Kickboxing Equipment

Gloves Twins FBGV-6G for

Common injuries: dislocation of the shoulder, sprain of the ankle joint, neck injury, injury of the elbow joint, sprain of the knee joint.

The fight holds several records. This is one of the oldest sports and is practiced in all countries of the world. A five-year study by the US National Sports Association showed that wrestling has the highest number of injuries compared to all other sports studied. (This does not please us at all.) In a study conducted in high school, wrestlers are second only to American football players in terms of the number of injuries.

The most common injuries (in frequency) are injuries to the knee, head, neck and face, shoulder, body and back, and ankles. Attacking wrestlers get more neck injuries. Defenders injure the knee more.

A high level of injury is easy to explain. Wrestling is a contact sport in which rivals are constantly literally chained to each other. (Even in boxing, opponents are bred when they “hug” each other.) Wrestling is a contact sport in which an opponent is thrown on the mat. Even a reception within the framework of the rules can be dangerous if it is carried out too abruptly or a reciprocal reception is carried out against it. And that is not all. Fighters who are injured after recovery are twice as likely to receive the following. But this is not all: overly zealous fighters often do not follow directions during treatment and during the rehabilitation period.

Injury prevention

Internal control rules can reduce injuries. Wrestlers compete with rivals in the same weight category, so you can not win because of weight and size. There are specific rules for the location of mats, tables and tables, so that the place to fight was safe. All competitions are attended by qualified doctors. Many organizations require the use of protective equipment, such as caps, helmets and knee pads. Quite often, organizations require daily washing of the form, washing in the shower, and disinfecting mats to avoid skin diseases such as staphylococcal, streptococcal and herpes infections. In fact, a wrestler can be disqualified in competitions if he has a dermatological disease. Wrestlers come in contact with the skin, and infections transmitted through contact can spread easily, and this is quite dangerous.

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