Gloves for Pears

Gloves for your pear

Shell gloves are a necessary condition for practicing blows on pears and bags. They not only provide effective training, but also prevent possible injuries. That is why the right choice of shell boxing gloves is so important and not only for beginners, but also for real pros!

Working on bags wears out gloves very much, which is why using sparring models for this purpose is not recommended. In a short period of time, they completely lose their shape and get lost. But the special gloves will stand the test with flying colors and work out the operational life allotted to them!

You can buy shell gloves in our online store. They are presented with us in such a variety that anyone can pick up what will appeal to him and his wallet. There are models for women too! Made in bright colors with a catchy design, they will adorn the hands of any woman who is fond of boxing.

Shell gloves for boxing have a flat shape, for which they are called “pancakes” or “cue ball”. As a rule, standard models have a closed cut. Their outer layer is sewn from natural or synthetic leather, which has good strength characteristics. As for the filler, it is usually quite rigid, which determines the comfortable work on the shells.

In our store, shell gloves are available in two versions:

• with a closed liner (compartment) for the thumb; • with an open liner.

It is worth paying attention that even if the thumb is closed, the liner for it is not sewn along the fist. This is a significant point! Thanks to him, while practicing blows on the bags, the fighter can remove it on the phalanges of the fingers, which minimizes the possibility of injury. As for models with open fingers, they allow you to hold captures and can be used not only by boxers, but also by those who engage in other types of martial arts.

The weight of shell gloves does not exceed 8 oz, and this is another difference. Their lightness provides maximum maneuverability, allowing you to work out the speed of impact and endurance.

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