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Vadim Zhelonkin became the silver medalist of the Olympic Hopes tournament in Orenburg. In the final, he lost one hit to Moscow representative Gavrilov. Shipunov lost already in the first battle.

Sukhotsky lost … In Schwerin (Germany), the fight for the WBO light heavyweight title between its current owner German Jürgen Bremer and Russian challenger Dmitry Sukhotsky has just ended. The fight started in an equal fight, in which it was difficult to give an advantage to any of the boxers. Closer to the middle, Bremer began to seize the initiative and in the middle rounds he looked preferable.

However, in the tenth three-minute period, Sukhotsky managed to sharply turn the tide of the battle and, holding the champion at the ropes, carried out a long successful attack. Jürgen Bremer managed to survive, despite the large number of missed shots and a serious dissection over his right eye. The referee interrupted the fight twice, inviting the doctor at the ring to examine this dissection, but the doctor in both cases allowed the fight to continue. The last round was a fairly active exchange of blows, however, both boxers had too little strength left to cause serious damage to the opponent. As a result, after the end of the twelfth round, all the judges gave victory to Bremer with a score of 116-112 (twice) and 118-110.

Congratulations to Andrey Sachkov with the title of Master of Sports of Russia! In our glorious club there are 3 active Masters.

Sukhotsky December 19 fight for the WBO world title in Germany! The title is real, not some kind of intercontinental. Opponent is very serious1 number in Germany and 6 in the world. Sukhotsky 98y in the world and 3 in Russia. This is his big chance. Good luck!

All Altai boxers completed their appearances in the Chechen Republic in Rostov. Results: Shipunov-Zinoviev (St. Petersburg) 5-5 (+) Shevelev-Biryukov (Msk) 5-8 Zhelonkin-Litvinov (nsk) 9-2 Zhelonkin-Irgashev (nsk) 3-5

3 Altai boxers went to the championship of Russia in Rostov. Among them the boxer of our club Vadim Zhelonkin !!! Good luck!!!

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