Order Boxing Gloves

Order Boxing Gloves

Even novice athletes know that boxing gloves are really necessary equipment. They are able to protect the boxer’s hands, wrists and forearms during training and duel. However, not so simple. Before that, a person who wants to purchase them should carefully study all the features of the model he liked. Since both the health of the athlete and his success in the ring depend on the right choice.

Rules for choosing gloves for boxing in Moscow

Professionals advise beginners: before you look for where to buy boxing gloves in an online store, first figure out what options are offered by modern manufacturers.

So, boxing gloves, the price of which can vary in a fairly wide range, vary:

By weight (the products most in demand among athletes are 10-18 ounces) -By material (so, you can order boxing gloves made of natural or synthetic materials) -By way of fastening.

Have you decided to purchase boxing gloves in Moscow? Then carefully read the product description. Pay special attention to the fact that products of different weights, as a rule, correspond to the weight category of the athlete. We make a simple conclusion: the lighter the boxer, the lighter models of gloves for boxing (you can buy them at the store in the capital at this minute) will suit him. The smallest weight is on products that are intended for young athletes (for example, this is 6 ounce boxing gloves). By the way, they cost less than those that are suitable for adults.

But for training, as a rule, boxing gloves of 10 ounces or more are used. With their help, you can provide maximum protection to your hands. There is another important point that you should pay attention to: in the process of training, it is better to use special shell gloves for boxing 10 ounces. They will help the boxer give his best under the guidance of a coach. By the way, it’s possible to buy shelling gloves for boxing today, being in any city in Russia.

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