be noted that shell gloves are made of premium artificial leather.

MMA gloves (mixed martial arts) are also suitable for combat sambo sparring. If you compare gloves for MMA with boxing, they are thinner and lighter. Our Everlast MMA gloves have a curved anatomical shape. The thumb is protected twice, and the palm area is additionally stitched. The finger holes in the MMA gloves are connected, which makes it easier and safer to make tricks. In the manufacture of these gloves for MMA, Everdry technology was used – that is, a material is used that preserves the comfort of the hands, removing moisture and not absorbing it. Inside the MMA glove is a foam of three layers, in addition to shock absorption, shock dispersion, it slows down the process of getting the shell wet. Thus, it will last much longer.

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