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A miracle chair on a frameless basis, similar in shape to a delicious fruit. Today, such furniture is becoming increasingly popular. You can buy a bag a pear bag in our online store. We always have a large assortment and low prices.

Dimensions and benefits of a pear chair


The children’s model size M is designed for the age category up to 6 years. Product parameters are: 100 x65 cm, volume – 170 liters. Permissible load – 60 kg. The standard model size L is the teenage and youth version, has the following parameters: height – 120cm, diameter – 85 cm, volume – 240 liters. Allowable weight – 90 kg – The XL model is designed for adults and large people, as well as everyone who wants to feel maximum comfort and has a height of 140 cm, a diameter of 95 cm, and a volume of 360 liters. The load is 160 kg.


weight – up to 5 kg – ergonomics-mobility – to move the product around the room even for a child – elasticity – takes any shape under the weight of a person – there are no sharp corners – easy maintenance – the removable top cover with a zipper is well cleaned and machine washable. there is a chair a pear bag

The price of a pear chair depends on its size and the material from which the cover is made. The cost of each chair is indicated in our catalog.

Where to buy and how to order a chair a pear bag

You can order a chair a pear bag with delivery to any city in Russia in our online store. Delivery is carried out by Russian Post or a transport company.

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