Best Boxing Bandages

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A wide selection of products for martial arts and sportsBest prices, promotions and salesFree shipping in Ukraine from UAH 2000 with an advance payment of 100% Buy, a detailed description and price hereBoxing gloves of the premium class from the famous boxing brand Ringside. Made of genuine leather with a vinyl thumb in the style of the American flag. High quality, comfort and convenience is guaranteed! Ringside Limited Edition USA IMF Tech ™ Sparring Gloves Boxing Sparring Gloves is a limited edition glove series. A special difference from other models is the padding. Gloves are filled with foam using exclusive IMF Tech ™ technology. The elongated cuffs act as a second bandage, it holds your wrist tight and provides maximum protection. At the same time, bending from the top of the cuff makes it possible to bend the ksit exactly as much as necessary.

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