Taekwondo Outfit

Taekwondo Outfit

Almost any kind of martial arts involves a certain form of clothing. Somewhere, a tracksuit is enough, and somewhere strictly regulated types of uniforms and protective equipment are needed. A lot of nuances and details can confuse even the most trained person. Therefore, situations are not uncommon when questions arise when choosing the right equipment for classes and competitions.

To avoid such problems, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with excerpts from official documents that describe in detail what uniforms and equipment should look like for certain martial arts.

2013 edition

Section 7. Costume of a participant

Competitors must wear judogi that meets the following requirements:

1. Judogi must be made of cotton or similar material and be in good condition (no holes or tears). Judogi material should not be excessively stiff and thick so as not to interfere with the opponent’s grabs.

2. Judogi should be blue for the participant called up by the first, and white for the second participant.

3. The following markings are allowed on judo:

a) national Olympic abbreviation (on the back of the jacket). The size of the letters is 11 cm in height –

b) the state emblem (flag) on ​​the left chest. The maximum size is 100 square meters. cm-

c) a manufacturer’s trademark of not more than 20 square meters. cm (front bottom of the jacket, front bottom at the left leg and at one end of the belt). It is allowed to place the manufacturer’s trademark on one of the sleeves measuring 25 cm ´ 5 cm at the bottom of the jacket. Official IJF suppliers are allowed to place the IJF logo above their brand closely.

d) a patch on the shoulder (from the collar over the shoulder down the sleeve on both sides of the jacket) with a length of not more than 25 cm and a width of up to 5 cm with advertising or national colors (allowed on both sides) –

e) it is allowed to place an advertisement of 10 cm ´ 10 cm in size on each sleeve. These are 100 square meters. see advertisements should be located below and closely with the patch on the shoulder-

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