Homemade Boxing Pear

DIY punching bag

Homemade punching bag for home gym

A pear is necessary for practicing blows to any athlete or amateur. Which deals with various types of wrestling and martial arts. Unfortunately, the quality of these accessories does not always correspond to the desired: after several particularly strong blows, the shell can break through, and the product will become worthless.

Of course, you can buy a good pear at Sportmaster or another major sports store, but its price is likely to be considerable. It’s easier and cheaper to make a sports equipment yourself. For this, not so many materials will be needed:

strong leather or tarpaulin folded in two or three layers — a piece of steel wire — a strong steel chain for hanging — kapron or other durable threads — a large needle, scissors — a bag of sand and sawdust for stuffing.

At the first stage of work, we cut out the pear skin from canvas or leather. To do this, cut out the rectangle of the desired size and a round base. We retreat about 10 centimeters from the top edge of the rectangle and cut out four holes, for which the chain for hanging will be attached.

The sides of the rectangle are sewn together, the bottom is sewn on the bottom. A ring is formed from steel wire, the diameter of which coincides with the diameter of the pear, segments of chains are attached to it, after which the ring is placed inside the case. The top should be bent and stitched, securing the ring inside the seam, and passing the chains through the holes.

Now it remains only to place a bag inside the pear and fill it with a mixture of sawdust and sand. After that, the pear is suspended from the ceiling – for this you will need an impact drill to drill a hole for the mount.

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