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We talked with the athlete and found out why she does not use her skills in everyday life and how she found her love in the ring.

September 16, Moscow, USK Krylya Sovetov

Agree, kickboxing is not the most common female activity. Ring, grueling workouts, abrasions, bruises … It would seem that it can encourage a pretty fragile girl to devote her life to a traumatic sport? 13 years ago, little Vika first came to the hall and decided:

– Kickboxing is mine. I love movies where girls fight. I was about nine years old when I, sitting in front of the TV, imagined myself in the place of the cool heroines of popular militants. Once she said to her mother: “Mom, I want to learn how to fight!” Of course, she didn’t like it – this is not for the girl. But my desire was so strong that my mother could not resist for a long time. And so, when I turned ten, I went to the sports section.

The first serious competitions did not take long: literally a year later, Vika fought for the title of kickboxing champion of the Central Federal District. Then, in Lipetsk, the novice athlete did not achieve tremendous success, but this did not break her, but, on the contrary, gave strength.

Kickboxing champion of Russia and the world in 2013, winner of the World Cup 2014, 2015 and 2016 – Vika won the titles in the amateur league. And on September 16, 2016 in Moscow, Tulyachka fought for the title of champion of Russia among professionals, full contact in the weight category 48 kg and came out of it as a winner.

– I tuned in for this championship for a long time. It is especially difficult when you are familiar with your rival. In life, we communicate well: not the best friends, but we can well chat and share sore. And here, in the ring, we had to fight. It is morally difficult, but we managed. The victory was not easy for me: the rival is an experienced, well-trained athlete, but I have proved that in Russia they cook better.

They cook really well: Victoria’s trainer conducts training six times a week. Before the competition and at all two or three times a day. Despite such a busy schedule, Victoria finds time for her personal life. She met her love … in the ring.

– We are in the same room. They’ve known each other for a long time, but for three years they have not shown their feelings. He took the first step: he took me to the house after training, helped bring the bag. Five years have passed since then, we are together.

So, in vain they say that guys are afraid of strong girls. Vika assures: acquaintances consider her an extremely calm person. The athlete has never come in handy her fighting skills in life – she solves all problems peacefully.

– They don’t believe me at all that I do kickboxing. Well look at me: how can I be aggressive? – says Vika.

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