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How to put a knockout punch. Punching at home.

We save ourselves on the page and train!

Any man who is at least a little familiar with martial arts, and especially boxing and hand-to-hand combat, understands that just one biting, burning, sharp blow is enough to send the enemy into a state of altered consciousness for some time.

People with such a blow, such as Roy Jones, may be gifted from God, but most people most often achieve what they want with hard training. From this article you will learn how to put a punch in your hand, how to increase the strength of a punch, what exercises you need to do and what recommendations to follow in order to get a knockout punch at the output.

The content of the article:

1) Stall. 2) Acceleration. 3) Hardening of hands for a knockout punch. 4) Push-ups. 5) Work on the bag. 6) Outcome. Video

Punching at home consists of two parts.


The first part is a breakdown. It allows you to act unexpectedly, without giving the opponent time to determine where the blow will come from and what. The main principle of disruption is relaxation. That is, in front of him all the muscles should be completely relaxed, and the head should be cold. In the mind of a fighter, as it were, there should be no desire to hit. At a certain point in time, a fighter explodes, which gives the blow a surprise.

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