Protection for groin

Groin protection for children Nordway

The most important place in the equipment of a fighter entering the ring is the shell to protect the groin from impact. The bandages presented on the market of sports equipment are amateur ones that cover only the vulnerable zone, and professional ones that protect not only the groin itself, but the hip part of the body.

Amateur models of classic shells to protect the groin can be bought in a kit from an internal plastic cup with a fabric shell with elastic bands. Professional bandages are made of a leather sheath and an inner cup made of plastic or a special synthetic material with high shock-absorbing properties. Also in our store you can buy female groin protection. The range of equipment can be found in the catalog (see below).

You can purchase models with various mounting methods from us:

on elastic bands — on straps of adjustable length — on comfortable laces — built-in to special underpants.

Today, protective shells are produced by dozens of sports manufacturers. Among them are such popular brands as Bad Boy, HAYABUSA, RDX and others.

Before ordering this item of equipment it is necessary to adequately determine its size. It depends on the waist circumference and weight category of the athlete. When buying a product with fastening on the straps, the athlete has the opportunity to further adjust it for themselves. Products of any design are available in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL.

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