Boxing Technique

Boxing match

For successful boxing and combat, a boxer must first learn the technique of boxing.

Boxing technique is a combination of defense and attack techniques, mastered in the form of motor abilities and skills, capable of ensuring the most effective implementation of the task – victory over the opponent.

Under the technique should be understood such a rationality of movements, which is able to provide maximum efficiency from the actions performed by the boxer.

Boxing technique is for the boxer the main weapon that he uses in battle, guided by tactical considerations. Therefore, the technique must be mastered perfectly by the boxer.

The correct use of well-learned techniques allows you to quickly and easily perform the most complex and diverse actions during combat.

The fast pace of the fight itself requires that all movements of the boxer be as expedient as possible.

The boxing technique is characterized by a sequence and rationality of movements: each subsequent action should flow from the previous one, continuing it, and be performed with the least expenditure of energy and time.

The fight in the ring is characterized by continuity in the alternation of a wide variety of military movements. In this case, the position of the body, determining the completeness of one movement, is at the same time the starting position for the next movement. So, in attacks with a series of strokes at the end of each hit, the boxer assumes the starting position for the next strike or any action related to both the attack and the defense.

In boxing, the main and only means of achieving victory over the opponent is a blow.

At the same time, a punch is an essential component of the technology of modern boxing.

In striking an important role is played by the rational coordination of the boxer’s movements.

The correct rational coordination of movements is understood as the optimal use of the strength of the muscles of the body participating in the work when performing this technique, aimed at solving a specific motor task.

The main component of each technique is the movement of body mass and its individual parts.

To achieve maximum efficiency when delivering any strike, it is imperative that the direction of movement of the striking arm and the body mass of the striking boxer rationally coincide.

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