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Punching bag - at your place
Decide where the pear will be located. Think about a suitable place in your home. Do you have a basement or training room? The location of the pear will depend on how much free space is in your home. Choose between a ceiling mount or a wall mount. For comfortable workouts, try to ensure that you can move 360 ​​degrees around the bag. This arrangement will help to carry out active exercises and movements. If you do not hang the bag in the center of the room, there is a chance that it may break something or bounce off the wall and cause injury. Most people prefer to attach a punching bag to the ceiling in the basement or in the garage. Find a sturdy support beam. Support beams are narrow beams that run along the ceiling at a short distance from each other. As a rule, the distance between the support beams is 40 cm, but sometimes 60 cm. Most prefer to hang the bag from the ceiling for better mobility. When making this decision, check that the beam has good support. The beams should not only support the weight of the heavy bag, but also be able to hold it when swinging. One of the easiest ways to find a support beam is to use a nail finder. Another way to find a support beam is to tap. Knock along the ceiling – if you hear a dull sound – it means there is no beam in this place. When you knock on a support beam, the sound will change and will not be deaf, because you are knocking on wood. You can measure the distance from the wall to find the support beam. Pull the tape measure close to the edge of the wall and measure 40 cm. Continue to measure 40 cm until you reach the desired spot on the ceiling. Tap on the surface to make sure that the beam is hidden in this place again. If you do something wrong, installing a punching bag on the ceiling can cause serious damage to your home. That is why it is so important to find a sufficiently strong beam. By hanging the punching bag on the rafters or ceiling joints, you risk breaking the drywall. The ceiling beam used to fasten the punching bag must support the weight greater than the weight of the bag. Drill a hole in the carrier beam. Insert an eye bolt into this hole. First screw the eyebolt into the hole and then tighten it with a wrench. Do not use hooks instead of eyebolts, they can fall off under the weight of the bag.

Hang the pear. Attach the chains in the corners. They should come with a heavy bag. Also included should be s-hooks that attach to the chain. Finally, hang the bag on the eyebolt.

Check bag installation safety. Press the bag several times to check if it is holding well. Reinstall the bag if the fasteners seem weak or unreliable.

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