Boxing Tutorial

Counter straight from middle kick

This collection consists of 4 DVDs. The entire collection consists of selected boxing training material.

Boxing is a sport, fist fight according to special rules between two athletes in the ring.

This collection contains the best boxing trainings.

With this boxing tutorial, you can easily master boxing skills, and wake up no worse than those people who have been boxing for several years.

We have compiled this collection of instructional videos specifically for you.

The price of the “BOXING” section is: 1210 Rub.

Material that is in the collection:

Description: Andrey Shkalikov was born on May 6, 1968 in the city of Kopeisk, Chelyabinsk Region. He started boxing at the age of 14. At 18, he fulfilled the standard for the master of sports of the USSR. Over the years, he was part of the Soviet Union and the Russian team. Since 1990, he began performing in professional fights. During his career as a pro, he spent 65 fights, won 57, won 29 wins ahead of schedule. Having studied various boxing styles used in different countries of the world, guided by personal experience, Andrey Shkalikov developed his own system of training boxers, which he suggests familiarizing himself with in the series “School professional boxing. ”

About the film: Shooting on an amateur camera in one of the sports clubs in Moscow. The coach and assistant teach the universal style of dirty (street) boxing. Show / train strokes, grabs, etc.

On our website you can choose everything for boxing.

Description: The film “Professional Boxing. Training Methodology ”was shot on the basis of the Patriot professional boxing club network. It gives a complete picture of the physical exercises in boxing, the strength training of the boxer, the setting of knockout punches. The program “Professional boxing. Training Methodology ”includes a modern methodology for conducting the preparatory process! The development of power endurance, the ability to fight at a high pace

Description: A beginner’s manual. You are holding a unique video tool in your hands that will help you master the greatest art of defense called boxing in the shortest possible time and regardless of your age and physical condition. The famous coach Alexander Nikolaev, who has been working on creating his own technique for many years, guides you through all the steps from the beginning to the stage when you feel like a real boxer – an athlete who knows how to defend himself competently. The peculiarity of this technique is its democratic nature and universality, which opens up new opportunities for absolutely all people who find a desire to improve their skills and plunge into the atmosphere of the most aristocratic sport – boxing.

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